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Service Members VOW To Hold Military Brass Accountable For Vaxx Mandates—Read Their Letter Here

Wow, this letter is strongly worded, to say the least. We have not yet begun to see retribution for the Covid-19 mandates, but it’s coming.

Over 200 service members have signed an open letter vowing retribution and accountability on the military leadership that allowed for such a sweeping, unconstitutional mandate to be imposed upon our men and women in uniform.

The letter promises court-martials and more for those who broke the law; it also indicates that the signatories of the letter will be seeking elected office to carry out their plans.

It’s no secret that the U.S. military is currently having trouble recruiting. They are so desperate that they have begun to offer 2-year contracts and incredible terms to those who enlist.

If I didn’t hate the government so much would enlist on a 2-year contract—that’s how attractive the new terms are. Of course, I am anti-state, so I can’t.

Despite the dazzling terms offered, we have not yet seen an uptick in enlistment and the Department of Defense is still falling short of its goals. Perhaps this will change once more data comes in, but I doubt it.

Take a look at this striking letter from our men and women in uniform warning the military brass of what is to come:


The Epoch Times spoke with one of the letter’s signatories Commander Robert A. Green, Jr:

“Where our situation departs from the signers of the Declaration of Independence is that we do not seek separation,” Cmdr. Green said.

“We do not want to be separated from the Constitution nor from what was handed down to us at so great a cost. Instead of separation, we want restoration through accountability.”

As a result, he said, the letter may be more appropriately called a “Declaration of Military Accountability.”

The Resolute Veteran asked: “I’m not sure how this will turn out! What do you all think will happen with this?”

Reed Uberman pointed out: “The military forced more than 8,400 patriots out of the service for refusing to obey the vaccine mandate and it made room for this kind of madness. This person is not a monster but he is mentally disturbed.”

Newsmax added:

The House Oversight Committee’s Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic held a hearing in July that found COVID-19 vaccine mandates reduced military readiness and potentially harmed America’s national security “by forcing the healthiest among us to receive the vaccine or face involuntary separation from military service.”


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