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Horrific Attack As Illegal Immigrant Goes On Acid Pouring Spree, Including 2 Children

Some argue that this may be worse than stabbing.

What is wrong with these people?

Carrying around acid to pour on others?

And how did this become a thing?

Sadly, this is another all-too-familiar tale of the culprit being someone with a history of violent crime that was given a slap on the wrist and allowed to roam free.


This time there’s 12 people that have been attacked, including 2 children.

The Sun reports:

THE CLAPHAM chemical attack fugitive has been named as Abdul Shokoor Ezedi after a mum and her two daughters were injured in a “targeted” rampage.

Ezedi, 35, from Newcastle, is still at large after 12 people were injured in the horror attack in at 7.25pm yesterday – and cops are urging people not to approach him.

The alleged attacker, who has significant injuries to the right side of his face, was last seen in Caledonian Road, north London.

Ezedi could be heading back to Newcastle, with British Transport Police and Northumbria Police now helping the Met.

If you see Ezedi, call 999 immediately and do not approach him.

The 31-year-old mum and her daughters, aged 3 and 8, all remain in hospital after an alkaline substance was thrown at them.

Cops believe Ezedi and the woman are known to each other.

Superintendent Gabriel Cameron said: “A horrific incident that occurred last night resulted in a 31-year-old female and two children aged three and eight attacked with a corrosive substance which we have now confirmed to be an alkaline.

“A male was with them in the vicinity, a 35-year-old male called Abdul Ezedi.

“He left the scene but the injuries to the female and children, they’re in a stable condition but they don’t seem to be life-threatening but they could be life-changing.”

Fresh CCTV footage from last night shows a man running down the road near the scene of the attack in Clapham.

In the clip, the man can be seen tripping over on the kerb and falling over.

Dressed in a black jacket and light-coloured t-shirt, the man then gets up and carries on running.

Mum-of-three Shannon Christie, who lives in a block of flats at the end of the road,  stepped in to save the two girls after the thug “threw” one to the floor.

The bus driver, 35, said: “I heard the commotion and I ran outside.

“I saw a little girl being thrown to the floor.

“At that point I ran in and grabbed her off the floor.

“I heard her mum shouting ‘I can’t see, I can’t see’.

“So I called my partner to get some water.

“Staff at the hospital then came round and were dousing her with water.

“At that point my skin started to tingle.

“Me and the little girl went in to the block to wash our eyes and faces with water.

“I think what happened is she got it on her jacket when she fell on the floor and then it transferred to me.

“I went to Tooting hospital yesterday because my lips kept burning but they couldn’t identify what the substance was.

“The youngest girl was three years old.

“I tried to talk to her and ask what her name was but she just kept crying.

“The mum was walking along the street but she couldn’t see anything.

“Staff from the hotel came out to help as well.

“He ran straight off towards Balham. My partner chased him halfway down the street but he was wearing slippers.

“The attacker was wearing all black, but I couldn’t really focus on what he looked like because I was focusing on the little girl.

“I’ve never seen them before, I think it was a domestic incident.

“There was another girl who was crying, she was about eight.

“I told her to come in with us.

“Then they took her round to the hotel.

“I can’t remember how long I was with the girls for because it went so quickly.

“I’ve never seen the mum or the children before.

“I’m a mother with three children, my youngest is two, so I feel like I had to get in and do something.

“I’d step in again to do that if I had to.”

A witness described how the child was “thrown to the ground like a ragdoll”.

She said: “It was horrendous I heard people screaming I saw a car I thought there had been accident.

“I saw him come out of driver’s side and took out a child from the back of the car extended his arms and threw her like a rag doll, he threw her to the ground.

“Then he did it again. I thought she was dead. She didn’t make any noise.

“I went down I heard the baby say ‘I want my mum, I want my mum’.

“I was so relieved she was alive.

“I saw a silver canister that may have been what the corrosive substance was in.”

And they can’t find this guy?

This suspect who now looks like the Terminator with battle-damaged face?

Looks like a ‘Christian’ was responsible for housing him:

To use British lingo, how daft can you be??

Meanwhile the media runs cover for the real reason.

They state its been happening for ages, no need to connect it to the surge of Islamic immigrants.

Here’s the Metro for example:

When did acid start being used as a weapon? History behind attacks

Acid attacks date back to the 18th century when it was commonly known as ‘vitriol’ while being manufactured on an industrial scale.
It was commonly used in domestic disputes – as a way to leave someone in pain and disfigured – which explains why it was used commonly in sexually-charged disputes, Slate explains.
And they quote ‘Slate’, another lying liberal news site. Yeah, people are always running around town throwing acid on each other since the 18th century. And it’s totally commonly used in domestic dispute.
Friggin liars!


I remember there was a time when I wanted to visit England and run around London.

Sad whats become of that place.


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