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Illegal Immigrants Cut Off April 1st? Incoming Chaos?

This is a heads up for those out there that live anywhere near the border.

Come April 1st, the government might just be cutting off the allowence of these invaders.

Was that always the plan?

Give millions of people free money to get them where you want, among the cities and suburbs?

Then once they’re there, pull the plug, knowing they’ll freak out?

What will that be like to have many of these immigrants suddenly in a frantic to get housing or food?

Will they be on the side of the roads, with signs, asking for handouts?

“Please good sir, could you find it in your heart to spare a bit of pocket change for me and the wee ones? We’d be ever so grateful.”

Or will they be a bit more uncivilized?

Violent even?

ABC 15 reports:

A fight over funding could end critical services for migrants in Arizona on or around April 1.

ABC15 visited Somerton in Yuma County where the Regional Center for Border Health has established a key transition center for migrants to go to after they’ve been processed, background checked, and released by border patrol agents to continue in the immigration process.

Providing those services is expensive and is becoming a burden for this nonprofit organization, which says it’s had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars of its own money because it’s not getting reimbursed by the federal government for everything it believes it should be.

manda Aguirre, President and CEO of the Regional Center for Border Health, says if things don’t change, they may be forced to shut down the transition center on or around April 1.

The flow of people is constant at the Regional Center for Border Health.

On a given day, a few busloads of around 50 migrants may arrive. But during surges at the border, it’s not uncommon to see 17 or 18 buses, which means the group is servicing close to 2,000 migrants.

In late February, Marisol Ocampo, who is coming from Colombia, just started the asylum request process.

“Back in Colombia, life is really tough right now,” she explained. “The economy, unemployment – they’re both bad, but more than anything it’s just how dangerous it’s become.”

She says the goal is to obtain a better quality of life in the U.S., especially for her 4-year-old son who has Down Syndrome. Ocampo says her country lacks the services, therapies, and treatments her son needs to succeed and hopes to obtain those in the U.S.; she feels coming here is her family’s only hope.

These are some of the heartbreaking stories Aguirre and her team hear each day.

“We serve a lot of people,” explained Aguirre. “We go to places nobody wants to go.”

What initially started as a public health initiative and network of health clinics in rural Arizona has expanded in Somerton to include a transition center to handle the surges in migrants that Yuma County has seen over the past three years, with more and more people requesting asylum.

In 2021, Aguirre and her team created the transition center for migrants who have been screened, background checked, and released by border patrol agents.

“It’s not our business nor do we want to hold people for a long period of time,” explained Sean McGoffin, chief patrol agent with the U.S. Border Patrol’s Yuma Sector. “So as a result of that immigration process, folks can go to NGOs or to other locations, and in some cases, be released.”

Once a migrant is background checked, fingerprinted, and photographed, if it is determined that a migrant does not have a criminal background or a prior immigration violation, and if the migrant is seeking asylum, he or she is free to go after receiving a court date or a date to report to immigration officials – all of this determined by current federal immigration laws.

McGoffin also discussed the importance of the Regional Center for Border Health.

“She [Aguirre] does such an amazing job helping the community here,” explained McGoffin. “It’s important to her and the community here in Yuma itself to be able to have the opportunity to transition people for their reporting in the immigration process.”

When migrants arrive at the center, workers give out food and water – migrants also get COVID tests.

Covid? Give me a break.

That’s so 4 years ago.

Here’s one of the future scientist and scholars that came through:

And for fellow MAGA that thinks this country is a land of migrants, that wasn’t always the case.

It’s been normalized.

That all came about because of the plaque that was added to the Statue of Liberty, that was written by an immigrant with socialist leanings, Emma Lazarus, so of course it was going to have a pro-immigrantion spin.

“Give us your huddled masses…”

That was never the intent of the Founding Fathers.

If you know about Emma, then you shouldn’t be too surprised.

Imagine basing your countries immigration policy on a poem written by someone devoid of nationalism?

Read that again.

Those that have been plotting the take down of this great nation have been at it for decades and decades.


“Again, watch the Statue of Liberty as it starts with a crack and then crumbles. You will find out what was hidden the statue…” – Julie Green


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