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Can You Join Me On Tuesday? It’s Going To Be Big! [From NOAH]

Hey, it’s Noah here with a personal message.

From me to you!

For just over a year now I have been working like crazy on my New Mission.

Maybe you’ve heard me talk about it…

My primary Mission remains what it always has been, which is to bring you the real news, without censorship, each and every day.

And that will never change.

In fact, we’re winning big time on that front — now reaching over 5 million readers each month and growing.

I don’t tell you that to toot our own horn, I tell you that because those are real people, real patriots, people who are making a difference!  They’re people who vote!

The winner of the last election allegedly had over 81 million votes…

I’ll set aside that whole debate for the moment, but when we’re reaching 5 million people monthly, it really puts into perspective just how big of an impact we are having.


We’ve always had the strength in the Conservative, America-First Movement, we just acted like we didn’t for a long time.

But that’s changing.

And so just as we’ve been making great strides in the war for TRUTH in reporting the news, I expanded my Mission last year to take the Battle to something that impacts us all on a daily basis:


Avoiding Toxins.

Building Out The Parallel Economy!

Because you may not have noticed it, but we even as we are winning the battle on the information front, we are LOSING it at the store.

They poison us with unknown level of toxins in our food supply, from Red Dye 40 and Red Dye 3 to Fluoride to something called EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals) found in almost all major cosmetic lines, and a whole lot more….

Scary stuff!

Have you seen this?

Man Awarded $332 Million For Proving Popular Weedkiller Caused His Cancer

Or this?

J&J Enters $9 BILLION Baby Cancer Settlement — How To Keep Your Family SAFE!

I could go on and on for days....

Oh, and when they're not poisoning us, they're BANNING us from even doing business with them!

Have you seen this?

I just covered this a couple hours ago:

Surveillance State: Feds Asked Banks For Private Transactions For Terms With ‘MAGA,’ ‘Trump’

This stuff is happening almost every single day!

Oh and pretty soon you won't even be able to go into a Grocery Store if you don't get the Chip in your hand.

Don't believe me?

Phase 1 has already rolled out....Palm Readers at Whole Foods -- for your "convenience" of course:

Palm-Scanning Payment Technology Coming to ALL U.S. Locations of Grocery Chain

So that's why I started up the new phase in my Mission last year....

We're fighting back!

Going on Offense instead of always just playing defense.

We're no longer doing business with all these Big Companies that HATE US and POISON US and even ban us from shopping in their stores!

Just like there is strength in numbers with 5 million readers each month here at WLTReport, there is strength in numbers when we all talk our dollars and WALK AWAY from Woke stores like Target and WalMart.

I've been pushing this new Mission hard for the past year and I was stunned to see the results when I just checked them...

I knew we had grown large, I just didn't realize how large.

As part of my overall Mission, we've now formed four separate teams to drive the Movement forward...

And we'll probably add more teams as we go forward just to keep up.

But out of those four teams we've now reached over 200,000+ people who've raised their hand to say they want in...they want to join us in this Movement!


No more BlackRock...

No more Vanguard...

No more StateStreet....

No more Woke Target....

No more Dylan Mulvaney Spokesman....

No more Woke Garbage thrust on our families....

No more toxins...

No more poison in our foods.

We're walking away, but we're not just walking away....we're walking TO something!

I've never been a big fan of Boycotts unless you have a good solution to fill the void.

And we do!

That's what this Mission is all about.

I'm getting people connected with an America-First Company that has been in business for over 40 years....and you've probably never heard of them!


Because they do zero advertising.

But they're legit.

They're the real deal.

Oh, and just like Dave Ramsey, they're entirely debt free!

That means they have no masters they answer to.

They love America and they love you and me....they love PATRIOTS!

And we're the only people they answer to!

Imagine this...I know it's a wild concept to fathom given all we've had to live with for the past several decades, but since they love us they don't put ANY poisons or toxins in anything they sell.

And they can replace MOST of what you can find in the food/home section of Target.

How cool is that?

They don't advertise and it's invite-only in order to get in.

Kind of like an exclusive club for you and 2 million of your closest friends!

And good news....I'm your invite!

And so I'm asking if you can join me this coming Tuesday, May 14th at 8:30pm EDT / 7:30pm CDT where we'll break it all down:

You can register using this link right here or directly in the window right below:

It's totally FREE to join me but you do have to register to save your spot.


We're going to meet together and I'll fill you in on all the missing details and questions you might have.

And if you want in after you see everything, then I've got a personal invite for you.

It's all 100% free.

Not the products of course, just like if you go to Target and buy something you have to pay for it, but it's 100% free to join me on Tuesday and free to join the Mission.

Actually, I take that back, I think it costs $1.00 to join, just to verify you're a real person and not a bot or terrorist or something.

But don't get mad at me over $1.00 ok?

So come hang out on Tuesday, I'll be there and we'll have an open Q&A time where you can ask me anything....but you do have to Register.

We have a maximum capacity for the Webinar and as you can see by the 200,000+ people and counting, we often hit that max.

So Register here:

And then show up about 5 minutes early on Tuesday to make sure you get a spot.

Sound good?

I'll see you there!



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