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WATCH: Mystery of 3 Dead Kansas City Chiefs Fans, Bizarre Video Surfaces

In the mysterious case of the three Kansas City Chief fans that recently died from freezing outside their friends house, there emerges a new video.

Turns out the homeowner, scientist Jordan Willis, answers the door to the police Mr. Pelosi style. Wearing boxers and holding a wine glass.

So the police cuff this HIV scientist.

Just as the neighbor catches it on film.


Then, for some reason, they uncuff him.

Did he say the magic word? Are they part of the same club?

Independent reports:

New video has emerged of the scene outside a home moments after three Kansas City Chiefs fans were found dead under mysterious circumstances in the backyard – two days after they were last seen alive.

The footage was filmed by neighbour Ashton Brady on 9 January. He appeared on Banfield | NewsNation where he told Ashleigh Banfield and NewsNation’s National Correspondent Alex Caprariello that he was getting ready for bed when he noticed a woman who appeared to be distressed, walking up from behind Jordan Willis’ house, which is across the street. Within minutes, an ambulance and multiple police cars were on the scene.

Clayton McGeeney, 36, David Harrington, 37, and Ricky Johnson, 38, had gathered at the home of their friend Mr Willis on 7 January to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the Los Angeles Chargers in the final game of the regular season.

But the three men never made it home. Two nights later, McGeeney’s fiancé went to the house looking for him. She discovered the bodies in Mr Willis’ backyard and called 911.

In the video Mr Brady recorded that night, Mr Willis can be seen handcuffed on his front stoop as he’s being questioned by police.

“Bro, what is going on right now,” Mr Brady is heard exclaiming on the video. “What is going on right now?? Dude, domestic violence is crazy. Yo, everybody be nice to one another, c’mon now. What is going on?”

Mr Brady told Banfield | NewsNation that he thought it was some sort of domestic dispute and he eventually went to bed. It wasn’t until the next day that he found out what happened.

“The police searched the house, went to the backyards, everything, and I had no idea what had happened,” Mr Brady said. “The next morning I saw the news. I just was kind of in disbelief… I watched that happen.”

A cause of death has not yet been determined, but police say they don’t suspect foul play.

New York Post adds:

One of the Kansas City Chiefs fans found dead in an HIV scientist’s backyard was positioned on a “lawn chair on the back porch” and was not lying flat, one of the victims’ brothers revealed as he slammed cops for failing to provide the grieving families with answers.

“I’m not saying there was or was not a crime, but if you immediately suspect no foul play, then you should have a story, you should have something to tell the families, and for no one to hear anything, that doesn’t make any sense,” said Jonathan Price, the brother of Ricky Johnson.

Jordan Willis has claimed he spent the 48 hours between the game and when the bodies were discovered “asleep on the couch” next to a loud fan while wearing noise-canceling headphones, unaware of the flurry of calls and messages from loved ones trying to locate the missing men.

Willis has claimed he spent the two days between the game and when his friends were discovered “asleep on the couch” wearing noise-canceling headphones, unaware of the calls and messages trying to find his missing pals.

“He didn’t get to say goodbye or go to their funerals due to the circumstances of these wild speculations and accusations.”

“No one seems to be willing to wait for the results of the toxicology report or wait for any other facts from the police department from a case that is still under investigation to make these speculations.”

The source claimed that people are threatening Willis on the internet, and he has had to move out of his home due to safety concerns.

Very odd.

Things don’t seem to add up on this one.

Here’s a recap:

I already have a few theories coming to mind.

Let me know in the comments what you think about all this.

See if any of us have similar conclusions.


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