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Did Alex Soros Just Threaten Trump With Assassination? Here’s Why People Are Freaking Out

If you’ve seen posts about George Soros’ son, Alex Soros, circulating today and are a bit confused, let me break it all down for you.

It all started with this post from Alex Soros last night to Twitter:

At first glance, perhaps you don’t notice anything…

Innocent enough!


Boring even….something about Economics and Crime?

But pretty quickly a lot of people began noticing some very strange things.

Like this:

Ok so you have a bullet hole through a window along with some money, but not just any money, exactly $47 dollars.

Trump is commonly known as #45 and soon to be #47 — the numbers of his Presidencies.

General Flynn called it out earlier this morning:

Ok, but is that a bit of a stretch?


But now let’s go deeper….

From my friend MJTruth:

Very interesting…

Soros posted his assassination message at 7:55pm

General Flynn responded to Soros’ message at 7:55am

7+5+5= 17

Other Findings:
Bullet hole + $47…

Bills Upward
$10, $5, $1, $1 = $17

Bills Upside Down
$20, $10 = $30

The $1 Bills say Silver Certificate.

Before JFK was assassinated, he issued Executive Order 11110.

Executive Order 11110 was an effort by Kennedy to transfer power from the Federal Reserve to the United States Department of the Treasury by replacing Federal Reserve Notes with silver certificates.

Sounds a little familiar, don’t it? It should… didn’t Donald Trump roll the Fed into the Treasury in 2020?

Do you find anything else?

Ok, that’s quite a lot.

Any chance all of that is just a weird coincidence?

But there’s more….

Laura Loomer caught these details:

It gets even more obvious that the image published by
is a call for the assassination of President Trump.

The $10 and $20 bills on the bottom have a 4 and a 5 on them. As in 45!

45th President of the United States.

$47 = 47th President

Donald J Trump.

Ok, so now you have the 45 and the 47 clearly established.

Just a weird coincidence?

That would be pretty crazy I would have to say….

Twitter’s Community Notes issued this Note trying to explain why it was NOT a cryptic encoded message:

Sorry Community Notes but I have to disagree with you….

Just because the image dates back to the 1950s doesn’t disprove anything.

That specific image could have been carefully searched out and used for this purpose.

I rate this “Community Note” as Not Helpful.

Laura Loomer also wrote this:


Additionally, further exposing how
just sent out a cryptic assassination hit on President Trump, John F Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

The $10 bill in the photograph next to the bullet says “WILL PAY TO THE BEARER ON DEMAND”. That writing on the bill was replaced with “IN GOD WE TRUST” in 1963.

Alex Soros and
specifically used this old $10 bill to highlight the JFK assassination.

In fact, all of the paper currency in this photo is associated with political assassination.

*Abraham Lincoln was Assassinated

*Alexander Hamilton pistol duel with Aaron Burr

*Andrew Jackson was the first President to have an assassination attempt against him in 1835.

*The 2 one dollar bills are silver certificates. The silver is referring to Kennedy being on a silver coin as well as the silver bullet.

The Bills Show As Followed:
The 4th bill is a TEN upside down that spells “NET”.

So the offer is $100,250,111 NET.

should be arrested immediately and
needs to be investigated for publishing this.







Other posts have made the connection to Kennedy and the US Dollar Gold Standard.

They believe this post from Soros was a threat to President Trump that he should not attempt to end the Federal Reserve:

Why did Alex Soros share this article including a “Silver Certificate” bill?

5 mos before his assassination, Pres JFK issued EO 1110, making it so the US gov’t could issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve.
People could trade in silver, coins etc and be issued Silver Certificates.

Silver Certificates threatened the need for the Fed’s central bank notes.

So besides the blatant “bullet hole+47” comms his article photos appear to contain… it’s also been widely speculated that Kennedy was assassinated bc of EO 1110.

Was this done as a WARNING to Trump if he decides to eliminate US debt by taking away the Fed’s control over creating money?

We have to end with this….

From Davos last week, here is Alexander Soros throwing a temper tantrum about President Trump:

You gotta love it!

Full video player here:


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