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REVEALED: Joe Biden’s Unprecedented Debate Demands Against Trump

Does anyone else believe Joe Biden debating sounds a little too good to be true?

I mean, he can barely read off a teleprompter, let alone speak off the cuff.

How in the world is he supposed to last 2 hours in a debate against an inarguably more energetic Donald Trump?


It turns out the Biden campaign had some trickery up its sleeves.

In addition to breaking modern debate norms, the Biden campaign has made some… unusual and unprecedented demands.

Let’s just say that these demands are to make the debate “easier” on Joe Biden.

Take a look:

These two men are running for the most important job in the world.

Doesn’t the office of the presidency demand that they at least stand-up to show they respect and are fit for the job?

Apparently, Joe Biden’s team doesn’t think so.

They want him seated for the whole thing.


Fortunately, the New York Post reports that Trump pushed back:

Donald Trump revealed Wednesday that he has agreed to “sit at a table” with Joe Biden — despite his strong preference to stand — during their upcoming debates.

The seated format was a request made by the 81-year-old president’s campaign team, according to Trump.

“I hear now we’re sitting at tables. I don’t want to sit at a table,” the 77-year-old former president told John Catsimatidis and Rita Cosby during an appearance on the “Cats & Cosby Show” on WABC 770 AM.

“I said, ‘No, let’s stand.’ But they want to sit at a table,” Trump said. “So we’ll be sitting at a table as opposed to doing it the way you should be, in my opinion, in a debate.”

The presumptive Republican nominee for president explained that his personal preference would be to “walk out to a podium” and “stand for an hour and a half or two hours.”

“But they have [Biden] sitting at a table, so that’s not so good,” Trump said, calling the seated debate format “one of the many” requests the Biden campaign insisted on.

“But I agree to their requests because I want to debate him,” the former president told Catsimatidis and Cosby, noting that he intends to press Biden on the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021.

What’s interesting is that just a few months ago, Joe Biden stood and gave the State of the Union.

He was able to stand then. He was able to walk into congress and deliver a speech on his feet then. Why can’t he now?

Why is he demanding to sit down while auditioning for the most important job in the world?


No wonder President Trump wants Joe Biden tested for drugs before the debate!

Remember, the State of the Union this year was unusually robust (and ANGRY) from Joe Biden.

Many wondered if he had been… hyped up… on something.

So, President Trump is requesting that Joe take a drug test before stepping on stage, per The Hill:

Former President Trump said he wants President Biden to be drug-tested before their first debate.

“I’m gonna demand a drug test too, by the way,” Trump said at the Minnesota Republican Party’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner Friday. “I am, no I really am. I don’t want him coming in like the State of the Union, he was high as a kite.”

Trump has previously stated in a radio interview that Biden was “all jacked up” at the beginning of his State of the Union address, as well as “higher than a kite.”

The former president and Biden rapidly agreed to two presidential debates in June and September on CNN and ABC on Wednesday. Biden and Trump now have just a little over a month before they participate in their first debate.

“They gotta be fair, I think they gotta be fair, and if they’re not, you know, you have to deal with it. Right? You have to deal with it,” Trump said at the dinner.

If Biden has nothing to hide, why should he deny this request?

It’s a valid concern, not a cheap political attack.

The fact is that the majority of American believe that Joe is too old for the job.

Wouldn’t it be appropriate for him to assure those voters?

He can.

By agreeing to take the test.


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