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WATCH: Federal Prosecutor Hints At Sweeping Change In J6 Prosecutions, THOUSANDS Of Arrests Coming?

This is legitimately insane. Are we still living in America or are we now living in the United States of the People’s Soviet Republic?

Following yet another round of unhinged remarks by Biden criminalizing at least half the American population and painting us as domestic terrorists, U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves made his own unhinged remarks.

The federal prosecutor hinted at sweeping changes to the Department of Justice’s targeting of the mostly peaceful protestors at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

According to Graves, the DOJ may now target anyone who stood outside the Capitol on January 6, not just the people who went inside the Capitol Building.

You have to be kidding me with this. It isn’t bad enough that we have slid into the territory of being a banana republic by arresting mostly peaceful protestors in the first place.

Now they want to criminalize people who did not even ‘trespass’ on the property that they, themselves, pay for through their stolen tax dollars.

The federal government, especially Democrats and neocons, loves to lecture the world about ‘democracy.’ Those days are now officially over. Take note prosecutor Graves: the world is watching. Here’s what he recently told the media:

CNN explained that the prosecutor is still ‘primarily‘ focused on those who entered the building and revealed:

Thousands of images are still plastered on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” site for individuals accused of participating in the attack.

And more than 80 people are still wanted for acts of violence at the Capitol.

Underscoring the ongoing nature of the search for some January 6 defendants, the FBI on Saturday arrested three people in Florida charged in connection to the attack who had fled from law enforcement and were considered fugitives.

Journalist Julie Kelly shared her thoughts about the insane speech Biden recently gave regarding the January 6th protests. She writes:

“Part of me is gratified by this maniacal speech. Why? Because it proves we are prevailing over the J6 narrative.

Biden, Matthew Graves, Merrick Garland, celeb J6 cops–their stunts over the past few days show they are LOSING control over Jan 6–a fedsurrection they thought for sure would not just take out Trump but the entire MAGA movement.

They thought it would end the GOP and result in mass defections to the Democratic Party. They thought it would end questions about the 2020 election.

They didn’t think anyone would ever question what happened, how it happened, or expose the lies it was built upon. They thought their dirty secrets would be hidden forever.

But it’s all collapsing right when they need the narrative to hold most. Jack Smith’s J6 prosecution of Trump is teetering. SCOTUS could overturn the most common felony count.

Polls show more people now vs 2021 think the 2020 election was illegitimate. They don’t blame Trump (aside from nearly 100 percent of Democrats) for January 6.

The public, according to WashPo poll, is split as to whether Jan 6 was mostly peaceful or violent. And suspicion about the animating role of the FBI and other government agencies continues to grow.

That’s why Biden is ranting and raving and cheering the imprisonment of political dissidents and denouncing truth seekers and pretending he’s George Washington at Valley Forge. THEY F*CKING LOST JANUARY 6. It was never supposed to happen.”

According to The Hill, Graves also claimed:

“One hundred and forty officers guarding the Capitol that day reported physical injury.

But we know from talking to the hundreds of officers guarding the Capitol that day that this 140 number undercounts the number of officers who were physically injured, let alone those who have suffered trauma as a result of the day’s events.”


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