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UFO Researcher Dr. Jacques Vallee: “This Is 100% Genuine Footage,” Watch It Here

Have you ever seen the 1977 science fiction film Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

The film, long considered one of the best sci-fi classics, featured a French researcher as one of the supporting characters; This French researcher was based on Dr. Jacques Valée.

Valée is a legendary researcher in the field of UFOs, with a career that spans multiple decades, and a very sobering perspective on the whole topic.

Anyone familiar with Valée or his work knows that he doesn’t make fantastical claims or pose baseless stories. He engages in real science.

If you ask Valée what UFOs are after all this time researching them he will tell you that he honestly does not yet know, but they are real.

The doctor, a computer scientist by trade, also conducts sample analysis in the field of metallurgy and even claims to have small fragments of an artificial, extraterrestrial object in his possession.

Everyone from private aerospace companies to sovereign governments has contacted Valée over the years for his input and consultation regarding the UFO topic and other scientific endeavors.

Between 2007 and 2009 Turkey experienced a UFO flap, an unusually high concentration of UFO sightings during a period of time, and one of these objects was captured on video in detail.

So much detail was captured that the video reportedly shows two occupants in the mysterious object floating in the video.

Debate has raged on both sides for years now on whether or not these videos are authentic, but Dr. Valée has gone on record claiming that these videos represent “100% genuine footage.” Take a look at the videos below:

The Debrief provided this lengthy biographical piece on Dr. Valée:

Despite his success as a venture capitalist and “co-creator of the Internet”, most of the attendees at the 2013 TEDx event in Geneva were likely aware of what Vallée is best known for: his decades of involvement with the study of unidentified aerial phenomena.

As a young computer scientist and astronomer in the 1960s, Vallee not only worked alongside Northwestern University astronomer J. Allen Hynek, the official scientific advisor to the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book but also authored Anatomy of a Phenomenon, one of the earliest popular books written on the UFO subject by a professional scientist.

Though he never uttered any of the popular names or abbreviations for the phenomenon, it was obvious what Vallee had been alluding to during this brief, passing reference to “oval objects” during his talk.

One user explained the background context for the spectacular, alleged UFO sighting:

“A series of UFO incidents occurred between 2007 and 2009 in the town of Kumburgaz, situated near Istanbul, Turkey.

The events stunned the media and UFO enthusiasts after the images and videos of the sightings went viral on the Internet.

The video evidence of UFOs shared by a nightwatchman named Yalcin Yalman could be another strong evidence of non-human technology.

Back in 2008, Yalcin Yalman worked as a night watchman at the Yenikent facility from where he shot all these amazing videos of UFOs, hovering over the Marmara Sea near Kumburgaz.

He even showed his second-hand camera to the media in a press conference held at the Dedeman Hotel in Istanbul.”

WIRED listed more of Dr.Valée’s accolades:

Vallée, who is 82 now, has celestite eyes, a strong nose, and a head of sterling hair that seems to riff on tinfoil hats.

Beneath the rare hair is a rarer mind.

His recollections from a six-decade career as a scientist and technologist include helping NASA map Mars; creating the first electronic database for heart-transplant patients; working on Arpanet, the internet’s ancestor; developing networking software that was adopted by the British Library, the US National Security Agency, and 72 nuclear power plants around the world; and guiding more than $100 million in high-tech investment as a venture capitalist.


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