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Hollywood’s DISTURBING Trend Continues: 76 Year Old Producer Caught With 15 Year Old Girl

Okay, folks. I don’t usually do this, but from time to time I go a bit deeper. So buckle up.

But first the main facts.

A sting was set up by a group of ‘YouTubers’ to catch a predator, to catch a defiler.

(Technically they’re not YouTubers, but they’re on a site similar to YouTube called Kick.)

But these guy didn’t realize the big fish they were about to catch.

Turns out it’s another Hollywood ‘elite’ that has been caught.

They sure love kids and minors, don’t they?

This time it was Herschel Weingrod, a Jewish producer and Hollywood screenwriter, trying to date a blonde White 15-year old girl.

You know, the very same type of girl that Hollywood screenwriters constantly portrays as either dumb, evil, a whore or a combo of those three. Unless they portray her as gay, then she’s okay. (Prove me wrong. And exceptions don’t disprove the rule. Hollywood has been anti-White for decades, but did you notice?)

Gateway Pundit reports:

A group of Youtubers led by media personality Vitaly Zdorovetskiy have uncovered what appears to be an attempt by a senior man to engage inappropriately with an underage girl.

The incident, captured on camera as part of a sting operation, has since been linked to Hollywood ‘Space Jam’ producer Herschel Weingrod due to a distinctive piece of jewelry worn by the man in question, Evie Magazine reported.

The operation aired on Tuesday was part of a new series titled “Catching Child Predators,” a collaborative effort between Zdorovetskiy, DJ Deorro, and fellow YouTuber Bradley Martyn. Their latest episode has amassed millions of views due to the startling confrontation at its heart.

Weingrod, who initially introduced himself as “Boris,” was caught on camera sitting in a restaurant alongside a young girl he claimed was 23, as per her dating site profile.

During the confrontation, Vitaly and Martyn pressed Weingrod for answers. Despite his initial deflections, the 76-year-old screenwriter later confessed that the girl had informed him of her actual age.

When pressed further by the streamers about his inappropriate behavior, he sought to downplay the situation, asserting that talking and flirting with a minor was “not a big deal” and that there was nothing wrong with their conversation.

Weingrod attempted to flee the scene. However, Zdorovetskiy and Martyn are not willing to let him off so easily, and they give chase, employing the unusual tactic of firing pink and blue gunpowder cannons.

The pursuit ends when the man finds refuge within a building, aided by a security guard who prevents the YouTubers from following.

Someone added ‘Professional Predator’ to his wiki page.

Despite Hollywood’s apparent resentment and grudge against White women, the ‘elites’ constantly target them for their sexual escapades.

They see them as sex objects to be defiled and discarded.

We need look no further than Weinstein’s victim list.

Not good enough? Just one man’s preference?


Let’s look at Epstein Island and his buddies.

The Sex Trafficking Island Factory.

Let’s see who they focused on providing for their long and numerous list of sex buyers.

What type of girls did their clients order?

Who did they send their scouts out to go pick up and capture?

Any guesses?

I’m sensing a pattern.

Well that picture doesn’t look diverse.

Hmm, seems like there is a preferred type they go after.

And they don’t just want to rape White women.

They want to defile and humiliate them.

Did you catch she was forced to say “I’m blonde” when made to advertise herself?

This pimp knew what sex buyers wanted. You think ‘blonde’ means an asian woman with dyed blonde hair? No, it’s a White trait.

Did you also read that this sex trafficked victim was made to roll naked in the dirt and lick her blood off the wall while her pimp, Misty Harris, laughed at her?

(She’s getting 12 years for that.)

She survived.

But did she really? Or is she now suffering in another way?

In case you haven’t noticed how much these people hate you, they literally refuse to acknowledge that White women are the #1 targeted and trafficked women; the preferred choice of sex buyers.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) makes sure to state on their website that you’re not even allowed to say that “in any context.”

In fact, they say it’s “a racist concept.”

“How dare you notice!” is what they’re saying.

And let’s not forget the victims of grooming and brainwashing in the sex cult, NXIVM.

You may say “But I don’t see color.”

Well guess what?

Sex traffickers, sex buyers and women torturers DO see race. In fact, that’s arguably the main thing they see.

And they see your White daughters, your White wives and White girlfriends.

And they’re willing to pay top dollar to kidnap them.

But what about the children?

I thought they were going after the kids?

I’m glad you asked.

JonBenét Ramsey was sexually assaulted according to original autopsy back in 1997. Why was this infomation ignored and wiki says she wasn’t?

What happened to Madeleine McCann?

And there’s the dark mystery around Heather O’Rourke’s disturbing death of septic shock.

Remember poor Lola?

The 12 year old girl that was taken into a basement and then tortured, raped, strangled and her throat cut.

Who viciously murdered and raped this little White girl and admitted to drinking her blood to investigators?

Dahbia Benkired, a non-white Algerian illegal immigrant (visa expired) that had mental issues, obviously. Here’s Dahbia’s pic:

Remember Ping Pong Pizza, Comet Pizza & ‘Pizzagate’?

It seems we are targeted and under attack.

Groomers, predators, traffickers and rapist see the high value they can get from White girls and White children but they don’t want you to realize it.


They’re afraid if you know exactly what they’re after that you’ll protect it all the more.

For example, thieves steal 2000 Honda Civics more than any other Honda Civic.

Do you think those specific Honda owners take extra precautions?

Of course. They’re constantly alert.

But the thieves would rather we have the mindset: ‘Oh, every car is being stolen. And what’s the chances it happens to me? I got a car alarm on my Honda Civic 2000. Besides, it’s old. Who wants it? I’ll be fine.” 

Your guard has been lowered.

Your car is a sitting duck.

They’re targeting YOUR daughters and gaslighting you to not notice. If you do you’re racist.

BUT they’re going to call us racists anyhow, so might as well be on guard.

Cover your family in prayer and be vigilant!


Ever hear about Cleon Peterson?

He’s a famous anti-White art painter. And the ‘elites’ love him.

His art focuses soley on the murder of White men and the rape of White women. Read that again.

I won’t post the rape ones, they’re too graphic. And yet, it’s celebrated by our media.

Guess who’s art covers the Rothschild’s yacht?

Guess who was hired to paint one of these images under the Eiffel Tower?

It’s disturbing ‘art’. Image search “Cleon Peterson” art if you dare.

This last one is particulary disturbing and too graphic to post so I’ll only show you a partial clip.

It shows the only White man in the scene, and he’s slaughtered in the background while all the women in the room are sexually assaulted. As if to say, ‘once the White man is out of the pic, it’s a free for all on the women.’

Again, this is the artist the Rothschild’s (one of the main puppet masters controlling world events) holds in high esteem

They don’t hide their intention and goals anymore.

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth (or paint brush) speaks.” – Jesus Christ


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