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President Trump On Track To Capture More Of Key Demographic Than ANY Republican In HISTORY!

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

One can only ‘keep people on the reservation’ for so long before the ideologically imprisoned fight to be free of their chains.

Leftists like to raise a big stink about Western imperialism and they’re right—we shouldn’t be bombing other countries or acting as a global military empire.

That being said, they, themselves, are colonizers. They are mental and ideological colonizers vying for the unfettered claim to the hearts and minds of every minority everywhere.

To the leftist, the mind of the black and Hispanic voter is firmly and unapologetically their territory, complete with a well-planted, brightly-colored flag.

Try and rescue minority voters from the Democrat Party or the left-wing and you will encounter resistance akin to the British Empire attempting to hang on to India in the 20th century.

Of course, just like most colonial projects, this too has an expiration date, and it looks like that date is either fast approaching or already here.

According to numerous mainstream media sources and polls, President Trump is on track to capture more of the black voting demographic than any other Republican President in history.

At the same time, Joe Biden and the Democrats are losing more and more of the black and Hispanic vote.

Filmmaker Eric Abbenante explained: “Karine Jean-Pierre asked about startling USA Today poll numbers compared to 2020: Biden received 87% of black votes in 2020, now he’s polling at 63%. Biden won Hispanic voters by 33 points. Now Trump is leading by 5 points. This can largely be explained by the inflation the WH is pretending does not exist.”

USA Today noted:

A survey from GenFoward released Tuesday found that if the presidential election were held today, 17% of Black voters said they would cast their ballot for former President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, 20% of Black voters polled said they would vote for someone else other than Trump or Biden, and 63% of the voters said they would support Biden.

The Recall Katie Hobbs account provided more perspective:

“Trump is now at 23% of the black vote, almost triple the 8% he won in 2020! DNC hasn’t changed since their slavery days and the DNC’s Jim Crow and the DNC’s Black Wall Street burning down of black businesses.

Now the DNC is creating an army of millions of ghost voters-bloated voter rolls and universal unsolicited ballots-with the express purpose to DILUTE DISENFRANCHISE black voters!

Joe Biden gave away how Democrats look at black Americans as pawns not as people: ‘If you don’t know if you want to vote for me or Trump, you ain’t black!’ Joe Biden”

Cuban-American Hamlet Garcia pointed out: “Black support for Trump jumped from 8% in 2020 to 23% in 2023 Not even a gangster on a rocketeer case, has been indicted of so many Bogus charges.

Black voters are beginning to wonder: why so much effort to destroy this man, who during his 4 years in office, appeased the North Korean beast?

Peace through Strength, World Peace RESTORED, funding for black colleges, by permanently providing more than $250 million a year, the unemployment rate for blacks, was lowest, the 5%. signed into law, a criminal justice and sentencing reform bill, True Justice for minority prisoners, and made America energy-independent.”

Newsweek likewise explained:

According to national and swing state polls reviewed by Bloomberg, the former president and GOP front runner has between 14 percent and 30 percent of the Black vote share as the country heads into an election year.

This is far beyond the 8 percent of the Black vote the Pew Research Center said the Republican won in the 2020 presidential election and more than any Republican candidate before him.


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