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Democrat Representative Remarks on Trump’s Cases Spark GOP Outcry

Let’s dive into the latest Capitol Hill drama.

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) stirred the pot with his offensive words about President  Trump’s New York criminal cases on Wednesday.

And the GOP wasn’t having it!

Well his remarks were struck from the congressional record.

McGovern made these comments during debate on a set of GOP bills on cryptocurrency and noncitizen voting.

The Democrats claim that’s a distraction from the Trump trial.

Then McGovern went to X to voice how he was treated unfairly and that the GOP has double standards, willing to attack Biden but protect Trump.

Poor McGovern.

Here’s his post about how he was bullied by the mean ol’ Republicans.

Washington Examiner reports:

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) had his “offensive words” about former President Donald Trump‘s New York criminal cases struck from the congressional record on Wednesday after Republicans became angry over his remarks, the second time in as many weeks that House proceedings have taken a chaotic turn.

The Rules Committee ranking member delivered opening remarks during debate on a set of GOP bills on cryptocurrency and noncitizen voting, arguing that Republicans were using these bills to “distract from Donald Trump” and his trial in New York.

“They don’t want to talk about the fact that the leader of their party is on trial for covering up hush money payments to a pornography star for political gain, not to mention three other criminal felony prosecutions he’s facing,” McGovern said.

Rep. Jerry Carl (R-AL), who was serving as speaker pro tempore to oversee the debates, responded that he would “like to remind members to refrain from engaging in personalities towards presumed nominees for the office of the president.”

McGovern then went on to say it was “unbelievable” that he was admonished for giving remarks that were “not my opinion — it’s just the truth,” yet Republicans who called the trial a “sham” on the House floor were not criticized.

While McGovern and Carl debated to determine if the Massachusetts Democrat broke the rules, he criticized the operations of the GOP-led chamber.

“It’s OK to say the jury is rigged, but — it’s OK to say the court is corrupt but not Trump is corrupting the rule of law,” McGovern said.

“In this Republican-controlled House, it’s OK to talk about the trial, but you have to call it a sham,” McGovern added.

Rep. Erin Houchin (R-IN) demanded that McGovern’s words be struck from the congressional record, leading to over an hour of pause in deliberation while Carl, McGovern, and Houchin all stood with their teams.

Carl later issued that the prohibition on House members insulting sitting presidents also extends to presumptive presidential nominees. Members may critique a candidate’s position, but it is a “breach of order” to refer to a candidate in “personally offensive” terms, “whether by actually accusing or by merely insulting.”

Here’s Viva Frei, former litigator, calling out McGovern:


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