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WATCH: People Of Peru Attacked By Shadowy ‘Face-Peeling Creatures’

Let’s start this week with the weird and bizarre.

Residents of San Antonio de Pintuyacu, a rainforest village located in Peru, have described being terrorized by 7-ft tall ‘face-peeling creatures’ called Pelacaras.

At least one individual has described the entities as being humanoid and donning futuristic military gear that includes floating platforms they use for transportation and speaking the Peruvian dialect.

Critics have argued that the people of Peru are witnessing cartel members mining for gold. Now, cartels have a lot of money, but do they really have the funds to purchase futuristic military gear like floating platforms?

These same critics have also argued that the cartel members are using jetpacks; however, a jetpack is worn on the back and is clearly distinct from a floating platform.

To my knowledge, this type of technology, if it exists at all, is not commercially available. Dom Lucre had more on the story:

“Daily Mirror and the SUN just reported that Residents and officials in San Antonio de Pintuyacu, in the Amazon Rainforest region of Loreto, Peru were attacked by 7-ft ‘face peeling creatures’

Villagers have cleared acres of the rainforest in an attempt to find the alleged creatures.

There were reports that attempted to debunk these claims last year by stating the creatures were cartel members gold mining with jetpacks

The footage of Investigative journalist Timothy Alberino’s interview with this 15-year-old girl who claims she was attacked by the alleged creatures was attached to the news report.

I began reporting on this story in October, as I stated in October, ‘there are new reports of what these people call Pelacaras appearing almost daily.’”

The Sun broke the story and chronicled encounters of these mysterious ‘creatures’ or individuals:

The villagers have reported “dozens of sightings” of huge 7ft figures dressed in black body armour with oval-shaped helmets and yellow eyes, Timothy said.

They claim the “assailants” fly silently through the air on light-up oval platforms and have huge metal disks attached to their feet that allow them to “click in” to the boards.

Peru Attacks provided more video evidence and possible explanations for the ‘Pelacaras’ people are witnessing in the rainforests of Peru.

Daily Mail reported one alleged attack:

After one such ‘attack’, a 15-year-old girl had to be taken to hospital.

According to the community leader, Jairo Reátegui Dávila, the teenager narrowly escaped but ‘as a result of the struggle they cut part of her neck.’

Now, according to local media, members of the community are conducting night patrols to protect women, children and the more vulnerable villagers, and have called on the authorities to send in the military.


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