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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Interviews Intel Agent-Turned UFO Whistleblower

The guests Tucker Carlson has been hosting on his independent X show have been nothing short of groundbreaking.

Are we alone in the universe? After having researched this topic for years and weighing the ever-growing evidence, I have to say that I seriously doubt we are.

There are countless NASA astronauts, military personnel, senior military officials, and now intelligence officers who all allege that they either have first-hand knowledge or credible second-hand accounts of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

At one point in the late 1940s, the entirety of the senior U.S. military leadership believed that UFOs were real and interplanetary. I don’t believe that view has changed much, it has just been swept under the rug.

Moreover, there are stunning, authentic photographs of these strange crafts from multiple decades of U.S. history—they exist, they aren’t hidden, and you can see some of them on the internet.

If Covid-19 taught us anything it’s that government officials, corporations, and the academic-industrial complex will go to extreme lengths to tell us that ‘no proof’ exists for an incredibly well-documented phenomenon.

The same can be said of UFOS, much evidence exists, even photographic and video evidence, yet we are consistently told that no evidence really exists of these things. We are told not to believe our eyes.

Earlier this year, David Grusch became the most senior whistleblower to come forward with allegations that the U.S. government is hiding evidence of UFOs, contact with non-human intelligence, and alien biologics.

Tucker Carlson took the chance to interview Grusch regarding his claims, you can watch the full hour-long interview below:

Mike Colangelo pointed out:”U.S. Government in Contact with Non-Humans. “It sounds pretty clear that the U.S. Government has been in contact with whatever these are, you wouldn’t confirm or deny that in your congressional testimony, it’s very clear to me” [asked Carlson].

David Grusch does not correct Tucker Carlson here. Watch Grusch’s face at the 11-second mark.”

The Hill quoted Grusch:

“Since I went public, certainly, this has been a nightmare for me,” he said in an interview Tuesday on NewsNation’s “Elizabeth Vargas Tonight.”

“I mean, I was an intelligence officer for 14 years, behind the curtain, if you will.”

Grusch told Vargas he “never wanted” to go public with his claims but did so “for the right reasons” and to hold the government accountable.

Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell pointed to the account and claims of of Col. Philip Corso:

“Before the testimony of UFO whistleblower David Grusch, there was a man named Col. Philip Corso – former Command Chief of the Foreign Technology Division of the United States Department of Defense.

In his official military and intelligence capacity – Col. Corso was briefed on biology reports from an autopsy performed at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center – reportedly of the dissection of ALIEN bodies.

In the recent episode of WEAPONIZED – check out some of this lost footage, recorded by George Knapp, years before Col. Corso went public with his account of helping to seed the U.S. defense industry with technology from UFO recoveries and crashes.”

Grusch isn’t the only former high-ranking official to make these claims, as evidenced by this News Nation piece:

Gallaudet said he is convinced the story Grusch is telling is true based on his experience in the military and government.

He also told NewsNation correspondent Ross Coulthart there were attempts to cover up UFO sightings by members of the military.

NewsNation is not able to independently verify the evidence that Gallaudet said led him to this conclusion.

Gallaudet said the planet has been visited by entities he described as “non-human.” He said he absolutely believes non-human intelligent beings are real.


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