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WATCH: Fight Fire With Fire? One Texas Official Suggests Giving Biden The Colorado Treatment

Two can play the 14th Amendment ballot game, it doesn’t just have to be Democrats.

By now, you have heard of the insane decision by Colorado’s Supreme Court to remove President Trump from the ballot, this is unprecedented election interference in modern times.

WLTR also reported that six more states are now deciding whether or not to remove the 45th President from the 2024 ballot following the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision.

Hopefully, the insane decision will be overturned on appeal and the people of Colorado will be allowed to take part in a Democratic election.

However, one can not simply rely on hope and at least some conservatives are suggesting that MAGA patriots fight fire with fire.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick recently told Fox News that maybe we should hold Biden accountable for the ongoing border crisis and prevent him from being on the ballot in 2024 due to complete incompetence.

It’s not such a bad idea! Here are the Lt. Governor’s full remarks on Fox News:

“Conservative officials must respond to the assault on Democracy in Colorado by removing Biden from the ballot for leading and engineering the insurrection on the border — a crime against the Constitution of such magnitude it defies comparison,” Senior Advisor to President Trump, Stephen Miller said.

The Hill detailed the vote and opinion of Colorado’s Supreme Court:

The 4-3 ruling cited the 14th Amendment’s “insurrection clause” and argued Trump was involved in an insurrection by prompting false claims of election fraud and directing his supporters to go toward the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The four majority justices ruled the office of the presidency falls under the insurrection clause.

Emerald Robinson asked: “Democrats don’t mind removing Trump from the ballot because what are you going to do about it? Vote the Biden regime out of office? Even though the Biden regime was not voted into office?”

Wade Miller was more serious in his assertion and provided a similar remedy: “If we are to accept the premise of the Colorado decision removing Trump from the ballot…

1. A committee or sub-committee of the United States Congress should issue a report finding that President Biden, by refusing to faithfully execute the laws of the United States, by allowing an open borders invasion, and any Democrat who has voted against bills to secure the United States border, is guilty of insurrection.

2. On this basis, red states, who have complimentary judicial powers, state constitutional powers, executive powers, or legislative powers, should act to ban President Biden, and all relevant Democrats, from their state ballots.

If the left wants to trample on the Constitution, democracy, and elections, they should be given a 10x dose of their agenda.”

A silver lining was provided by Just The News:

The ruling prompted widespread outrage from Republicans and calls for intervention by the Supreme Court, with many expressing optimism that the top bench would overrule the Colorado court.


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