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WATCH: YIKES! Left-Wing Media Host EXPOSES Stormy Daniels, Contradicts Her Testimony With Earlier Appearance On Show

The goose has been cooked as the old saying goes—it’s over for Alvin Bragg and his sham prosecution.

Stormy Daniels’ testimony was nothing short of catastrophic and has been widely reported by pretty much everyone—only the regime’s most steadfast scribes are refusing to admit her testimony essentially destroyed the case.

Sources claim that the testimony was so bad that at one point, Trump’s defense attorney, Susan Necheles, even asked Daniels if she was making the whole thing up.

Even the left-wing media has now been forced to admit that Daniels completely dropped the ball.

Talk show host Bill Maher took Daniels to task and exposed her by contrasting her testimony with earlier accounts she had given of her alleged encounter with President Trump on his show. Watch it below:

Following Daniels’ disastrous testimony, President Trump had this to say:

“Everybody saw what happened today, I don’t think we have to do any explaining, I’m not allowed to anyway because this judge is corrupt. He’s a corrupt judge.

He’s a corrupt judge and he’s totally conflicted. I gotta get back on the campaign trail. I’m not supposed to be here.

Every single analyst, legal analyst, I’m innocent, and I’m being held in this court with a corrupt judge, who’s totally conflicted. Take a look at his conflict. It’s a disgrace.”

Fox News detailed the widespread criticisms of Daniels’ testimony:

CNN legal analyst Elliot Williams said on Wednesday that Daniel may have inadvertently harmed the case against Trump and suggested her statements may be used to support the defense’s closing statements.

CNN justice correspondent Evan Perez added, “I think she may have done damage to the prosecution’s case by virtue of the fact that she just couldn’t stop saying stuff, and so that’s going to backfire on them.”

Numerous media personalities and political pundits lambasted Stormy Daniels’ courtroom testimony. Only the top Biden propagandists painted the testimony as some sort of victory for the prosecution.

According to Newsweek:

The defense asked Daniels about her paranormal beliefs, including her investigation of those activities on her Spooky Babes show, in an effort to show the jury that she was profiting from her work as a self-proclaimed medium.

“You’ve been making money off of your claim that you can talk to the dead?” Necheles asked.

Daniels replied that she developed the supernatural-themed show to probe the “interesting and unexplained activity” at her home in New Orleans.


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