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Memo To The Legacy Media: We Are CHRISTIANS, Not “Evangelicals”

Every election cycle something very strange happens…

Suddenly a new word pops up again in the Legacy Media.

A word not used in the other 3 non-election cycle years….

A word never used in real life by any Christians that I know, certainly a word Christians do not use to describe themselves.

That word is “Evangelical”.


I’ve been ranting about it for a little bit on Twitter but I thought I would bring the rant over here and publish a full article about it:

It’s real simple….we are CHRISTIANS, not “Evangelicals”.

“Evangelicals” is a word the Legacy Media invented decades ago because they didn’t want to keep saying the word “Christian” when describing, well….Christians!

So they created a substitute.

A substitute word that is used by no one, anywhere, except by the MSM when describing political voting blocks of people.

So I’m here to call for an end to this nonsense!

MEMO TO THE MSM: use the right word, call us what we are — CHRISTIANS!

I’ve been around a lot of churches, known a lot of pastors, known a lot of Christians, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that never in my life have I ever heard any Christian identify themselves as an “Evangelical”.

Oh sure, “Evangelical” is a word and a concept in the Bible — absolutely!

The word for “evangelical” in Greek is “ευαγγελικός” (pronounced as ev-ahn-ge-lee-KOS). This word is derived from the Greek “εὐαγγέλιον” (euangelion), meaning “good news” or “gospel.”

It’s just that it’s not used to refer to a voting block of people in the 21st century….it’s a word that means Good News, or Gospel!

Remember when Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama all referred to us as “Easter Worshippers”?

Just as we are not “Easter Worshippers” we are also not “Evangelicals”.

DC_Draino gets it — as usual.

This is spot on:

The reason they call us Easter Worshippers and Evangelicals is because they will do ANYTHING to avoid saying “Christ” or “CHRISTians”.

Now does it all make sense?

So please share this message…

Let’s do a little “euangelion” of our own, shall we?

Please share this GOOD NEWS and let the world know we are not Easter Worshippers, and we are also not “Evangelicals”….we are CHRISTians!

Thank you.

Noah out.


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