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Even CNN Host Can See Biden’s Attempt To Spin Bad Economic News Is ‘Pissing Off’ Voters

Pretty much every American can clearly see that the economy has gotten much worse under the Biden administration as runaway federal debt and skyrocketing inflation has made it much more difficult to make ends meet than under Donald Trump’s leadership.

Nevertheless, Joe Biden and his acolytes continue to insist that things are actually going well and voters are just too stupid to see it.

That propaganda is backfiring, though, as Trump leads Biden in poll after poll on economic issues.

Even CNN is admitted this fact, and host John King recently acknowledged the impact it could have on November’s election.

As the Daily Caller reported:

Job growth may decelerate in the second half of 2024 as low growth and elevated inflation persist, according to a Monday report by research group The Conference Board. However, Biden in a CNN interview Wednesday asserted the economy is thriving under his administration, with King on “The Lead With Jake Tapper” reacting by suggesting Americans who are struggling may be infuriated by the president’s remarks.

“He’s right on the numbers about the economic turnaround, but he is on very dangerous ground, Jake,” King told host Jake Tapper. “I would say he risks offending, forgive my language, I would say he risks pissing off some of the voters I’ve talked to in my travels over the last six or seven months because they don’t feel it.”

“And so when he said at the top of that, ‘we have turned it around.’ And he said in the middle of that, ‘the polls are wrong.’ Trust me, from my travels, we have a voter group in Milwaukee, just north of where the president was today,” King added. “And when we visited them there used to be a lot of factories in their neighborhood. Those factories are gone. They’re dealing with Covid, they’re dealing with inflation. They talk a lot about the cost of living and the cost of groceries.”

When Biden sat down for an interview on the cable news network, Erin Burnett surprisingly pressed him on the economy:

And NBC News has apparently received the memo too:

But the Biden administration continues to make its misleading case in an attempt to convince gullible Americans that the economy is going swimmingly.

According to the Daily Mail:

He did admit that inflation, one of the biggest factors that sank Biden’s popularity in the first half of his term, was real.

‘It is real, but the fact is that if you take a look at what people have, they have the money to spend,’ he claimed.

He blamed ‘greedy corporations’ for consumers’ lack of confidence.

‘It angers them and it angers me that you have to spend more. For example, the whole idea of this notion that you have… shrinkflation… It’s like 20% less for the same price, that is corporate greed. It is corporate greed and we’ve got to deal with it.’

Many were enraged on social media by Biden’s comments while Americans continue to struggle.

One critic wrote: ‘Most people don’t have the money because they are honest, unlike pathological lying Joe!’

Another said: ‘He is the most clueless president this country has ever had and that is the way history will remember him.’

‘The man is out of touch with EVERYTHING,’ added another.

Here’s a clip of his attempt to defend his economic record on CNN:


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