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Vivek Challenged About Pushups So He Drops And Gives Him 30!

I’ve been pretty open about my thoughts on Vivek Ramaswamy…

Early on, I had several doubts and concerns.

I think those were founded at the time and some still remain, but I have really grown to like Vivek.  And I also think Vivek himself has grown and “red-pilled” on the campaign trail.

Oh he always said the right things, but one of the top critiques about him was whether he truly believed them.

I think early on he was a polished speaker who knew how to deliver the message but I don’t think it was “real” to him at the time.

As he said the evil first-hand on the campaign trail, I think it became real and that’s when we saw lip-service turn to passion.

Anyway, that’s my take.

So I like the guy.

He’s unapologetically America-First, he dropped out to push Trump ahead and he’s campaigning with Trump and giving him his full endorsement….and the “Establishment” seems to hate him.

So I don’t see a lot to hate on.

And it’s really hard to hate a guy who gets called out for not being able to do 10 pushups….and then drops and gives the guy 30, plus a few burpies thrown in for good measure.

Come on, you gotta love this:

Backup video player here if needed:

Everyone can have their own opinion, but Vivek is growing on me big time!

Speaking of opinions, here was yours a few weeks ago!

Would You Support Vivek For VP? Here Are The Results!

After Vivek dropped out of the race earlier this week and then gave President Trump his full endorsement and even started campaigning with him, speculation grew that he could be Trump’s choice for VP.

So I asked everyone this question:

NATIONAL POLL: Would You Support Vivek For VP?

We also blasted it all over social media and many of you shared it too.

So we got a large sample size.

And I was fascinated to see how the results would come in.

I personally have warmed up to Vivek since he first entered the race.

Initially, I was very skeptical of two things:  (1) his somewhat shady Biotech history, including some startups that some people have criticized as potentially crossing the line of being fraudulent, and (2) is he just Obama 2.0?  Telling us all the things we want to hear but never honestly planning to follow through on them?

As to #1, I covered that early on in this article:

Exposing A Multi-BILLION Dollar Fraud — Ft. Vivek Ramaswamy?

And as to #2, I've covered that before too, read it here:

Vivek Ramaswamy…Just Obama 2.0?

But since then I've warmed up to him.

Not 100%, but warmer than I was.

I actually think Vivek himself has "red pilled" a bit during his campaign.

He always said the right thing, but I think he got to witness the fraud and the corruption first-hand while running for President and I think it woke him up....

I think it made him realize this wasn't just a high school debate performance, this is real life and the "bad people" are way worse than he ever imagined.

That's just my take, and I'm still Team Trump first and foremost, and after that I prefer Kari Lake, but I wrote this on Twitter the other day about Vivek:

I had my doubts about Vivek @VivekGRamaswamy and still have some if I'm being honest, but he was the ONLY  candidate to proudly declare he was "America First" and MAGA.

No one else will say that. And he swiftly and whole-heartedly endorsed @realDonaldTrump after ending his campaign. Those two things go a LONG way in my book.

Not to mention the 10 guiding principles of his campaign, all of which are excellent.

This is still a TRUMP HOUSE and always will be. Then it's Kari Lake after that.

But there is a lot to like about Vivek and we could sure do a lot worse than this man.

I think Vivek is here to stay and I'm proud to welcome anyone into the America-First MAGA family who wants to carry forward our standard!

That's just my take.

So that's my personal journey in how I've responded to Vivek.

But reading your comments each time I post about him, I'd say it seems like 9 out of 10 are negative....

People don't seem to trust him.

So I was expecting the Poll results would be close to a 90% "No".

Except...they weren't.

Very surprising but the results were very close to 50/50.

Take a look:

Here's a different way to ask the question....who do you feel BETTER about as VP?

I'd like Kari Lake for sure.

But I don't think she wants it, she's busy with her Senate campaign.

Compare Vivek who is proudly America-First to Mike Pence....

Who's better?

Compare him to Chris Christie, or Nikki Haley, or Ron DeSantis?

I'm taking Vivek over all of them, hands down!

I ran a similar Poll a few weeks ago with a slightly different twist:

RESULTS ARE IN: Would You Support a Trump/Vivek Ticket?

So....would you support a Trump / Vivek ticket if that's what it ended up being?

That's the question I posed a few days ago and I was VERY interested in seeing how that Poll ended up.

The results are now in and I have to say this surprised me a little bit.

I guess I don't know entirely what I was expecting, but I kind of thought it may lean towards "No".

It didn't.

No, in fact, a Trump / Vivek ticket gets 62% support.

Take a look:

Still, that's not a runaway endorsement like 90-95%, but it is the majority of people saying "Yes".

It could be that people will vote for Trump no matter what, and they'll take whoever is on VP along with him.

That's probably the most realistic, right?

I mean, even in 2016, we weren't THRILLED with Pence, but we went with it.

May be a similar effect going on here.

But it also may be a sign that Vivek is growing on people.

I find myself in that camp.

He's always said the right things, but early on I got a bad "Obama 2.0" vibe....a "he's telling us what our ears want to hear but I don't quite trust it" vibe....

But as the race has gone on, I have to say I've sensed more honesty and integrity emerging from Vivek -- almost like he's grown personally from this campaign.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

But I think seeing the corruption first-hand has brought out something new in Vivek and it's created more of a genuine fighter.

Vivek was always a fighter, but perhaps more theoretically to begin with, and I just have this sense that now he's actually genuinely living and feeling what he's preaching.

Anyway, that's just my take.

And the rest of my take is that Vivek is still not my #1 choice for VP.

My #1 choice remains Kari Lake.

I'd like to see Kari Lake serve 4 years as Trump's VP and then 8 years as President.

Following that, I could see it being Vivek's time.

In the meantime, I could see him being a strong Lieutenant in Trump's Administration -- assign him to dismantling the Administrative State and let him go to town!

But that's all just my opinion, I'd love to know what you think!

Drop a comment below!

Here was our original report explaining why we asked this question in the first place:

Would You Support a Trump/Vivek Ticket?

A couple days ago, President Trump had a very interesting post about Vivek after news broke that Vivek had paused all television spending in Iowa...

Trump wrote, “He will, I am sure, Endorse me. But Vivek is a good man, and is not done yet!

Here was his post:

The two have refrained from attacking each other during the campaign, with Vivek often going out of his way to support President Trump in many instances.

So it's naturally led many to speculate we may be seeing a VP candidate take shape here.

And one comment I read recently asked me to create a Poll asking if people would support a Trump/Vivek ticket:

Great idea!

I am very curious to see how that might turn out....

So let's do it!

If you would kindly add your vote below, I will bring you the results tomorrow:

NATIONAL POLL: Would You Support a Trump/Vivek Ticket?

Really curious to see how this ends up!

Oh and please share this if you don't mind so we can get the maximum survey size possible for best and most accurate results.


See you back here tomorrow for the results.

Add your vote here 👇

NATIONAL POLL: Would You Support a Trump/Vivek Ticket?


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