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President Trump Issues Ominous Warning…

Today a dear friend of mine asked me where I thought all this Colorado ballot nonsense was heading; he asked me what the implications were for 2024.

I told him directly and honestly that it will likely be appealed at the SCOTUS level, but that if it is not then we are likely heading for a civil war of some kind.

It isn’t very hard to imagine this, and I have even seen sober, conservative journalists openly discuss the idea that we need to be ready for regional secession from Washington DC.

These are not radicals like yours truly, mind you, these are people you have likely heard of who are far more moderate than me.

Now, President Trump has issued an ominous warning suggesting the very real possibility of a civil war if the state continues its assault on Democracy by removing him from the ballot.

I hope Democrats are reading this, and I hope they are proud of themselves. Whatever happens, know that they are fully and wholly responsible for whatever they may bring upon themselves now.

They let their rampant mental illnesses and their Trump derangement syndrome take full hold of their critical faculties and there will be a steep price to pay. Here’s what everyone is saying:

According to The Epoch Times:

On Dec. 19, the Trump campaign and the former president’s legal spokesperson said they would appeal the ruling at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Should the high court appeal be filed by Jan. 4, President Trump would stay on the Colorado primary ballot.

Otherwise, the ballots without President Trump’s name will be finalized on Jan. 5, 2024.

The Vigilant Fox presented this video of Tucker Carlson responding to the recent decision from Colorado’s Supreme Court and a complete transcript of his remarks.

“Whatever else January 6 was, and in some ways, we still don’t know exactly what it was, it was not a Trump-led insurrection. The crowd had no guns.

They had no plan to overthrow the government. Nothing like that has ever emerged. And above all, Trump was not leading it. He was miles away at the White House at the time, where he issued a public statement calling for calm and nonviolence.

“So why were the people on television telling us that Trump led an insurrection? This was, of course, a lie, but it was also a very obvious lie.

So, clearly, we were watching the rollout of a talking point, words crafted for a specific purpose. But what was the purpose?

“We got an answer to that question yesterday when the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that because he led an insurrection, Donald Trump’s name cannot appear on the state’s ballot next fall.

The four liberal judges who concluded this cited as their justification Article three of the 14th Amendment, which was written in 1868 to keep former Confederate officials from holding office.

That was the sum total of their reasoning, despite the fact Donald Trump has never been convicted by any court of insurrection. And although the 14th Amendment specifically does not apply to the presidency, Donald Trump cannot run for president because he’s an ‘insurrectionist.’

“This seemed like lunacy because it was lunacy. 3000 miles away in El Salvador, there was no question about what was happening. The United States has lost its ability to lecture any other country about, quote, ‘democracy,’ wrote Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele. And yet, in this country, no one on the left dared say that.

“Instead, Donald Trump’s enemies celebrated. The Atlantic magazine expressed gratitude that unelected judges had, quote, ‘rescued the country from the desires of voters’ because, actually, that’s democracy.

“And then there was Jena Griswold. That’s the Colorado secretary of state. You may not have seen her before, but you will instantly recognize the category she represents: unhappy 39-year-old liberal women with Ivy League degrees and a deep streak of authoritarian impulses.

Here’s Griswold on MSNBC last night, explaining that a conventional legal process is no longer necessary for the left to get its way.

No more trials or evidence or jury verdicts. An accusation made on television is now enough to remove a frontrunner from the presidential race. If Nancy Pelosi and Joe Scarborough call you bad, Americans are not allowed to vote for you. Watch.” The video cut to Jena Griswold, who issued this statement:

“Look. I believe he incited the insurrection. There were big questions around section three of the 14th Amendment, and the Colorado Supreme Court has weighed in in a very loud way, making themselves clear.

Frankly, we’ve never had a president try to steal the presidency and engage in insurrection ever before. So, Trump’s actions are unprecedented. The Colorado Supreme Court confirmed that the district court got it right, that he did engage in insurrection.

I think section three of the 14th Amendment has to apply to the presidency because if not, it’s a get-out-of-jail-free card. And in a country of laws where no man is above another, we can’t have one office be able to do whatever they want when it comes to rebellion and then be able to be seated in office again.”

“None of this seems very American,” countered Tucker Carlson. “All of it looks like the actual end of democracy.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz likewise concurred: “This is insane. Activist judges at the Colorado Supreme Court cited in their majority opinion that President Trump’s idea to deploy our military against the nationwide riots in 2020 is proof of an insurrection.

The Radical Left burned down cities and killed civilians in the name of George Floyd. President Trump was keeping America safe. This is ELECTION INTERFERENCE!”

Fox News reports that Robert Kennedy Jr. also spoke out against the Colorado ruling and issued his own warning:

“If Trump is kept out of office through judicial fiat rather than being defeated in a fair election, his supporters will never accept the result.

This country will become ungovernable.”


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