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New Poll Reveals Embarrassingly Low Poll Numbers For Nikki Haley In Home State

A new poll conducted by Monmouth University-Washington Post shows President Trump soaring over Nikki Haley in the South Carolina primaries.

The poll shows President Trump at 58% support, while Nikki Haley brings in a meager 32%.

In case you don’t know, Nikki Haley was the former governor of South Carolina, too!

If she can’t win her home state, how can she be expected to win others?


The Washington Post shares more on the poll:

The poll finds Trump at 58 percent support among potential Republican primary voters, with Haley at 32 percent. Haley has said her goal is to improve on her performance in last week’s New Hampshire primary, where she won 43 percent of the vote to Trump’s 54 percent.

With three weeks of campaigning remaining, she has considerable ground to make up to reach that goal — and with Trump showing few signs of weakness among the South Carolina primary electorate. He is better liked, has more enthusiastic supporters, is more trusted to handle key issues and is seen as a more likely winner of the general election than she is.

Trump also benefits from overwhelming support among voters who say President Biden was not legitimately elected but rather won the White House due to fraud, a false claim repeatedly advanced by the former president. In South Carolina, 57 percent of potential GOP primary voters say Biden was elected because of fraud and of those 85 percent currently support Trump for the nomination. Of those who say Biden was elected “fair and square,” Haley has the support of 70 percent.

Haley, a former South Carolina governor and former U.N. ambassador, has improved her standing since a poll taken last September, but Trump has moved up almost as much. Last fall, the poll showed her trailing by 46 percent to 18 percent at a time when the field of candidates was significantly larger. Both Post-Monmouth polls sampled potential voters who reported at least a 50-50 chance of voting in the Republican primary rather than choosing a specific definition of likely voters.

Check out the size of this Trump rally in South Carolina!

It’s about time Nikki Haley drops out of the running.

The folks at Fox News share more:

In all age groups, the survey revealed that Trump leads Haley with a majority of support among both men and women.

Those who were surveyed also believe Trump has a greater chance of defeating President Biden in November. Forty-two percent said they believe Trump could definitely beat Biden in the general election, while 29% said he probably could. Only 21% of South Carolina Republicans said Haley could definitely beat Biden, with another 42% saying she probably could.

Trump’s legal woes are also not a concern among Republicans in the state, with 60% saying they believe the Republican Party should keep Trump on the ticket if he wins the nomination but is convicted of a crime related to the 2020 election. Similarly, 62% said they would still cast a general election ballot for Trump in that situation, while only 17% said they would vote for Biden.

Trump made history last year as the first former or current president to be indicted for a crime, but his four indictments, including charges he tried to overturn his 2020 presidential election loss, have only fueled his support among Republican voters.

Republicans understand that President Trump is not guilty of these crimes.

All of these lawsuits and indictments are lawfare by Democrats to prevent any opportunity for President Trump to win in the 2024 election.


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