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UPDATE: Former Capitol Officer REVEALS Jan 6th Audio For FIRST Time—Listen To It Here

Were the Capitol Police ordered to stand down from higher-ups on January 6th?

There are numerous videos showing Capitol law enforcement officers letting the January 6th protestors in through the front door of the Capitol building and even taking them on ‘guided’ tours.

Tarik Johnson, a former Capitol Police officer, recently came out and indicated that his lawyer gave him the green light to release never-before-seen audio and other evidence from that day.

On Sunday, Johnson, who was present that day during the protests, made true on his promise and released three hours of audio from his experience at the January 6th protests.

Johnson also penned a 16-page letter to Congress in September of 2021 following the incident.

Tarik Johnson announced on Sunday: “The mainstream media is telling you that J6 was an insurrection. Please tell me if the actions of Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman were heroic and proper.

To give some context Pittman’s call sign is Unit 2 and she is sitting on a dias in the USCP Commander Center where she can hear the radio traffic and she has a 360-degree view of the outside of the Capitol.

She can also see the activities inside the Capitol where there is a camera. Chief Steven A. Sund was on the phone trying to obtain approval for the National Guard’s assistance and assistance from other law enforcement agencies.

I was on the ground trying to de-escalate the situation specifically asking Pittman for help. My call sign was 405J-John.”

Johnson went on: “We now know Pittman was the one that caused what occurred on J6 but this is the man (J Thomas Manger) that is fighting Speaker Johnson from releasing all the video footage, ensuring all the NDAs USCP employees were forced to sign remain in place and declining to allow anyone to see the LWOP deal he negotiated with Pittman so she could get her retirement and take a job gifted to her in California making over a quarter million dollars annually.

And I almost forgot, ensuring USCP whistleblowers don’t get proper protections when they want to report corruption or malfeasance within the Department.

Him doing this is withholding Justice from everyone aggrieved on J6. Even though Manger is arguably the most corrupt politician in the country let’s pray that something touches his heart and he changes course for the purpose of expediting the process of the aggrieved being made whole (officers and demonstrators). God bless.”

The former Capitol officer also explained: “I will be blocking multiple people in the next coming weeks. The reason is not because some speak ill of me calling me a grifter because my friend (who is a Capitol Police Officer currently) started a GiveSendGo for me to help me stay in this fight.

The reason for the block is because they are speaking ill of the information I’m releasing to try to discredit me and discount the information.

I understand why people who believe J6 was an insurrection would do this but there is ABSOLUTELY no reason for the side that believe it was not an insurrection to do this if my purpose is to initiate an investigation into what REALLY occurred before, during, and after J6. Those people specifically will get blocked IMMEDIATELY.

I know there are people here on X who are going to be actively trying to discredit me to support the position that another investigation is not needed. After J6 first occurred I drank the Mainstream Media Koolaid and believed J6 was an insurrection but as more and more facts were revealed my position changed.

I now believe J6 was a set-up and that an enormous size cover-up ensued after to hide the facts. I’m not asking anyone to believe me. All I want to do is show you how I arrived at how I view J6 now. God bless.”

Earlier this year, NPR provided this statement from Capitol Police in response to Johnson’s allegations:

“Yogananda Pittman was one of two Assistant Chiefs who reported to then Chief Steven Sund.

She was the Assistant Chief of Police for Protective and Intelligence Operations on January 6, in which her primary mission was overseeing the teams who successfully evacuated Congressional Leadership away from Capitol Grounds,” the statement said.

” The former employee you interviewed was part of Uniformed Operations, not Intelligence and Protective services. It is baffling why this former employee is attacking Pittman, who was not in his chain of command.

For example, officials in Uniformed Operations who were inside the Capitol addressed his request to evacuate the rest of the Senate, responded to the scene, and provided direction.”

Daily Signal also conducted an interview with Tarik Johnson earlier this year. You can check out the full hour and 10 minute interview through the YouTube video below.

Newsweek writes:

Johnson was not the only ex-Capitol Police officer to claim that there was a “cover-up” following January 6.

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund revealed in a leaked un-aired interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson that he believed officials were aware of the Capitol riot before it happened and covered it up by failing to disseminate the information to those who needed it.

“If I was allowed to do my job as a chief, we wouldn’t be here,” Sund said in the interview with Carlson. “This didn’t have to happen. Everything appears to be a cover-up.”


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