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New Update To Ingersoll Lockwood

Thanks to a reader for bringing this to my attention.

I’ve covered the Ingersoll Lockwood website before several times, but in case you’ve never heard of it or don’t know what it is, I’ll put my full reporting down below.

It’s either a website ran by someone very much on the inside, or it’s just someone with a grand imagination and a lot of time on their hands.  I’m not entirely sure which, but it is very interesting to check in on the site from time to time.

The first thing you notice is the Space Force is prominently featured on the homepage.

The website has always dabbled in referencing Space Force, but now it’s very prominent.

Here is what they claim to do as a company, although I find this extremely vague:

Ingersoll Lockwood’s team researches, develops and/or invests in new and innovative technologies that fit the needs of our growing US Government and US Government Contractor customers.

Once an investment is made, Ingersoll Lockwood works with the company and any partner agencies or pilot contractors to complete a work program and facilitate products and/or services delivery. Our process strives to ensure that portfolio companies deliver on their technical promise, and that they will continue to support and enhance their products for years to come, always Made in America, with Pride.

There have always been several very strange statements at the bottom of their homepage.

Like this:


I’m sorry, but what does that even mean?

You match funds for SpaceForce and DARPA?

Say what now?

And this very tongue-in-cheek statement:

“Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc. is a non-partisan group of Americans with distinguished careers serving our great Nation.
We don’t believe in the Q.anon conspiracy nor would we ever…Please tell this to all.”  Team I.L.

You see those A and T links?

I didn’t make those.

Those are embedded in the text.

And they strangely link to here:

And here:


I don’t know.

Ok, now the latest finds…

The period after the red 4 in this section is a link:

That link takes you to this page below….

Very strange:

A few things to note….

Once again, that is a SpaceForce reference.

It’s also a count-down timer, but unclear what day it is counting down from because that particular link takes you to an archived version of this website which is actually from August 11, 2021, courtesy of the Wayback Machine.

So many questions, so few answers.

Then you have this Copyright claim for 2017-2030 at the bottom of the site:

No one writes Copyright like that.

Why do that?

Just goofing around?

Or does it mean something?

I don’t know folks….I have more questions than I have answers, but that’s the fun part of being a reporter….

I don’t always have to have it all figured out, I just show you what I have and we all digest it together.

Drop a comment below if you have thoughts about what to make of all of this.

And if this is all new to you and you’d like to know more about this strange, strange website, keep reading for my Deep Dive analysis:

Ingersoll Lockwood Update: A Deep Dive…

Many of you have probably heard of “Ingersoll Lockwood” before….

But did you know there are TWO of them?

There’s the 1890s author, and then there’s the 2020s company, both of the same name!

Very strange.

I’ve covered them before but I have a big update and a deep dive to share with you as we try to get to the bottom of what is going on here!

I think the best thing for me to do to bring everyone up to speed is to first share with you my last report.

That will bring you up to speed on what this is and all of the extremely strange details.

Then I’ll put the NEW REPORT down below that in red like this:  NEW REPORT

So please enjoy this prior report first and then scroll down for the new update and deep dive investigation.

INGERSOLL LOCKWOOD: The Strangest One Yet By Far!

If you think you’ve seen this before, think again.

This is brand new and I am jaw-on-the-ground dumbfounded.

Let me explain a little history first (which you may have seen before) and then I’ll show you why I’m so stunned at what just happened.

Understand first that everything I am about to report to you is 100% Fact.

We can all have different opinions on what conclusions to draw from these facts, but everything I present to you is sourced and confirmed 100% as accurate.

This all centers around Ingersoll Lockwood, who was an obscure author around the 1890s.

But the name is also shared by a company called Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc. which appears to have been founded in 2020:

Ok, what’s any of that matter you say?

The author named Ingersoll Lockwood published two books called the Baron Trump Chronicles.

This is the part you may have hear before but keep reading and I’ll put in bold when we hit the new part.  This may be new for a lot of people and you need to understand this before I show you the new part.

So that would be odd enough, to have an author write a book called the Baron Trump Chronicles over 100 years before the now-famous Barron Tump was even born.

But that’s just where it starts.

One of the books is titled “The Last President.”

In the books, young Baron has a mentor named “Don”.

And “Don” has an associate named “Mr. Pence”.

Yes, all true!

You can look it up…

And a lot of action after the election takes place on 5th Avenue in New York City (in the EXACT location where Trump Tower is located).

I’m not making any of this up.

And that’s just the BEGINNING of where it gets weird!

From Wikipedia:

The Baron Trump novels are two children’s novels written in 1889 and 1893 by the American author and lawyer Ingersoll Lockwood. They remained obscure until 2017, when they received media attention for perceived similarities between their protagonist and U.S. President Donald Trump.

Lockwood published the first novel, Travels and adventures of Little Baron Trump and his wonderful dog Bulger, in 1889, and its sequel, Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, in 1893. The novels recount the adventures of the German boy Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp, who goes by “Baron Trump”, as he discovers weird underground civilizations, offends the natives, flees from his entanglements with local women, and repeats this pattern until arriving back home at Castle Trump.[1]

The novels were part of a trend in U.S. children’s literature that responded to the demand for fantastic adventure stories triggered by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland (1865). They were, however, indifferently received and did not enter the canon of children’s literature.[1] An 1891 reviewer wrote about one of Lockwood’s novels: “The author labors through three hundred pages of fantastic and grotesque narrative, now and then striking a spark of wit; but the sparks emit little light and no warmth, and one has to fumble for the story.”[2]

In July 2017, the books were rediscovered by Internet forum users, and then the media, who pointed out similarities between the protagonist and U.S. President Donald Trump.[1] Jaime Fuller wrote in Politico that Baron Trump is “precocious, restless, and prone to get in trouble”, often mentions his massive brain, and has a personalized insult for most people he meets. Fuller also notes that Baron Trump lives in a building named after himself, “Castle Trump”; while the real-life Donald Trump had lived in Trump Tower for decades. Furthermore, Donald Trump’s youngest son is named Barron Trump.[1] Chris Riotta noted in Newsweek that Baron Trump’s adventures begin in Russia. Riotta also mentioned another book of Ingersoll’s, 1900; or, The Last President, in which New York City is riven by protests following the shock victory of a populist candidate in the 1896 presidential election who brings on the downfall of the American republic.[3][4]

As of July 2017, filmmaker and Trump supporter Leigh Scott was reported to plan a crowdsourcing campaign to produce a feature film adaptation of the Baron Trump novels.[3]

The entire book is archived and available for free here.

Look at the cover page…it even LOOKS like Barron!

It’s available on Amazon here:

Even Snopes rates it “Mostly True”:

Forget for a moment the seemingly endless series of revelations about the Trump White House’s staffing woes, the Russia investigation, and the Seth Rich conspiracy. A pressing matter, largely ignored by the mainstream media has come up: Is Donald Trump a time traveler?

The question has been circulating on conspiracy theory web sites for several months and is backed by various pieces of “evidence” (such as Donald Trump’s uncle John Trump’s purported relationship with Nikola Tesla). Now a series of books published over century ago is receiving attention for their seemingly all-too-eerie connections to the Trump family. The books, one of which is titled Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, have been discussed on both reddit and 4chan:

Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, and 1900: or, The Last President, are indeed real books by writer Ingersoll Lockwood. (We haven’t been able to uncover any evidence proving that Donald Trump and his family have access to a time machine, however).

Both of the books are archived by the Library of Congress and can be read in full on Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey was published in 1893 and 1900: or, The Last President came out a few years later. According to the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, Lockwood penned at least one other book about the Baron Trump character, The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar, which was published in 1890.

A July 2017 article in Newsweek noted several prescient-seeming connections, such as the novel’s Russian setting, a character named “Don,” and a “Fifth Avenue Hotel” in New York City, where Trump Tower currently stands:

There are some incredible connections to be made to the first family of the United States and Lockwood’s novels from the turn of the 19th century. For starters, the main character’s name is the same as President Donald Trump’s son, albeit spelt differently. Trump’s adventures begin in Russia, and are guided thanks to directions provided by “the master of all masters,” a man named “Don.”

Before leaving for his voyage through the unknown, Trump is told of his family’s motto: “The pathway to glory is strewn with pitfalls and dangers.”


But by Lockwood’s third novel, The Last President, things become even more eerily linked to the present day.

The story begins with a scene from a panicked New York City in early November, describing a “state of uproar” after the election of an enormously opposed outsider candidate.

“The entire East Side is in a state of uproar,” police officers shouted through the streets, warning city folk to stay indoors for the night. “Mobs of vast size are organizing under the lead of anarchists and socialists, and threaten to plunder and despoil the houses of the rich who have wronged and oppressed them for so many years.”

“The Fifth Avenue Hotel will be the first to feel the fury of the mob,” the novel continues, citing an address in New York City where Trump Tower now stands. “Would the troops be in time to save it?”

ChatGPT confirms:

And here is Tim Pool asking Don Jr. about the books….

Don Jr. pretends to not know about them, but I find that extremely hard to believe:


#mystery #usa #what #timpool #fyp #trump #maga #patriots #trump2024 #patriot #whatdoyouthink #youtube

♬ Unsolved Mysteries Main Title – Lyfblud

Think that’s weird?

Still not even getting started.

This video does an amazing job explaining all the details.

Like….who ended up with all of Nikola Tesla’s inventions?

Donald Trump’s uncle.


It’s true.

Please enjoy:

And a much deeper dive on Trump, Tesla, Trump’s Uncle and Time Travel all right here:

Ok….now you’re caught up.

Now I bring you the new part just out today.

A lot has been made over the last few years, and especially recently in the last few weeks, of the Q Drop 4730.

In case you don’t know what that is, this is it:

I’m not real big into Q.

I follow it a bit, but I’m not one of these decoder people.

I don’t do all the “deltas” and all that stuff.

But sometimes something pops up that just forces me to pay attention, and that’s what we have here.

So we talked about Ingersoll Lockwood the author, and now we shift to Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc., the present-day company.

Their website has always been VERY mysterious and odd to me:

They claim to work with U.S. Government agencies and look at that list!  DARPA, NASA, NSA, SpaceForce, etc.

Quite a list of people to do business with!

Their homepage says “The Year is: 2023/5784”.

First of all, who feels the need to indicate the year on their homepage, let alone in dual reference to 2023 and 5784?

Then you go to their “Reading Library” on their website and you get more weirdness:

You of course get the Ingersoll Lockwood 1890s books, but then look at the second section.

The (Biblical) Book of Enoch linked to the Space Force?

Who puts that on their website as Reading Recommendations?

If you don’t know the Book of Enoch, it is written to the last generation of Earth and is all about the Watchers (Fallen Angels) and Nephilim and Space and End Times.

Then you have a section on Safe Clean new energy, which is very interesting given all the prophecies of a new energy source that would be coming soon.

But I’ve known about all of this for a while now.

That may all be new to you, but it’s not new to me or to others familiar with this company.

What IS new is what just appeared on their homepage:

It’s the Shoe and the Time Piece.

Just sitting there not connected to anything.

Not linked to anything.

Can’t click it.

Just sitting there.

Let me zoom in a bit for you:

So you have an Air Jordan along with a Time Piece and if you look closely to can see what’s written on the face of the clock:  INGERSOLL TRUMP

Folks….what in the world?

Of course the hands are pointed at 10 and 2, just like Q Drop 4730.

Oh, and one little nugget just for good measure….

What’s with the shoe?

Well, that’s an Air Jordan, as in Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan always wore #23, except for one partial season when he returned from baseball and wore…..#45.

As in, Trump 45?

The 45th President?

Folks, all I can tell you is either someone is having a wonderful time trolling on this website, or this runs much deeper than anyone realized and perhaps this Ingersoll Lockwood company is the Trump Team / White Hats?

Oh, one more thing I almost forgot…

Despite knowing basically everything about everything, ChatGPT claims to not be aware a company named Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc. even exists:

Let me know if I missed any other details or if anyone else has any other theories….

I’d love to hear them!

Comment below!


Ok, now for the new report and deep dive into what exactly is going on here with this strange company!

This comes to us courtesy of Madam Punisher @ElizabethPDove on Twitter, give them a Follow!

They did such incredible research I’m just going to give it to you all right here and let you read it.

You can also Follow Them on Substack if you like….

Here’s the first Tweet in the Tweet Thread that you can follow if you like or I will also put the entire unedited report from their Substack below:


Ingersoll Lockwood

Ingersoll Lockwood was born in Ossining, New York, on August 2, 1841 and died in Troy, New York on September 30, 1918. He was an American lawyer. He was born into a well-known legal family and was the second child of six. Ingersoll was the son of Munson Lockwood and Sarah Lewis (nee Smith) Lockwood.

Munson Lockwood was a lawyer and a personal friend of Henry Clay. Munson rose to prominence as a brigadier general, having served in the New York State Militia’s 7th Brigade, and as a civic activist. Having achieved prominent status in society, Munson was one of the founders of Ossining’s first bank, founded the Dale Cemetery, and served as a warden in New York’s infamous Sing Sing Prison.

Like his father and uncles, Ingersoll Lockwood also trained as a lawyer. This was not his first occupation though. His first position was as a diplomat. In 1862 he was appointed Consul to the Kingdom of Hanover by Abraham Lincoln. He served in that post for four years. He then established a legal practice in New York City with his older brother Henry.

In 1884, Ingersoll Lockwood married Winifred Wallace Tinker. She was a graduate of Vassar College and an aspiring author. By 1892, they were divorced. Winifred was remarried to Edward R. Johnes later that year.

Ingersoll Lockwood spent his retirement years in Saratoga Springs, New York where he published his last book, a collection of poetry in 1912. It opens with juxtaposed photographs of Lockwood at age 35 and at age 70. In the preface, he wrote:

“The end has almost come. I’m only waiting for the signal to push off and begin my voyage to the Isles of the Blest in the far Western Seas. I was troubled in my mind at first, for my little bark, staunch though it may be, sat too deep in the water. It was overladen with conceits that wouldn’t be current and merchandise that wouldn’t be saleable in the Isles of the Blest. Overboard with it! Now that I have lightened ship I feel better.”

Find a Grave: Ingersoll Lockwood

Wikipedia: Wardens of Sing Sing

Ingersoll Lockwood and the 2016 US Presidential Elections

Ingersoll Lockwood was not notable for anything but his children’s novels and speculative fiction. Only his books at the time didn’t get much attention during Ingersoll’s lifetime. In fact, at the time and the years past, they remained largely forgotten.

It wasn’t until the 2016 U.S. presidential election. It was at this point that Ingersoll Lockwood’s books gained popularity due to the coincidental name of the protagonist and the son of President Donald Trump, Barron Trump. This coincidence has led to various conspiracy theories and speculative discussions online. Ingersoll Lockwood’s legacy as an author is now intertwined with these curious historical connections, and his works are studied not only for their literary content but also for their prophetic cultural relevance.

Prophecy. No one has a crystal ball. No one can see into the future… especially an unknown author from over 100 years ago. Basically, no one is God.

But in case you were curious, here are a list of his publications by order of publication:

Laconics of Cult – 1881
The Second Book of the Chronicles of the Three Sisters – 1884
Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulger – 1890
Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey – 1893
The Last President (also known as 1900 or The last President) – 1896

Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc.

There is a lot to say about Ingersoll Lockwood’s website. First of all, it changes frequently. I think this is done on purpose in order to keep you confused and divert attention. Secondly, none of the information on there is genuine. The videos are produced by various government agencies. The links go to other website pages. It seems that there are no real services or products listed on the website itself. And the venture capitalism part of the website is done through various GoFundMe pages.

Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc. is a company that, on the surface, is involved in the development and investment in new technologies. There is an emphasis on cyber security. They state they are a non-partisan group of Americans with careers serving the nation.

Ingersoll Lockwood states that their clients include:

  • Government, Commercial, International
  • Veteran-owned 501-c(3) support
  • Focus on the American innovation
  • Deliver next-generation solutions

Ingersoll Lockwood’s team researches, develops and/or invests in new and innovative technologies that fit the needs of our growing US Government and US Government Contractor customers.

At the bottom of the each page the following footer is included:

Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc. 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 10th Floor, Suite 1025 Washington, DC 20006 Office/Reception: 1-202-559-9157 (9-5) Fax: 1-202-204-6325 © 2023 Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The above 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue address in Washington, DC might be important to remember.

Despite having a 2023 copyright listed on their website, there is no copyright on record for Ingersoll Lockwood.

Here is Ingersoll Lockwood’s profile on Built In and Owler.

For a company that deals in 501(c)(3) organizations, there are no Form 990’s on file for Ingersoll Lockwood. In fact there are no tax filings for Ingersoll Lockwood. Nor is there an EIN number or Tax ID.

The only reference to Ingersoll Lockwood being a company is a registration in New Castle, Delaware from February 19, 2020. Remember this date.

Ingersoll Lockwood does also have a DUNS number. It is 117964216.

According to its website, Ingersoll Lockwood has government clients. This means that it would have government contracts. Does it?

Searching by both its name and DUNS Number you will not find any results.

There is also a trademark registration that was filed on March 25, 2020 and granted on October 27,2 2020.

Ingersoll Lockwood Partners

There are a few companies that Ingersoll Lockwood have partnered with. They include:

  • AED (American Education Defenders)
  • CCS (Carbon Capture Shield)
  • CDMG (Cyber Defense Magazine)
  • XSOC (eXtensible Secure Optimized Cryptography)
  • MemberPAC

We are going to come back to some of these in Part 2.

1717 Pennsylvania Avenue

Virtual Offices

Impress your clients with a prestigious central business address and a dedicated receptionist fielding your calls. You’ll have access to boardrooms, private offices and coworking space – all at a fraction of the cost of a physical office.

Ingersoll Lockwood’s 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue address is important. First, it is going to come up again in this dive. Secondly, it is the location of a virtual office. In other words, you don’t actually have to have an office there in order to use it as your business address. So you can have multiple businesses at the same exact address who don’t actually have offices there.

Located just minutes from the White House, 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue is one of the most prestigious addresses in the heart of America’s capital. Located on one of the city’s most important streets, 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue offers close proximity to the city’s key government offices, major banking and financial institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Building and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

A full 13 stories of Class A office space, 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue offers awe-inspiring views from every window. In addition to having windowed offices on three sides of the building, the floor-to-ceiling bay windows provide a “corner office” effect for up to 12 offices on Pennsylvania Avenue. The White House, World Bank, the Old Executive Office Building and the Washington Monument are all visible from various vantage points, creating a spectacular panoramic view. Inside, the prestigious lobby features a patterned marble floor, limestone and lacewood walls and elegant bronze elevator doors.

Conveniently located in the Central Business District, restaurants and retail amenities are just steps away, as are the Farragut West and Farragut North Metro stations that provide easy access to all of Washington and its suburbs.

Building occupants include prestigious law firms, fortune 500 government affairs offices, wealth management firms and government agencies.

ServCorp: 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue

Mystery Man: Steven G. Samuels

Does Steven G. Samuels, the CEO of Ingersoll Lockwood, actually exist? If you search the web, you will have a very hard time finding him. Seems strange for someone who is a CEO of a prestigious innovator of new technologies.

Search long enough, however, and you will find a Steven G. Samuels, LLC which has been active since 2012. The agent address for Steven G. Samuels is located at:


It might be important to remember that address. It is going to come up again.

It’s directors and officers are listed as Gary S. Miliefsky and Stevin V. Miliefsky.

Other information about this company includes a trademark registration for Cyber Defense Magazine with the same information.

The company was registered in Nevada on January 5, 2012. The registering agent was MAIL LINK LLC. The officers are listed as Gary S. Miliefsky, Stevin V. Miliefsky, and Jessica Quinn. The two addresses given are:

7260 W. AZURE DR STE 140-523, LAS VEGAS, 89130, NV

848 N. RAINBOW BLVD., LAS VEGAS, 89107-1103, NV

848 N. RAINBOW BLVD., LAS VEGAS, 89107-1103, NV
7260 W. AZURE DR STE 140-523, LAS VEGAS, 89130, NV

Cyber Defense Magazine is partnered with Ingersoll Lockwood. They didn’t just partner with them, they put out a public statement claiming they acquired Ingersoll Lockwood on April 20, 2020… or two months after Ingersoll Lockwood became a corporation on February 19, 2020.

From Civision PRWeb:

WASHINGTON, April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Today, Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc. has announced the acquisition of the Cyber Defense Media Group, which it will fold into its portfolio in the coming months.

“Nothing in how CDMG operates will change with the exception of continued growth and additional focus on American Exceptionalism while we help spin out additional platforms for the Global commercial and international sectors in the coming months,” said James Gorman, Vice Chairman of Ingersoll Lockwood.

“This is an incredible time for us and I’m especially excited to be able to help other divisions of Ingersoll Lockwood as they solve complex problems in different market sectors including cybersecurity, health care, critical infrastructure, big data, a.i. and space. This also gives me a chance to help cross pollinate activities and investments that we’re doing in Stony Lonesome Group, where we focus exclusively on investing in US Military Veteran run startups,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, Chairman & CEO of Cyber Defense Media Group and Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

SOURCE Cyber Defense Magazine

From Cyber Defense Magazine:

Gary Miliefsky founded and remains the Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine since 2012 and on it’s 10th anniversary, has reacquired it from Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc.

To further this, Steven G. Samuels was awarded government loans. They weren’t from the Department of Defense. They all came from the Small Business Association for COVID relief and totaled $123,547. Two of them were for Steven G. Samuels doing business as Cyber Defense Magazine.

Ingersoll Lockwood PAC

When you click on the PAC information  on the Ingersoll Lockwood website, it would redirect back to the home page. Was there an Ingersoll Lockwood PAC?

NOTE: They didn’t even bother running this document through a spellchecker.

Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc.

P.A.C. = Peaceful American Constitutionalists

By joining our organization, with annual membership donations of $99 for individuals and $199 for small business owners (1-25 employees) and $399 for medium size business owners (26-2500 employees), like Medi-Share, we will pool the finnancial resources, with very low overhead, to provide services to members. We plan to use legal tactics and law suits to protect our members rights. We will create case law or prove/reiterate that the government of each town, city, state and at the federal level operates for #WETHEPEOPLE. Thiis organization is by and for American citizens only. Feel free to copy our model in other countries and try to take back your rights, where possible.

Please read this more than once and email [email protected] if you have any questions relevant to this fund raise for launching Peaceful American Constitutionalists by October 17, 2021.




PDF of Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc PAC

However, if you look on Open Secrets, you will find no PACs for Ingersoll Lockwood, Steven G. Samuels, or Peaceful American Constitutionalists. In fact the only time this so-called PAC comes up is from a newsletter coming out of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. Here is the October, 2021 Notes and Calls To Action for the FreePA Lancaster County Chapter. At the top of the email, you will see “FYI re: health/pharmacy info…”

Please check out a national group, Ingersoll Lockwood at: I am attaching a summary document to this email describing the mission and scope of this organization.

Knowing that it is only a matter of time before they come for us all, so to speak, FreePA is exploring the potential for us to legally organize in such a way that we become a ‘private membership organization’ under the law. This would give us certain immunities from government overreach.

In fact, it isn’t a PAC. It is a “private membership organization.” Does this so-called PAC support any candidates?

Caroline Kane

Caroline Kane is a Republican running for election to the U.S. House to represent Texas’ 7th Congressional District. She declared her candidacy for the Republican primary on March 5, 2024.

Caroline is a mother, wife and has been a successful businesswoman in the Houston area for the past 25 years. Caroline currently serves as CEO of Prosperity Management Services. Caroline leads a time-tested team of professionals in the full-service multi-family property management industry.

Caroline is running for congress to restore a government that works FOR the people and BY the people.

Caroline believes in substantially reducing the size and reach of the federal government and its agencies to promote free market solutions.

You can read Caroline Kane’s Candidate Connection survey here.

If you go to the section titled “What organizations or individuals have endorsed your campaign?” on her Candidate Connection survey, you will see that Peaceful American Constitutionalists endorsed her.

To Be Continued…

This isn’t the end to the saga. In fact, we are only beginning. Remember how I said the addresses are important. This is bigger than you could possibly imagine. What else are we possibly going to find?

848 N. RAINBOW BLVD., LAS VEGAS, 89107-1103, NV


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