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Patrick Bet-David Just Gave The Perfect Answer To “I don’t like Trump’s personality”

About 9 months ago, I had a very interesting phone call.

It was a call from Frank Vandersloot, direct to my cell phone one Saturday morning.

Many of you may not recognize that name, but Frank is the wealthiest person in Idaho, with an estimated net worth of $3.3 billion according to Forbes:

Frank’s net worth comes from founding and growing an incredible company called Melaleuca, which I am proud to promote and champion here at WLTReport.


Because he built it from the ground up starting with nothing (much the same way I started this website) and he grew in into a behemoth.  But that’s not the only reason.  It’s because he loves America and he loves American Patriots like you and me!  I’ve visited their home office in Idaho Falls and they proudly have larger-than-life sized statues of our Founding Fathers displayed throughout their lobby and offices.

George Washington…

Abraham Lincoln…

While BLM and the Democrats work overtime on tearing down statues and monuments to our Founding Fathers, Frank and his company proudly honor them.

So we’ve become good friends the more I’ve gotten to know Frank because we have many, many shared values.

So about 9 months ago, my phone starts to ring on a Saturday morning and it’s Frank calling me.

Let me tell you something, I don’t worship money so don’t get it twisted, but when a Billionaire is on the phone calling you, you don’t make them wait.

I quickly learned what was on Frank’s mind….

He wanted to talk politics, and especially Donald Trump.

Keep in mind this is 2023, but Frank is calling me to talk the state of the Republican Party and we chatted for almost an hour and a half!

I later realized Frank is the wealthiest person I have ever spoken to and had an engaging conversation with.

You quickly realize you’re dealing with a special person, his mind moves a mile a minute.  But I did my best to keep up, and in many instances respectfully pushed back on some of his ideas.  It ended up being such a fun “debate” that we’ve talked about having another chat live on my show.

I’m hoping we can make that happen soon.

But I tell you all of this to get to one specific point…

At the heart of our conversation was one key takeaway that I got from Frank — and which I’ve heard from many other people.  I’m sure you have too.  It’s this:

“I like President Trump’s policies, I just don’t like his personality and the way he conducts himself.”

Have you heard people say that?

It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.  Why?  Because that’s not living in reality.

I’ll share a couple of my thoughts in response and then I want to share with you the best response I have ever heard to that question, which comes from Patrick Bet-David.

First a few thoughts…

Perhaps we would all like the proverbial statesman who looks all prim and proper, uses only proper English and smiles to your face while speaking formally and courteously to all, and keeps the country running perfectly in the meantime.  Maybe even make him a bit of a Pastor-figure.

Maybe 25% grandfatherly, 25% father figure, 25% Pastor, and 25% old school proper CEO.

Sounds great, right?

The problem is, that person doesn’t exist.

And especially not in this day and age.

As I told Frank, you have to think back to the summer of 2015 when Donald Trump first announced he was running for President after that famous escalator ride in Trump Tower.

He was running against 17 other candidates and many people thought his candidacy was a farce.

In today’s day and age, you have to be able to cut through the noise and get attention — without attention, it doesn’t matter how good your policies are, you will fade away into the background and never make center stage.

So Donald Trump had to be noisy, he had to get attention.  And it’s often not the fatherly, grandfatherly, pastor types who can get constant media attention.  Sorry, that’s just not our world right now.

You can disagree with the way our world operates and wish it was different, but President Trump didn’t care to win that intellectual debate.  He didn’t care to say the game should be changed.  He simply knew the rules of the game and he played them to win.

And one by one he knocked out all 17 challengers and then Hillary Clinton.

I’m sorry but only a rough-and-tumble fighter can do that.

The grandfatherly, pastor figure can’t do that.  I wish they could.

But we were not electing a National Pastor, we were electing a President.  And we needed a fighter.

The other thing I told Frank is that often times the people who we think are the best people end up being the worst, and the people we think are the worst end up being the best.

Think about Joe Biden…he looks grandfatherly, doesn’t do any mean tweets, smiles to your face….but is killing American behind the scenes.

Take Sean “Diddy” Combs….beloved Hollywood star (not by me, but by millions)….and now allegations are out that he’s potentially involved in some of the worst sex trafficking we have ever seen.

Now consider Donald Trump.  He does mean tweets.  He’s unpredictable.  He’s tough, perhaps a rough exterior, doesn’t always sugar coat things.  Uses bad words sometimes publicly!  But…America was strong and prosperous under his leadership, and I would argue that as best I can tell, he has a true heart of gold under that tough exterior.

So that’s what I told Frank, and he told me a lot back, and it was a rousing conversation.  I hope we can do it live on my show sometime soon.

But now I want to show you what I think is perhaps the best response to that whole debate that I have ever heard and it comes from Patrick Bet-David, during a recent interview he did with Stephen A. Smith.

Fascinating interview, but it was this little clip that really jumped out to me which perfectly addresses the people who just don’t like Donald Trump’s personality.

Watch here:

Backup here if needed:

Isn’t that spot on?

I’ll tell you what….the perfect candidate does not exist, but one guy who comes very close (other than Donald Trump of course) is Patrick Bet-David himself.

Unfortunately, he is not eligible since he wasn’t born here, but he checks nearly every box.

A fighter just like Trump, with perhaps some of the nuance and statesmanship that some people need to see.

A shame he is not eligible to run, I could see him carry the MAGA banner very well in the future after President Trump is retired.

And if you’d like to watch that full episode, you can see it right here on Valuetainment:


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