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LIFE GOALS: Obama’s Enemies Of America List!

Hey, Noah here and I want to invite you to something very important to me!

More on that in a moment, but first let me tell you a story…

Do you set goals?

How about life goals?

Bucket list?

I’ve got a brand new one to add: getting named to Barack Obama’s TOP EIGHT Biggest Enemies List!

Yeah, you read that right.

You just gotta love this….

So let’s break it down right upfront to understand what we’re dealing with and apply a little logic.

Barack Obama is one of the biggest enemies America has had since its founding, can we all agree on that?


So then if he has a list of his TOP EIGHT enemies, that would make those people most likely….MASSIVE PATRIOTS, do I have that right?

Basically: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

That would be exactly right.

And that’s what happened to my friend Frank.

I’m going to show you an incredible video of him telling the story, but first I’ll set the stage.

You’ve heard me talk about my new Mission that I launched back in February…

Frank is actually the CEO of the company I partnered up with to run that new Mission.

I’m so proud to be working with them…

They’re a $2 billion per year business that was built from the ground up about 38 years ago.

A true American success story!

And they’re still 100% a private, family owned, America-first company.

Oh, and they’re 100% debt free!

You know what that means when you add all of that up?

It means NO ONE can tell them what to do.

Not investors…

Not Blackrock….

Not Vanguard…

They’re not being forced into ESG crap or racist DEI crap.

They simply run the best possible business they can to give their customers the best possible products they can!

And they do it all Made In America and America First!

Imagine that.

Anyway, back to my story.

So Frank is the CEO of this company and someone I’m so proud to call a friend and a business partner in this Mission we’re running.  

But you know who doesn’t like Frank?

Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama actually created a “List of Top Enemies” and he placed Frank on the list.

If that sounds to you like a badge of honor, you would be right.

Listen to Frank as he tells the story, it’s so powerful…

Watch here on Rumble:

And a backup on Twitter:

You just gotta love it!

Also, I love the confirmation in this video that Frank is no longer “Team Romney” so I’m glad to get that out there too!

Frank is a smart dude, he knows Mittens has gone full traitor.

But you have to understand this story was from the Obama years.

Now, I want to invite you to something very powerful…

Since February, I’ve been working to onboard people to join us in this new Mission.

You’ve probably heard me talk about it.

I have recruited almost 200 people to help me on this mission.

This is what our team looks like on Telegram:

I never thought I’d have a team that big working for me, but they’ve caught the vision for our Movement and they help me with it every day!

But if you think that number is big, here’s why we need that many people…

Because we’ve had over 82,000 people raise their hand and ask for more information about jumping on board with us!

We track the growth of this Movement carefully and here’s the last tallies:

I am still blown away by how fast this is growing, I never expected we’d have this much growth since just February.

And it’s actually starting to grow at a faster and faster rate each month.

Why do I tell you that?

Because each one of those people get’s a personal phone call and white glove concierge service as we bring you into the Mission!

Do you have any idea how long it takes to do 82,000 phone calls?

Even when you have 187 people working on it each day?

So, here’s what we’re going to do….

I’m hosting a massive Zoom call this Friday night!

And you’re invited!

I’m so excited about all of this and I’m hosting two gatherings this coming Tuesday and Saturday to tell you all about it.  I hope you can join me?

Join me this coming Tuesday at 8:30pm Eastern, 7:30pm Central here:  JOIN ON TUESDAY

Or join me this coming Saturday at 12:00 noon Eastern, 11:00am Central here: JOIN ON SATURDAY

If neither of those work for you, or if you’d prefer a personal phone call, I have a team of Concierge Patriots helping me with this and one of them would be happy to give you a personal call:  Yes, Please Have Someone Call Me

I’ve done a few of these before and you need to know a couple things:

  1. Seating is limited and will likely fill up, so Register early.
  2. Get there a few minutes early on Friday night…if you’re late we can’t let you in!
  3. I’m not sure when/if we will do another one, so try not to miss this!

I am so excited for you to join us!

We’ll cover more about Frank’s story, tell you all about the Mission and all the great things we’ve done so far, and give you a lot more information about WHY this is already changing America.

Spoiler alert: when we band together, we truly can change things!

We have all power, it’s just that for decades we acted like we didn’t.

We forgot about the incredible power of the strength of big numbers!

Think about it….

The Left attacks us and attacks Donald Trump and it never works, have you ever noticed that?

Everything they do bounces off that guy!


I believe it’s for two reasons: (1) the mighty Right Hand of God is protecting him and guiding him, and (2) there are much more of us than there are of the Far Left!

Oh the “Mainstream Media” wants you to believe that the country is divided 50/50.

I say bull💩 to that.

I think it’s much more like 80/20 or even higher!

Exhibit A…

The Left attacks Jason Aldean and what happens?  He goes #1!

Boycott backfire!

Meanwhile, the Right drops Bud Light and the company can’t even give the crap away anymore!

We have all the power, don’t ever forget it.

Which is why this Mission is so important and why I’m so passionate about it.

I’m so excited to see you, I hope you can make it!

Remember…it’s 100% free to join us, but you do have to Register.

– Noah


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