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Abortion Clinic Protestors Sang Worship Songs, Could Face 11 Years In Prison

This makes my blood boil.

These sick monsters are willing to do anything to protect their baby-murdering machine!

And so, when a group of Christians peacefully protest an abortion clinic, the establishment wants to make an example of them.

Here’s a clip of their protest.

This is grounds for arrest, but murdering a baby isn’t?

But burning down cities is ‘mostly peaceful’?

Zero Hedge makes a great point and calls out the double standard.

Their report:

One of the surest signs that a society is falling into authoritarianism is the development of double standards in law enforcement and criminal prosecution in the name of political division.  When laws are created or used to target one political group above another, and those people are consistently punished by officials more harshly than other groups who commit similar offenses, then your nation is on a fast-track to Orwell’s Animal Farm.

In other words, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others…”

We have seen numerous instances of these double standards in US courts in the past few years.  For example, the entirety of the January 6th response was an attempt to falsely portray an unarmed protest (which capitol police attacked with rubber bullets and tear gas grenades until people reacted violently) as an “insurrection.”

More recently we have seen Michael Cassidy, the man who knocked down a satanic statue in the Iowa capitol building, charged with a “hate crime” even though satanists are not a victim status group and they often deny they are a religion.  Keep in mind that leftist activists have spent the better part of the past several years destroying statues of historic figures as well as destroying biblical symbols.  To this day very few leftists have been charged with a crime for these actions, let alone a hate crime.

This week, six pro-life activists were prosecuted and convicted under a little known federal law called the “FACE Act” for blocking entrances to an abortion clinic in Tennessee in 2021.

For comparison, just look at this post:

Fellow Christians, you have great authority.

Use it when you prayer for their freedom!

And while you’re out, use it to call down this whole corrupt system.


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