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President Trump Floats Alternative To Disastrous Obama-Era Policy

The best way to fix the healthcare system in America is to eliminate the prevalence of health ‘insurance’ altogether—not nationalizing a scam.

Whether or not President Trump will embrace this route is anyone’s guess, but that is the solution to the healthcare crisis in America.

I have been to countries where there is a true ‘single-payer’ system—meaning everyone pays for medical care with cash out of their pockets, not whatever this term has come to mean in America, where we use euphemisms to cover up everything.

The same Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline medicines that retail in America for hundreds of dollars cost mere cents in those countries.

This is not because the government is subsidizing healthcare. Many of these places don’t have the money for such foolhardiness.

This is because the drug companies and the entirety of the medical system are forced to compete in a truly free market and must abide by what people are willing and able to pay—not what an insurance company is willing to dish out.

For all the same reasons we accept socialism as a massive failure and the tragedy of the commons as inviolable law, insurance schemes fail—no one cares about pooled sums of money.

That is to say, no manager of a pooled sum of money is going to care about spending that money the same way they will care about spending their own money.

Insurance companies, some of which are owned by the drug companies and used to shift money for the corporate conglomerates who own them in tax-favored ways, do not care what the sticker price of a drug is—this is the problem.

The same can be said of the procurement office at the Pentagon. They do not care what the sticker price of any given item is—this is why they spend $1,200 on a plastic folding table and six folding chairs that might cost $150 at Costco.

America’s healthcare system is broken because we have allowed a massive scam to become a matter of fact without question and the socialists have gone one step further in insisting that the scam be nationalized.

Obama forced the American people to buy shoddy insurance at not-so-great prices and declare ‘mission accomplished!’ Yet this system was a far cry from actually solving the problem of exorbitant healthcare costs in America.

President Trump famously fought back and ended the most egregious parts of that system, yet healthcare has gone, by and large, unfixed.

Now, the 45th President is telling supporters that he is mulling over a serious alternative to the Obamacare system—let’s just hope it is the correct, economically sound one.

Health insurance, whether public or private, is a market-distorting instrument. It directly causes the price of healthcare to skyrocket as a mere matter of it existing as a product in the market.

Remove the market distortion and people will see a return to affordable healthcare of all types.

After all, there was a time in this country when most could afford to pay a doctor to come to their home. This era predated the era of widespread health insurance schemes.

Adam Schiff chimed in: “Let’s be clear: When Trump says he’s looking for “alternatives” to Obamacare, he means getting rid of it.That would mean eliminating protections for pre-existing conditions, kicking millions off their health care, and not covering preventative care anymore. I say hell no.”

The Epoch Times reminded readers:

After President Trump took office in early 2017, he endorsed the passage of a Republican-backed tax overhaul bill that reduced the “individual mandate” penalty for not having insurance to $0.

After it passed both chambers at the time, President Trump signed it into law in December of that year and later said it “[liberated] millions of low-income Americans from a tax that penalized them for not purchasing health insurance coverage they did not want or could not afford.”

NBC News reporter Sahil Kapur documented the partisan back-and-forth: “Trump revives his push to eliminate Obamacare. He bashes Republicans who voted not to “terminate” it in ’17, vowing he won’t “give up” if elected. Biden camp hits back, tells voters to “take him at his word that he’ll try to” nix coverage for ~40M.”

Hollywood Resistance writes: “Just another reason out of a million to vote for President Trump. I just had surgery on my elbow and my surgeon and I discussed Obamacare’s total destruction of our health care system. He supports President Trump because of the work he did to fix it.”

Axios claimed:

Democrats went on to make health care a defining issue of the 2018 midterms, powering a “blue wave” election in which the party decisively won back the House majority.

Republicans — including the current presidential field — have since had little to say about the Affordable Care Act or major health care reforms, even as the cost of care continues to rise.


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