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Super Bowl Rigged, Involves Taylor Swift? Vivek’s Comment Has Entire Media Complex Attacking Him

Hear me out.

This involves Soros himself.

He’s got his hands in everything, doesn’t he?

That probably explains the panic, in part.

To catch you up:

  1. Soros family bought all of Taylor Swift’s music in 2019. (What plans do they have for that? To control her and the youth of America?)
  2. Swift publicly said she was against Soros doing that.
  3. She’s never really been vocal about politics at all.
  4. But then 1 year after criticizing Soros she’s fully on board with promoting Biden, going full on super liberal in her Twitter posts?
  5. MSM just published a piece this week about Taylor having the power to “Sway the Vote”.

And have you noticed way too much coverage on Taylor Swift lately?

The media has been on overload pushing her into the public’s eye.

“She just got popcorn at the stadium! More at 11!”

We’re sick of it.

But perhaps there’s a sinister reason behind all this.

Then, unexpectedly, out-of-left-field Vivek makes a simple comment on X, casting doubt on Taylor and Travis Kelce (who just happens to be the new proud sponsor of Bud Light and promotes Pfizer) and the Super Bowl.

That comment made the System lose their utter mind:

He just incured the wrath of the Swifties. No surprise there.

But strangely, also the MSM.

There must be a reason there’s a unified media blitz to demonize Vivek’s simple comment.

Never-Trumper chimes in:

That’s jut a sprinkle of the attack pieces against Vivek on this subject.

“Oh, no! It’s sooo bizarro!”

“It’s just sooo crazy!!”

What do they say about catching flack?

You’re flying over the target?

If these last three plus years have taught us anything, its that whatever the MSM screams “Conspiracy!” then that’s exactly what we should look into.

Why don’t they just ignore it?

Well, whenever there’s millions of dollars involved, especially when it comes down to a game, there’s always a risk attached, which is enough reason for them to rig the game.

BUT this time it involves way more than money.

This matter deals with potential millions of votes for Biden.

Enter the Super Bowl LVIII (thats 58).

Which is only about 9 months before the election.

Enter Taylor. She has millions of followers, 94.9 million on X alone.

18 % of those followers have gone on record saying they will vote whatever she votes. That’s enough to get the Democrats drooling.

Now, here’s Taylor Swift complaing about Soros family buying up her music catalog back in 2019:

Here’s her later, embracing the anti-Trump side. Did someone pull her strings?

Here’s HuffPost’s angle:

A lot of people are offering predictions for the upcoming Super Bowl but none are as bizarre as the one former Republican Party presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy promoted on Monday.

Ramaswamy suggested on X, formerly Twitter, that the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers was going to be rigged…

People who read between the lines will figure out that Ramaswamy was referring to current “it” couple Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce…

Since Posobeic’s post suggested Swift was in cahoots with billionaire George Soros, it’s probably not a shocker that Ramaswamy’s post went, as The Daily Beast put it, “full tinfoil hat.”

And, yes, his comments were brutally mocked.

Others offered bogus conspiracy theories of their own.

You like how the author immediately writes off the other theories as bogus? How does he know they’re bogus? Did he investigate each of those claims?

But the MSM already mentioned, before Vivek, that Swift has the power to “Sway the Vote”.

Here’s some of their headlines.

Mindy knows.

NewsWeek reports:

Taylor Swift is arguably the most famous person in America, and while she’s largely avoided politics, her stratospheric fame raises questions about whether an endorsement from the pop star could help decide the next president.

Exclusive polling conducted for Newsweek by Redfield & Wilton Strategies found that 18 percent of voters say they’re “more likely” or “significantly more likely” to vote for a candidate endorsed by Swift.

Seventeen percent said they would be less likely to vote for a Swift-backed candidate, while 55 percent would be neither more nor less likely to do so. Of all the respondents, 45 percent said they were fans of the singer, and 54 percent said they were not. Only 6 percent said they were not familiar with Swift.

The survey, which had a sample size of 1,500 eligible voters, was conducted on January 18 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.53 percent.

She’s influenced popular culture, sports, the economics of entire regions of the U.S.,” communications consultant James Haggerty told Newsweek. “So why not politics and elections?”

Here we have everyone’s favorite Jen Psaki telling us all You Need To Calm Down!”

Ok, if that doesn’t scream red flag I don’t know what will.

The entire MSM is rushing to Taylor’s defense?

And here’s Letterman standing up for the couple. Now I’m convinced they must be real if you have him defending your relationship. (Sarcasm)

Weird stuff.

The Democrats are desperate to do anything to get as many votes as possible.

Here’s Taylor’s guy, Travis Kelce, shilling for Bud Light AND Pfizer:

So is this couple just an act?

To become “America’s Sweethearts”?

And then after the Super Bowl ‘win’, the couple will embrace like they’re Rocky and Adrian.

The eyes of the youth and the nation on this power couple, celebrating such a feat.

Then they turn to the cameras and give their full support for Biden, swaying 18% of her legions plus more normies?

Here’s the full video of Benny breaking down this theory.

Seeing how freaked out and aggressive the media collectively is over this, I’m fully convinced Vivek was right.

We’re in an era where the secrets are all coming out.

And there’s just so many secrets.

Too many.

What do you think?


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