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READER MAIL: “When Was This Interview, 4-5 Years Ago?”

I received a really interesting email from a reader the other day that I have to tell you about.

Don’t worry, I always protect confidentiality unless they tell me it’s ok to mention names, so no names mentioned….but I got this email asking me about my interview with Dean Cain.

In case you haven’t seen it, it’s from this article and I will repost the entire article down below if you want to check it out.

EXCLUSIVE: My Conversation With SUPERMAN Himself, Dean Cain

But the email came in and it said: "How long ago did you record that interview with Dean….???  I was real good but it must have been at least 4 or 5 years ago.  Please let me know."

At first I was a little offended because I wasn't trying to pass off an old interview as something new.  We're pretty open with what we do around here.

But then I got curious, so I wrote back and explained it was actually fairly current, from August 2023 (just 9 months ago) and then I asked:  "I'm curious, why do you ask, what makes you think it is that old?"

One thing I've learned in life is that being curious is generally a good thing.  It generally leads to discovering new information.

So he wrote back and said it was because of the US Debt Clock we showed in the interview.

Here's a screenshot of what it looked like in August 2023, which I had up in a screenshare during the interview:

US National Debt:  $32 Trillion. (August 2023)

And now if you want to know why he was so confused, it's because here's what it is today:

US National Debt:  $34.7 Trillion. (May 2024)

Sometimes it helps to see the information in a different form, so here it is since 2006:

And the real staggering picture is this one:

Based on that image, can you tell when they took us off the Gold Standard?

Follow up question: Now do you see WHY they took us off the Gold Standard and the harm it has caused?

Now if you don't understand why that's so serious or if you think this is just boring economic charts, please think again.

Your life will COMPLETELY change the moment this ponzi pops.

Watch this:

So....what can you personally do about it?

How can you protect yourself and your family?

Well, Dean and I talked about that.

It really is a great interview, not because of me but because Dean Cain is one cool cat.

He looks like a good guy on the screen but trust me when I say he's an even better person off camera.

Kind, humble, funny, was a total blast to rap with this guy.

So if you haven't seen this before, please enjoy and you'll see especially at the end what Dean and I discuss in terms of protecting yourself and your family from the ponzi scheme that is the US Dollar Money Printing.


EXCLUSIVE: My Conversation With SUPERMAN Himself, Dean Cain

It's not every day you get to chat with Superman himself...

But that's what happened yesterday in a very surreal moment.

I've got the full interview for you down below, but first let me back up a bit...

I'm sure most of you know Dean Cain the minute you saw him, but in case you don't remember Dean was America's SUPERMAN from 1993-1997 at 7pm on ABC each Sunday night.

Anyone else remember watching?

We tuned in every week.

This was about a decade before Hollywood started cranking out new superhero movies every weekend.

Back then, you had Michael Keaton's Batman and you had Dean Clark's Superman....and that was about it.

Remember this?

So imagine a much younger Noah sitting at home watching Superman on TV in 1993 and then flash forward 30 years (yes, 1993 was THIRTY years ago, how old do you feel now?) and suddenly here I am sitting and chatting with Dean Cain in a one-on-one interview.

It was surreal....and a total blast!

Let me say one thing before I show you the interview.

Oddly enough, the people who typically seem like the nicest people are often some of the worst people out there, and the people who seem tough and mean often have some of the biggest hearts.

Exhibit A - Donald Trump.

He gets painted as being rude and mean, but the man has a heart of gold.

Meanwhile, all the other politicians smile at the camera and tell you what you want to hear and then they screw you behind your back.

But after getting to interact with Dean, I gotta say this is one of the nicest people I have ever interacted with.

He is so down to Earth, so gracious, so generous with his time...and just generally fun to hang out with!

He's one of the rare people who looks like a good guy on TV...and actually is!

Class act.

He's also one of the rare Ivy League Graduate, Hollywood Celebrities that we tend to like around here!

That's not exactly a resume that typically creates a clear thinking conservative, but somehow Dean has remained completely uncorrupted by those Far Left groups.

He even made it to the NFL (Buffalo Bills), did you know that?

We talk about all of that in the interview, plus the one thing that Dean and I have in common.

Yes, that's correct -- Superman and your humble correspondent have something in common and we discuss it in the interview.

Oh, and we also talk about whether we will see an Adventures of Lois and Clark REBOOT in the future!

Please enjoy this one, I had so much fun recording it!

Here you go:

And a backup here on Rumble:

Dean, that was a total blast -- let's rap again soon!

Love this guy's perspective on things and how he speaks his mind when asked but doesn't force his beliefs on anyone.

Imagine that....

A country where we can all be free to share our opinions, have lively debates, let the best ideas win, and all still get along in the end.

What a novel concept, and Dean is living it out.

As promised in the video, I've got the link for you to Genesis Gold Group if you're interested in following up with those guys.

SPOILER ALERT: the is the one thing we both have in common...

We both believe pretty strongly in the power of diversifying some of your assets and retirement accounts into God's Money (gold) and we both identified Genesis as one of the most trustworthy and HELPFUL companies out there to help you do that.

So if you wanted that link, here it is as promised:


And as I said in the interview, they are actually pretty backed up right now, but I promise you they will get you on the list and they will get ahold of you just as soon as they can.

They use only American customer support and each person gets dedicated attention and help -- so it can be a little slower but that's because they treat you like a VIP.

And there you have it...Noah and Superman do in fact share something in common -- and it's not the fact that we've both starred in a Kellogg's Frosty's sweaty volleyball commercial:


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