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Joe Biden Accused Of Pressuring Media Outlets To ‘Blackball’ Major Primary Challenger

Joe Biden seems like the obvious candidate for the 2024 election.

However, not every Democrat is happy with the 81-year-old in office.

Representative Dean Phillips out of Minnesota has been campaigning to overtake Joe Biden as the 2024 Democrat candidate.

Dean Phillip claims that media outlets have blackballed him due to Biden pressuring them to deplatform him.

Fox News has more on the story:


One of President Biden’s challengers for the Democratic primary, Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., accused the president of pressuring media outlets “to not platform me,” according to a recent interview.

“I’m appalled,” Phillips told Politico. “I’m disappointed. I’m disgusted that professionals who ostensibly have committed their entire careers to sharing truth and to providing facts and to sharing information with American voters … are fundamentally avoiding their responsibilities.”

Politico reported that Phillips, who watched “fancy guests come and go” in MSNBC’s studio in Washington, DC, “shouldn’t count on being ushered inside for hot cocoa anytime soon.”

“I do know of specific cases where representatives of the Biden campaign have been very clear to others about trying to not attend events of mine, to not support me, and to not platform me,” Phillips said, though he reportedly refused to “name names.”

“It is almost antithetical to democratic principles, which include debate, deliberation and ultimately compromise,” Phillips added, complaining that there is a concerted effort in the media to change him from a “a person of principle and competency to a kook.”

Despite the claims, Dean Phillip seems optimistic on social media:

However, many more are poking fun at the primary challenger:

Politico shares more on the story:

Phillips is on the phone from icy New Hampshire, where he’s currently running 60 or so points behind President Joe Biden in Democratic primary polls. But he may as well be calling from the sidewalk outside MSNBC’s Capitol Hill studio, watching the fancy guests come and go, hoping in vain for Chris Hayes or Joy Reid or Jen Psaki to bring him in from the cold.

Phillips shouldn’t count on being ushered inside for hot cocoa anytime soon.

Since declaring his candidacy on Oct. 27, Phillips says, he hasn’t been interviewed once on the favorite network of his fellow Democrats. Ditto big Sunday shows. He’s been on CNN a handful of times, but never given the town-hall treatment afforded fellow single-digit candidates like Vivek Ramaswamy and Chris Christie, both of whom happen to have challenged Donald Trump rather than Biden.

The only broadcast outlets that seem to want him, Phillips tells me, are the ones that deploy him as a way of tweaking the Democrats.

“Right media has been more than invitational,” Phillips says. By contrast, “I don’t think there’s an MSNBC viewer that even knows that I’m a congressman, because what’s being portrayed is designed to prevent that education.”

It would not surprise me if Democrats are actively suppressing someone they deem as a threat to the 2024 election.

Democrats have dug their grave with Joe Biden, and they intend to die in it.

They are hopelessly confident that Biden will win them the presidency in 2024 and giving any fuel to opposition, even in their party, can destroy Biden’s chances of victory.


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