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UK: Blood Red Horse and Big Ben Suddenly Stops Working

What in the world is going on in the United Kingdom?

Things have just been very “off” ever since we got King Charles, don’t you think?

I don’t follow the so-called “Royals” very closely, because I rather much don’t care about them, but sometimes I can’t escape it because it’s too big and too strange to ignore.

Like when the world was forced to see King “Sausage Fingers”:

What Happened To King Charles’ Fingers?

You know I'm covering that story....

Or the recent strangeness about Kate's (alleged, cough cough) AI video and how she hasn't been truly seen since last Christmas?

Serious Question: Is This Kate?

Now here's the latest....

All of this happened yesterday and I'm now diving in to break it all down.

Yesterday, in the UK, a bizarre and alarming incident occurred when two horses, one white and one black, bolted through the streets of London. The white horse was notably covered in a vivid red substance, which many initially thought to be blood. These horses belonged to the Household Cavalry, an elite corps of the British Army known for their ceremonial duties and rigorous training. The incident reportedly began when the horses, spooked by the noise from a nearby construction site, threw off their riders and raced through the city center. This resulted in chaos as they collided with vehicles, including a double-decker bus and taxi, and injured several people.

Theories and speculations about what actually happened have been widespread. Some conspiracy theorists have suggested that the red substance on the white horse was not blood but paint, implying a deliberate act. They have also linked this incident to previous ominous events, predicting "dark omens" and drawing connections to historical incidents. However, it is important to note that these theories are speculative and not supported by concrete evidence.

The incident has raised questions about how such well-trained military horses could break free like that. The explanation provided by authorities is that the horses were spooked by the noise from a nearby construction site, which is a common cause of such incidents. Horses are known to be sensitive to loud noises and sudden movements, and even the most well-trained horses can react unpredictably in such situations.

As for the red substance on the white horse, the most likely explanation, based on available evidence, is that it was blood. The horse likely sustained injuries during the incident, possibly from colliding with vehicles or other objects. This is supported by reports stating that two of the horses, including the white one named Vida, were in serious condition and required medical attention.

Here's what the horse looked like after it broke free:

Ok, so let's break down a few things...

First, that is an extremely well-trained horse, part of an elite corps of the British Army.

What could spook it so badly that it could break free and they could not get it back under control?

And the obvious related question, what caused all the red?

It's either blood or paint.

Blood seems more likely if something organically happened and they lost control.

Paint seems more likely if they wanted to stage the incident for some reason.

Many commented that it felt like something straight out of Game of Thrones:

And no, it does not bode well for King Charles.

As I mentioned above, I don't closely follow the "Royals" but I do know they use specific colored horses for specific messages and rituals and ceremonies to send certain messages.

It doesn't really take too much imagination to understand what a riderless white horse dripping in blood might specify, now does it?

Ok, ok I'll spell it out.

Riderless = no King

White Horse = white often symbolizing the peak of Royalty (i.e. the King)

Bloody = King is dead

Now look, I'm not saying this means King Charles is dead, I'm just saying that is the imagery conveyed here.

But perhaps as Sigmund Freud famous said, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar (and not a penis!)".

Oddly enough though, that wasn't the only strange thing that happened across the pond yesterday.

The iconic Big Ben suddenly stopped working.

At 9am.

Then it started back up and incorrectly chimed 11 times, leading many to see the 9/11 connection:

Look, I'm not trying to create a conspiracy, I'm just reporting.

It is a bit odd.

From The Daily Mail, here is more:

Big Ben's clock stopped for more than hour today, leaving Westminster sleuths baffled.

The timepiece in the structure was frozen at 9am until gone 10am, before its hands were seen being moved forwards to display the correct time.

A House of Commons spokesman admitted that the dials on what is formally known as the Great Clock of Westminster were 'temporarily displaying the incorrect time' before the issue was rectified.

The hourly strikes of the bells were also paused and will resume at midday. They too reportedly malfunctioned by performing 11 chimes at 10.06am.

The quirk has occurred despite the fact that the clock, tower and bells were refurbished in 2022.

The clock's stoppage, along with news that five Household Cavalry horses have run loose in Central London, prompted social media users to joke that it is the 'end of days'.

Another wrote: 'Horses running wild, Big Ben has stopped. It will be zombies next.'

A third said: 'A white horse covered in blood is running through the streets of London and Big Ben has stopped; if the ravens leave Tower Green it's end days.'

The clock is housed in the Elizabeth Tower, which was known simply as the Clock Tower until 2012, when it was renamed to mark the late Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

The delay in the bells re-starting is due to the need to reset the mechanism that powers them.

A House of Commons spokesperson said: 'We are aware that the clock dials on the Elizabeth Tower were temporarily displaying the incorrect time this morning.

'Teams worked quickly to rectify the issue and carried out servicing to the mechanism, which has now completed.

My friend MJ Truth noted that the date just happened to also be 666.

How charming:

So...what do you all think?

Much ado about nothing or very strange?


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