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BOMBSHELL: Bill Maher Shares Footage PROVING Stormy Contradicted Testimony

On his ‘Real Time’ show last Friday, Bill Maher he was saying how the cases against Trump seem to be fizzling out.

He then points out that if there was anything substantial in these cases, they could’ve been brought earlier.

Which is exactly what Trump said! This is a 2018 issue but nope, they conveniently pop up now, right in the middle of an election cycle.

Hmm, suspicious much?

I mean, who can’t see that?

He then mentions how Stormy Daniels is not a reliable witness and then rolls a clip from 2018 when Stormy was on his show.

In this clip that Maher shares, he asks her…

Maher: “Why did you f** Donald Trump?”

Daniels: “I have no idea. It is not a Me Too case. I wasn’t assaulted. I wasn’t raped. I wasn’t attacked or raped, or coerced or blackmailed. They tried to shove me in to the me too box”

Then Maher ends the clip and states, “That’s not what she’s saying now.”


Turns out, her courtroom story is a total 180 from what she told him back then.

Looks like the plot thickens, yet again, folks.

*Warning. Strong Language in clip*

RedState reports:

Bill Maher has brought a lot of sense to liberals.

One area that still is holding him up from achieving clarity though is his Trump Derangement Syndrome. On Friday during his “Real Time” show, he was bemoaning how the cases against former President Donald Trump appeared to be blowing up.

Now, he makes a great point, whether he realizes it or not. All of the cases could have been put on before — if there had been anything to any of them. But “the Democrats” were putting them on now. Gee, why would that be, apart from derailing Trump in the election? Also, the documents case isn’t failing because it’s a “Trumpy judge,” it’s failing because of the problems in the case from the prosecution.

The last one left was the Stormy Daniels matter. “If this one does work,” Maher said, before going on to admit himself that “she’s a bad witness.”

He then showed a video of when he had her on his show in 2018. He explains that what she said in the trial is quite at variance from what she told him in 2018. At that time, she said it was not a “Me Too” case, that she was not assaulted and not a victim which is contrary to what she is saying now at the Trump trial. They tried to shove me in the MeToo box to further their own agenda. And first of all, I didn’t want any part of that because it’s not the truth, and I’m not a victim in that regard.”

Now she’s using the MeToo buzzwords, Maher said.

Fox News adds:

“Real Time” host Bill Maher wasn’t particularly thrilled with the testimony of adult film actress Stormy Daniels this week in the New York trial against former President Trump.

During a panel discussion Friday night, Maher reiterated his frustrations with how the criminal charges against Trump have been stalled, noting the recent developments with the Georgia and classified documents cases.

“So it’s Stormy or bust,” Maher quipped.

He then got serious, declaring “She’s a bad witness!” He backed up his argument by playing clips of his own interview with Daniels in 2018 while discussing her alleged affair with Trump, something Trump has long denied.

“You say it’s not a Me Too case,” Maher said to her at the time.

“It’s not a Me Too case,” Daniels responded. “I wasn’t assaulted. I wasn’t attacked, or raped, or coerced or blackmailed…. They tried to shove me in the Me Too box to further their own agenda. And first of all, I didn’t want to be part of that because it’s not the truth and I’m not a victim in that regard.”

Maher reacted to the clip, “That’s not what she’s saying now.”

“She’s talking about ‘he was bigger and blocking the way.’ It’s all the Me Too buzzwords. She said, ‘There was an imbalance of power for sure.’ ‘My hands were shaking so hard.’ She said she blacked out. Blacked out? She’s a porn star!… Do you really think she blacked out? A porn star is used to having sex with people she doesn’t [like]… I just think she’s not a good witness.”

Also, whoever is the court sketch artist certainly isn’t a big fan of Stormy.


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