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WATCH: James O’Keefe MARKED By U.S. Authorities, Are YOU On The List?

There is nothing more American than political dissidence—it’s how this country was founded.

Currently, our brothers and sisters are being held as political prisoners by the DC federal government for taking part in a protest against a botched and fraudulent election.

It has become clear that the DC establishment views decent Americans as terrorists and enemies.

James O’Keefe has become the latest example of this political targeting and political persecution. The famed investigative journalist recently discovered that he has been placed on the ‘SSSS list.’

This list is akin to a ‘no-fly’ list, but it does not prevent the individual from actually flying. Instead, the SSSS list subjects the individual to additional searches and procedures by TSA.

Additionally, an individual placed on the list reportedly has an air marshal following them while they are flying.

As a vociferous critic of the state and the establishment, I wonder if I am on the list, are you on the list? O’Keefe recently revealed:

O’Keefe provided an update: “Just received from this from a DHS employee: ‘In 2015, SSSS was only for people on the terrorist watch list. In addition to the additional screening at the checkpoint it also meant federal air marshals were on the plane following the person.

TSA has intel specialists that attend joint terrorism meetings across the country with the FBI etc. it very much appears this list has now been politicized post January 6.

SSSS list is run by a background system called secure flight which checks everyone’s name and birthday they voluntary enter when booking a ticket.

FYI to avoid SSSS screening just ‘accidentally’ enter the wrong birthday when booking your ticket. That was used by selectees as they were called in the 2015 time frame.

Person only got caught when they flew internationally when passport was scanned. SSSS were flying all over US without additional screening using the mistakenly entered birthday.’”

Forbes explained the inner workings of the SSSS list:

Many of the main reasons someone is flagged for an additional screening may be connected to being a suspected security risk.

One way the TSA selects for additional screening is based on watchlists. The Selectee List, for example, is a database of passengers maintained by the TSA.

If you are on the Selectee List you will automatically be chosen for additional screening each time you fly.

Being on one of these lists or even if you share the same name with someone on one of these lists means you are likely to receive a SSSS on your boarding pass.

A few other reasons SSSS could show up on your boarding pass include activities like buying a last-minute ticket or paying cash.

Additionally, if you recently visited countries the State Department deems “high risk,” that may get you the SSSS.

Many other Americans complained about either being on the list or called for others to be removed from the highly politicized list.

To illustrate how frivolous and arbitrary these lists are, look no further than this report from Business Insider:

A United Airlines passenger said he was thrilled about being served a first-class meal in economy plus — until he said the plane’s cabin manager threatened to add him to a no-fly list.

Sam, who requested to be referred to by his first name because of privacy concerns, told Insider that he was flying from Madison, Wisconsin, to Seattle via Denver on August 3. 


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