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WATCH President Trump: “I Will Direct A Completely Overhauled DOJ To Investigate Every Marxist Prosecutor In America”

I never thought I’d live to see the day when America became like a third-world country in terms of institutional corruption, yet here we are.

The entirety of the DOJ is now arrayed against a former President of the United States directly ahead of his bid to recapture the Oval Office in 2024.

We have also seen the intelligence community become directly involved in American elections. When the security apparatus of a country takes measures to sway the outcome of a race, there is no election.

Instead, what we have is the installation of a particular candidate—just like in third-world countries.

Our Department of ‘Justice’ has little to do with justice and everything to do with political control and the protection of the political establishment.

These cases against President Trump all have the same thesis—to keep him out of office, plain and simple.

If President Trump dropped out today I am more than willing to bet all his legal troubles would suddenly and mysteriously vanish.

Of course, President Trump, never being one to turn tail and run away, has simply doubled down on his efforts and announced a complete overhaul of the DOJ if he is re-elected.

More specifically, President Trump promised to “Direct a completely overhauled DOJ to investigate every Marxist prosecutor in America for the illegal, racist-in-reverse enforcement of the law.” Watch the moment below:

This isn’t the first time the former President has mentioned overhauling the DOJ either. In August President Trump had this to say: “I will direct a completely very, very powerful overhaul of the DOJ. We’re not gonna have cowards… We’re not going to have cowards like Bill Barr.”

According to The Epoch Times:

The former commander-in-chief vowed to “overhaul” the Department of Justice if he wins another term and go after officials engaged in “civil rights investigations,” adding that “Soros prosecutors appear to be engaging in selective enforcement based on illegal racial discrimination” in places like Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

He was referring to left-wing billionaire financier George Soros, who has provided millions of dollars in campaign contributions to leftist district attorneys, including Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

President Trump isn’t the only one calling for Department of Justice reform either, former 2024 Presidential candidate Perry Johnson likewise pitched a plan to “overhaul the DOJ and eliminate the FBI entirely.”

The Hill provided these details:

He has also said in the past that he would investigate President Biden if he returns to the White House.

Trump is the leading 2024 presidential GOP candidate, but he faces more than 90 charges across four criminal indictments against him.


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