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Chinese ‘Migrant’ BREACHES Sensitive U.S. Military Installation

I will be the first to say that we should never enter into a hot war with China or anybody else.

That being said, respect is a two-way street. We shouldn’t be trying to compromise them or meddle in their affairs, and they shouldn’t be trying to compromise us or meddle in our affairs.

Each country should do what is best for its people without imposing itself on others or otherwise attacking others in any way, shape, or form.

We must all have enough backbone to be firm and protect ourselves, but never enough nerve to preemptively attack or provoke others.

We should all be negotiating and cooperating, such a world is possible despite what state actors and so-called ‘intellectuals’ tell you. Peace is possible. Correct action is possible.

In a troubling development, an increased number of Chinese nationals have been apprehended trying to illegally cross our borders.

Even more troubling is that a number of these ‘migrants’ have been apprehended at or near U.S. military installations.

Why these ‘migrants’ are crossing our borders is anyone’s guess, but no migrant should be at or near any sensitive U.S. defense bases or installations.

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol recently apprehended yet another Chinese national who entered a Marine Corps base without authorization.  One Border Patrol agent shared the troubling development:

“BP agents responded to a call from the Marine Corp Base about a Chinese national who entered the base w/o authorization, ignoring orders to leave. Subject was confirmed to be in the country illegally. His purpose & intent behind his actions are still being investigated.”

Newsweek shared this opinion from a seasoned journalist who specializes in covering China:

Gordon Chang, a journalist who has covered China for decades, wrote: “We have to assume this Chinese national is a soldier or operative of some sort.

Send him to Guantanamo.”

Conservative pundit, activist, media host, and personality Larry Elder shared this concerning fact from Daily Mail:

“There have been more than 100 instances in which U.S. military bases were infiltrated by Chinese nationals over the last several years.”

Daily Mail also highlighted this troubling and related development:

Guam is the location of the Navy’s only submarine base in the western Pacific.

It also hosts a ‘strategically important’ air base with bombers and fighter jets.

The island’s homeland security agency has reported 118 ‘unlawful or attempted unlawful entries by Chinese citizens’ since 2022.

The number peaked at 85 in 2022 followed by 27 in 2023 and six so far in 2024, according to Stars and Stripes.


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