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President Trump Responds To Legal Setback, Pandora’s Box Opened?

Checkmate in a 4D chess game? I think yes.

President Trump recently lost his motion to dismiss his entire ‘election tampering’ case under the defense of Presidential Immunity; I am not surprised in the least bit by this.

What I am surprised about is the utter stupidity Democrats and the establishment have just engaged in—they have shot themselves in the foot.

Let me explain, this country runs off of legal precedent. What one is allowed to do today to their enemies, will be done upon them tomorrow using the same legal mechanisms.

I have explained this many times before criticizing both Democrats and President Trump for positions they have taken that may be winning decisions today but may be an absolute curse at a future date.

We must always be aware of this inconvenient fact, we cannot just do whatever we please.

Democrats have just turned the weapons of their witch hunt and the unjust prosecution of a man against themselves.

By denying President Trump legal immunity as the former President of the United States, all they have done is open the door for all previous, current, and future Presidents to be prosecuted using the same legal basis.

That means Joe Biden, as was alluded to in President Trump’s recent Truth Social post responding to his legal setback:

Fox News provided more information on the court battle:

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan of the District of Columbia, responding to Trump’s claim that the Constitution grants him “absolute immunity from criminal prosecution for actions performed within the ‘outer perimeter’ of his official responsibility,” wrote that the former president doesn’t have a “lifelong ‘”get-out-of-jail-free’ pass.”

Here is Judge Tanya Cutkan’s filing denying President Trump immunity under the grounds that he was President at the time the charges in question took place.

PBS News explained the implication:

The Supreme Court has held that presidents are immune from civil liability for actions related to their official duties, but the justices have never grappled with the question of whether that immunity extends to criminal prosecution.


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