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LUXE LIFE: Zelensky Just Made A $75 Million Purchase!

Before we begin, let me warn you that this story is based entirely on foreign and Russian sources. That being said, does anyone doubt that corrupt Zelensky stole the foreign aid money and siphoned it off to buy luxury goods?

It’s no secret that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet. Before the U.S. government backed Ukraine in a proxy war against Russia, high-level officials in Ukraine were under investigation for widespread corruption.

Now, we are seeing online sleuths and investigative journalists allege that Zelensky owns several luxury yachts valued at $75 million through surrogates—meaning he owns the yachts via proxy buyers beholden to him.

One individual explained: “Zelensky bought two luxury yachts for $75 million through surrogates. 

From published memoranda of the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA), it became known about the acquisition of two superyachts – the 46-meter “Lucky Me” and the 57-meter “My Legacy” by the Shefir brothers, who are close to Zelensky


The first yacht was purchased for $25 million on October 18, the second – for almost $50 million on October 25, Russian Telegram channels wrote, citing articles in foreign publications as evidence.

Boris and Sergey Shefir, on whose behalf the purchases were made, are close friends and confidants of the President of Ukraine

Together with them, Zelensky founded the Kvartal-95 studio in 2003 and appointed the younger of the brothers, Sergey Shefir, as the first assistant to the President of Ukraine shortly after he won the elections and became the President on May 20, 2019.

There is every reason to believe that and the two purchases were made in the name of Sergey and Boris Shefir in order to hide the real owner of the yachts – Vladimir Zelensky

They have used similar schemes before. Back in 2021, the International Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime reported in its investigation that Sergey Shefir was involved in Zelensky’s so-called offshore network in the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus and Belize

This became known thanks to the disclosure by the international media of the so-called “Pandora File”. A month before he won the election, Zelensky transferred his offshore assets to the name of Sergey Shefir.

It appears that a similar impersonation scheme was used in the purchase of yachts.

Despite the attempts of Western countries to bring financial aid to Ukraine under control, this has not yet happened, as evidenced by the constant corruption scandals in the highest echelons of power in Ukraine.”

Shahzad Nasir dissected and analyzed the yacht sales, Zelensky’s network, and a breakdown of his assets in this brilliant YouTube video.

One senior-level Ukrainian official told Simon Shuster of TIME Magazine that Ukrainian officials were ‘stealing like there’s no tommorrow’, according to  Fox News:

TIME senior correspondent Simon Shuster wrote about his experience following Zelenskyy and his team back to Ukraine after they visited the U.S. in September to appeal for aid, noting in Washington they had faced “insistent calls for Zelensky to fight corruption inside his own government, and the fading enthusiasm for a war with no end in sight.”

Shuster reported that similarly grim sentiment appears among the public as well, as those with the money available “sometimes bribe their way out of service” and that such cases “became so widespread by the end of the summer that on Aug. 11 Zelensky fired the heads of the draft offices in every region of the country.”

“Anyone who votes to fund Ukraine is funding the most corrupt money scheme of any foreign war in our country’s history. And forcing the American people to pay for it,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene stated.

Kim DotCom highlighted the corruption, though the community notes feature on the X social media platform claimed that the articles provided do not conclusively prove that Zelensky owns these yachts.

Of course, ownership through ‘surrogacy’ necessarily entails that no definitive proof will be given of the asset ownership because it is owned through surrogates.

The New Voice of Ukraine published this related piece earlier this month highlighting yet another example of Ukrainian institutional corruption:

In collaboration with the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, NABU exposed an organized group within the leadership of the State Special Communications on Nov. 20.

Between 2020 and 2022, the owner of a group of companies, in conspiracy with the agency’s leadership, devised a scheme to misappropriate budgetary funds allocated for the purchase of equipment and software.


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