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Wal-Mart Announces First Store Closings Of The Year

Retail giant Wal-Mart has announced its first store closings for 2024.

Two stores in San Diego, California will be the first to go, with more sure to come as the year continues.

The closures come amid a turbulent macroeconomic outlook for big box retailers and are not due to any single reason, but, rather, a basket case of issues.

High crime, underperformance, and the loss of market share to online retailers have all contributed to the recent store closures.

Instead of continuing to operate these physical locations, the retail giant will choose to focus on the growing e-commerce industry and leverage their online presence.

This begs the question: how can any big box or brick-and-mortar retailers compete with online companies? The cost of maintaining a physical store with an army of employees for each geographical location is immense.

This has been a growing problem for the last 15 years or so, but when Wal-Mart can’t compete it shows that there is a structural problem.

As more businesses and organizations choose to go digital, how will this affect things like commercial real estate?

Everything is connected and this is just one more sign that we are headed toward extremely troubling economic developments. Here’s more on the story:

The Sun provided the addresses for the two store closures:

The location at 2121 Imperial Ave. in San Diego and at 605 Fletcher Parkway in El Cajon will both shut down on February 9. Everything is 25% off at the store in El Cajon.

NBC 7 San Diego reports: “People in the Logan Heights neighborhood of San Diego are losing a grocery option. Walmart announced it’s closing two of its locations in February, one in El Cajon and the other in Logan Heights.”

Last year, CNN revealed:

Walmart announced Tuesday that next week it will close four poor-performing stores out of the eight it operates in Chicago.

Three of the locations are located in Chicago’s South and West Side neighborhoods, which are predominantly minority and have long struggled with grocery and retail access.

Maybe it’s time to Make The Switch?

Where Do You Shop If You Leave Target and Walmart? HERE! 👇

The boycotts of woke corporations are working – even CNN is now acknowledging their power.

And actually, it’s not just Boycotts but BUYcotts that are having a real impact.

A Boycott means not shopping somewhere due to principles to make a statement.

But a BUYcott is really powerful.

A Buycott means you actually move your shopping somewhere else.

A Boycott is kind of like a strike at work.

Eventually most workers on strike just go right back to work at the same place.

But a Buycott means you move away and never return.

Now you can see why it’s so powerful!

And why even the top level execs in these big companies are starting to admit that we are winning.

And they’re getting scared.

Check out this clip from CNN below…

Of course, most of what CNN says here is nonsensical gaslighting about “inclusion” and how bad the right wing is.

Their typical drivel.

But some truth comes out in this segment — watch (transcript of highlights below):

From the video:

Christine Romans:  . . . I think it caught the C-Suites by surprise, this right wing culture warrior movement. Inclusion has always been good business for these companies. Their employees want it, their customers want it. It’s always been, uh, a good business. And on earnings calls for years, you’ve heard these CEOs and CFOs talk about inclusion, uh, diversity and equity and inclusion, and all of a sudden they’re a little bit quieter about that because they’re seeing these instances where their brand has been pillared for being inclusive. And so they’re trying to figure out how to tread this water.

Ron Brownstein: You know, these boycotts have to be seen, I think, as part of a broader movement. I mean, the Red States in many ways are building a nation within a nation on all sorts of issues . . . these companies, much as they wanna stay out of it, ultimately have to decide are they going to embrace the changing America, or they’re going to embrace this effort to, in effect, make America great again by going back to older rules and older values.

Christine Romans:  . . . How you respond by not giving in to the right wing attack mob, but acknowledging, you know, your position. I think that’s for C-Suites, that’s what they’ve gotta figure out. The rapid response for the communications teams has gotta be better. You could lose either way . . .

Ron Brownstein: The pressure is working on the C-suites — they’re pulling back.

The boycotts and buycotts ARE working!

So…that begs the question: if you stop shopping at Target, where should you go?

Down the street to another big box store probably owned by the same big investors and selling the same products owned by Blackrock, Vanguard and StateStreet?


But as usual, I’m here with solutions.

And it all ties into my new mission I started back in February.

Kind of perfect timing, huh?

The company I partnered with back in February already has many products that can replace the brands sold by woke corporations — and this company isn’t woke.

This company is:

— a family-owned manufacturer

— provides non-toxic products for every area of your home

— supports American jobs and families

— is committed to making their products in the USA

Not only that, but they’ve been doing it for over 35 years!

In fact, reports are that their founder was once on Barack Obama’s “Most Dangerous Conservatives” list.

So….why haven’t you heard of them?

Because they do ZERO mainstream advertising.

And it’s an Invite-Only club.

They stay off the radar — and find new customers through personal invitations only.

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Instead of sending your money to woke corporations, you can shop at a pro-America, freedom-loving, American designer, manufacturer and shipper of all the stuff you buy each month!

Oh, and people say the products are BETTER and often CHEAPER!

Here’s what their customers say:

“We love the store and shop there monthly for all our household needs! We especially love their nutritional products. My wife and I are in our 50’s and have never felt healthier and full of energy! – Eddie

“So far there are only a few items out of over 400 I can’t use. This is a miracle. Customer Service is outstanding. Like the way things used to be in America. I look forward to shopping & can’t even wait the full month.” – Missy

“I’m highly allergic to synthetic fragrance so buying “clean” products has always been nerve racking for me because you just never know how honest a company is with their ingredients. I can attest that this company is exactly who they say they are! About as clean and honest as it gets!” – Megg

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Who’s with me?

Watch this:

Backup here if that doesn’t play:

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In fact, I’ve assembled a team of patriots who will personally get you invited and signed up….if you want in.

Folks, we don’t have many strongholds left.

This is one.

And I’m all in.

If you’d like to find out more and get a FREE personal invite, just go here:


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