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WATCH: Rep. Clay Higgins Drops MAJOR BOMBSHELL on FBI Involvement in Jan. 6

Rep. Clay Higgins just dropped a major bombshell about FBI involvement in January 6th!

Appearing on the latest episode of Truth Media Lara Logan’s investigative series into what really happened that day, Higgins gave some groundbreaking information about suspicious white buses that dropped off FBI operatives at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

During the interview, Higgins claimed that he is “confident that everybody on those buses were FBI assets” and that “we’ve identified one of the buses” and confirmed “senior officials deeply involved.”

Watch here:

Here’s a transcript from the part of the interview where Higgins talks about proof of FBI involvement in January 6th:

Rep. Higgins:  These two busses in the middle here, they were the first to arrive at Union Station on January 6, at 5:00 AM.  I have all this evidence. I’m showing you the tip of the iceberg.

Lara Logan:  Your point really was that there were unmarked vehicles full of individuals that have not been explained. Is that right?

Rep. Higgins: A ghost vehicle in law enforcement is not an uncommon reference. It’s a vehicle that’s been purposefully concealed, whereby it’s not easy to identify. So no license plate has been painted over from its original color. In this case, these two busses were totally painted white, like a cheap, fast overspray over all of the markings.

So when you have two charter busses show up, the very first busses to show up in Union Station on January 6 around 05:00 a.m. – Initial witness, another charter bus owner arrived at 5:20. He thought he would be the first to arrive because he knew the schedule of all the other charter busses, and he knew that most of the busses would begin arriving around 6. So this charter bus operator was a very experienced man, very squared away, when he arrived with his couple of busses. These two white busses were, to his surprise, already there. And he immediately noticed that these busses were odd because they were totally painted over. It was a bad paint job. There was no markings, no phone numbers, no company name, totally outside the parameters of the way charter busses are required to operate and by law.

So he said, these busses are weird and no one was getting out. So something else that happens within that charter bus driver community is the drivers know each other, and the passengers may stay on a bus if they’re, especially in a parking lot, they’re not ready to disembark yet. Sure, the passengers might stay on a bus, but the bus drivers get off and they talk to each other. They talk to the other bus drivers.

So there are things that happen normally that the absence of that happening was odd So he was suspicious enough of these busses as a professional, that he collected some digital evidence of those busses and then estimated with him and other eyewitnesses between 40 and 50 guys that they described as Trump supporters, they all disembarked from the bus, and they gathered in front of the two busses, and they had some kind of discussion, a briefing, like the way a military leader would address his troops.

Lara Logan: Yeah, they call it a huddle.

Clay Higgins: And then they together went to the escalators and up in the Union Station and were gone.

Lara Logan:  And they were all men?

Clay Higgins:  They were all men, in all the Trump regalia. These were men were in really good shape. They made comments like, wow, that’s a real serious Trump supporters, these guys. And they said they all had elbow pads and knee pads, and they appeared like they had common equipment, but they were not in uniform, but they behaved in a uniform manner.

And we intend to get all of that video evidence from Union Station, from the escalators, from the parking lot. We have other eyewitnesses, much to the chagrin of everybody that was in those busses and everyone who commanded them to be there. We’ve identified one of those buses. And you know what that means? That means that’s their asses! Because a bus is a serial-numbered vehicle. And in America, the change of ownership of a serial-numbered vehicle is recorded, documented.

So that means we can begin to trace from the original owner of that bus where it was sold and who bought it, and then who it was leased to and where it disappeared. And then eventually, those busses were removed from the union Station. And we’re going to document all of that.

Lara Logan:  So you believe that those busses held undercover officers, not informants? Correct.

Rep. Clay Higgins: I feel very confident that everybody that was on those two buses were FBI assets. And I have a high degree of belief that they were actual FBI agents. And I’m sorry to say, ma’am, my objective conclusion is that senior officials at the FBI were deeply involved there.

You had a combination of FBI confidential informants, either registered, unregistered or a volunteer informant or actual FBI agents, depending upon the group and how significant the group was. Like, the agents inserted and say that proud boys, groups that were going to come to DC, those are most probably actual FBI agents, whereas some random Facebook group of patriots from Arizona or something was most likely an informant. So it would still fall under the umbrella of an FBI asset if they were communicating with the FBI data that they were harvesting and information that they were recording and delivering to the FBI, screenshots of text chats or actual recordings of phone calls, things like that, that they were delivering to the FBI, all part of the web of surveillance of the american people.

If his name sounds familiar, you may remember Rep. Higgins as the ballsy man who confronted FBI Director Chris Wray last year about the “confidential human sources” disguised as Trump supporters inside the Capitol building during the January 6 riot.

During his latest interview, Higgins also talked about how Trump supporters at the Capitol that day are still being put on the terrorist watch list, making it hard to travel.

He then promised to hold those who were truly behind January 6th responsible: “They’re going down. These men and their high perch and their position of power and authority that are walking upon our entire history, our deepest core principles. They’re not going to get away with it.”

Our friends over at The Gateway Pundit commented on his latest efforts to expose the truth behind January 6th:

Investigative journalist Lara Logan released the latest episode in her much-anticipated investigative series into the January 6, 2021 “Fed-surrection” on Thursday on Truth in Media website.

In her latest episode, Episode 9, Logan brings on former Louisiana police officer and current US Congressman Clay Higgins to discuss the events that tragic day back in January 2021.

Representative Higgins is famous for confronting FBI Director Chris Wray back in November 2022 on the confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters INSIDE the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

In November 2023 Rep. Higgins confronted Chris Wray again about the FBI’s confidential human sources that were brought to the January 6, 2021 protests. But this time Clay Higgins brought a photo of the government assets boarding buses before the rally on January 6 at Union Station.

Of course, most news outlets aren’t too happy with Rep. Higgins’s claims.

Here’s what Meaww on MSN had to say about his dedication to proving FBI involvement in January 6th:

Republican lawmaker Clay Higgins revealed he is determined to prove the involvement of FBI agents in the January 6, 2021, insurrection on Capitol Hill as Congress was voting to formalize Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential election victory.

In his latest interview with the Truth in Media online platform’s program, ‘The Rest of the Story with Lara Logan’, Higgin said that he believed FBI agents were present in two buses in Union Station in DC on January 6. “I feel very, very confident that everybody that was on those two buses was FBI assets, and I have a high degree of beilef that they were actual FBI agents.”

Higgins was the first to put forward the latest “ghost bus” conspiracy theory that alleged FBI informants traveled to DC in white-painted buses. According to him, the two “ghost buses” that came to the Union Station that day were filled with FBI informants disguised as Trump supporters.

Higgins, an Army veteran and former police officer without the support of any substantial evidence, claimed that the senior FBI officials were the ones who orchestrated the insurrection.

“My objective conclusion is that senior officials at the FBI were deeply involved there. You had a combination of FBI confidential informants, either registered and unregistered or volunteer informants or actual FBI agents dependent upon the group and how significant the group was. Like the agents inserted and said Proud Boys groups say that we’re going to come to DC,” he said.

What do you think?

Were the FBI involved in January 6th, and does the evidence presented by Higgins give grounds for CONVICTION?

Watch the full interview here and decide for yourself:


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