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DISGRACE: Fairfax County Democrats Mock Christians By Choosing Easter Sunday As Transgender Visibility Day

Fairfax County, Virginia, Democrats have decided to mock Christians celebrating Easter Sunday.

The Fairfax County school board, composed of all Democrats and one Republican, has decided to celebrate transgender visibility day on Easter Sunday.

In a 9-0 vote, the school board members voted to designate transgender visibility day for all of its district’s schools.

Noticeably absent from teh vote was the school board’s only Republican, Patrick Herrity.

Breitbart had more details to add:

Fairfax County Virginia has named Easter Sunday 2024 as “Transgender Visibility Day,” in what many Christians see as a hijack of their most sacred holiday.

The Fairfax County School Board has added Transgender Visibility Day to its prior designations of June as LGBT Pride Month and October as LGBT History Month for a remarkable 62 days of LGBT celebration in the district’s schools.

The Rev. Emma Chattin, executive director of Transgender Education Association, praised the board’s decision, asserting that visibility can be “a heroic thing, especially for our trans women of color in our community, who face additional intersectional obstacles of prejudice regarding safety, housing, employment and health care.”

Writing for the Washington Examiner, however, Fairfax local Stephanie Lundquist-Arora said the board members are telling Christians they do not matter by turning “one of their holiest days into a celebration of an ideology that undermines the church’s core convictions.”

The school board’s nine Democrats all voted in favor of the measure, whereas the token Republican on the board, Patrick Herrity, did not show up for the vote.

“I’m looking forward to the day when we have a full dais for this proclamation, and that day will come,” said board member James Walkinshaw of Herrity’s absence. “One way or the other, that day will come.”

Here’s what The Washington Examiner reported:

Last week, Democrats on Fairfax County‘s board of supervisors voted to designate Easter Sunday as Transgender Visibility Day. The proclamation goes far beyond the supposed intent of making transgender people and gender ideology activists feel seen. Members of the board are also sending a message to Christians that they do not matter as they turn one of their holiest days into a celebration of an ideology that undermines the church’s core convictions.

Ironically, Chairman Jeff McKay, a Democrat, paid lip service to the importance of advocating all constituents when the board passed the resolution. He said, “As an elected official, it should be our moral responsibility to stand up for all people that we represent, not just the people we like or the people we agree with.”

If McKay and other members of the board were serious about their stated commitment to representing constituents, there are many other days they could have designated as Transgender Visibility Day.

Members of the board also used their illogical decision to hijack Easter as an opportunity to celebrate the governing body’s ideological homogeneity. The nine Democrats present at the meeting all voted in favor of the measure, but they lamented that there was one member of the board who was not present for the vote. Pat Herrity, a Republican, likely did not want to antagonize Christians who feel that their holy day is being desecrated.


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