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President Trump Makes New Statement, SLAMS The Chief RINO

These propagandists and RINOs aren’t even trying to hide it anymore, and their propaganda has hit an all-time low.

Liz Cheney, who is essentially the chief RINO, recently went on NBC in yet another futile attempt to smear President Trump as a closeted dictator just waiting for his moment to seize the republic.

Of course, we all know that this is a mere projection—always accuse your enemies of what you, yourself, are doing.

Here are the incendiary and unfounded claims Cheney made on NBC about President Trump somehow usurping the Presidency and becoming an American Caesar.

In response, President Trump had this to say about Cheney, who to many is the chief RINO epitomizing everything wrong with the establishment GOP.

One GOP lawmaker came to the aid of President Trump and responded to Liz Cheney, according to Fox News:

“I understand why people don’t like what he does and says at times,” Graham said of Trump, “but in terms of actions and results, he was far better president [than] Biden.

And if we have four more years of this, Liz Cheney, then we won’t recognize America and the world will be truly on fire.”

Legendary investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out: “Liz Cheney lost her seat by 36 points. She was only elected in the first place because of her dad. Yet corporate media can’t get enough. They treat like a wise, vital statesman for one reason: she hates Trump. That’s all it takes. She’ll get rich from liberals buying her book.”

Newsweek reminded readers:

Cheney was one of the two Republicans in the House in the January 6 Select Committee and was among those who voted to impeach Trump after the Capitol attack.

This triggered a backlash by her party, and she lost her seat a year later to now-Republican Rep. Harriet Hageman.

In a general press statement, McCarthy’s office implied Cheney was deranged, saying: ‘”For Cheney, first it was Trump Derangement Syndrome, and now apparently it’s also McCarthy Derangement Syndrome.”


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