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President Trump Issues Dire Warning…

President Trump has issued a dire warning about the state of the economy heading into 2024.

This news bodes ill for everyone, but especially those who are looking to retire next year and are reliant on a stock/bond portfolio made up of index or mutual funds.

The former President warns that if Biden wins in 2024 then a stock crash similar to the great crash of 1929 is coming.

President Trump also claimed that the only gains we are seeing now in the stock market are due to the expectation that he will be the 47th President of the United States.

Indeed, many people, including myself, believe that it is almost an inevitability that Trump will secure the Oval Office in 2024—if Democrats don’t cheat.

It’s no secret that ‘Bidenomics’ has utterly failed the American people. President Trump issued this warning on Friday:

Peter St Onge informed readers: “Inflation’s back, with central banks worldwide planning 152 rate cuts in 2024 to push the economy back into a tissue fire just in time for elections. In normal times, worldwide rate cuts means worldwide recession.

But doing it in the hottest inflation in a generation suggests either desperation. Or a level of economic irresponsibility that even the 1970’s didn’t touch.”

Business Insider shared another warning from banking giant Morgan Stanley cautioning Americans about the threat of a looming recession:

“The biggest surprise of 2024 may be that the elusive hard landing finally arrives after all — just after most investors concluded that ‘this time was different indeed,'” the bank said.

“It took most of the year for the consensus to fully embrace the soft landing narrative — a consistent feature of our base case since 2022.

But it won’t take that long for investors to kick themselves for having been fooled again.”

Business Insider shared this headline: “The Fed will lower interest rates under 3% as a mild recession leads to a ‘soggy 2024,’ UBS chief economist says.”

Wall Street Silver inquired about the national debt and posed these questions:

“Will we break $34 trillion before 2024? What do you think the amount of the national debt will be at 12 months from now on December 31, 2024? My guess is above $37 trillion … maybe even higher if there is a recession and they start the stimmy checks and other recession benefits.”

Breitbart shared the results of this economic poll:

Only 29 percent said Biden’s economy was in “good” shape.

Seventy-one percent it was in “poor” condition.
Just three percent said it was in “very good” condition.

Thirty-eight percent said it was in “very poor” condition, a 35 point spread.


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