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“We Go Undercover As Antifa In the Crowd”: New J6 Footage BLOWS UP Mainstream Narrative

Remember when we told you that January 6th is not as it seems?

Well, it appears the smoking gun has finally come to light!

New footage officially released by Congress shows an officer saying:

We go undercover as ANTIFA in the crowd.

Now, why would a cop be saying that?

Why would they go undercover specifically as Antifa?

Furthermore, there are countless eyewitness accounts claiming that it was Antifa that breached the Capitol.

If this is true, then were any of those Antifa members actually undercover cops?

These are fair questions to ask!

But don’t just trust us.

Watch the footage for yourself:

Here are the questions we have:

Why didn’t the January 6th committee investigate this?

Why didn’t McCarthy release this footage sooner?

What actually happened on J6?

Just the News reports:

Just the News on Tuesday obtained footage of an undercover Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officer recorded by his camera behind police lines on the U.S. Capitol grounds. The footage was obtained directly from official sources and has not been altered.

He is seen giving water to his fellow police officers who were suffering from the effects of tear gas which the Capitol Police had deployed against the pro-Trump protestors. The footage showed the officer in plainclothes with a grey jacket. Spotted in the video and identifying him as a police officer is a badge hanging around his neck.

While helping his fellow officer, the undercover officer told his colleague that “we go undercover as Antifa in a crowd.”

The footage obtained by Just the News is embedded in the player above. It was turned over to Congress recently to investigators for House Administration Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., who are investigating the official police response on Jan. 6.

It’s important to note that this footage had previously leaked online.

However, the authenticity of the footage had not been confirmed.

Now, we know for a fact that this footage is indeed real… AND Congress now has access to it.

Isn’t it funny how things that are labeled “conspiracy theories” usually end up being proven true?

Sure, there could be a completely innocent explanation about what’s going on in this video.

But what we see doesn’t look good.

Ground News confirms the authenticity:

A DC Metro Police Officer claimed to routinely go undercover with Antifa, sparking more questions about the police response on Jan. 6.

The officer’s comments add complexity to the narratives and opinions surrounding the Capitol riot.

Congressional investigators believe the officer in the footage is a member of the MPD’s Electronic Surveillance Unit.

Despite the January 6th commission, we know less about what actually happened on that day than we did before.

This new footage blows up the mainstream narrative.

There was no insurrection on J6.

There was no coup.

It was a riot, sure…

But was it instigated by people undercover posing as Antifa?

It’s too early to know for sure.

But that’s why it’s time for Congress to release ALL the J6 footage to the public.


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