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Is This The Real Reason Insurance Is Out Of Control In Florida?

Once again, Patrick Bet-David is doing incredible work exposing the EVILS of companies like BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard.

But mostly BlackRock…

You might not know about this if you don’t live in Florida, but homeowner’s insurance has gotten so out of control down there that many people can’t get it at all….not even available to purchase!

Those who can buy it are seeing prices go up by 4,000%.

Yes, you read that correct.

This is nuts folks….

And I know if you don’t live there then it may not be having a direct impact on your life, but understand this: what they’re testing out down there may soon roll out to ALL Red States.

That’s right, and that’s giving you a sneak peak at the reason PBD thinks this might be happening.

Simply put: is Florida being “punished” by BlackRock and its buddies for being a Red State?

Specifically, for fighting back against the evils of ESG?

If you don’t know what “ESG” is, I’ll explain farther down below in this article, but Elon Musk once famously said the “S” stands for “Satanic”.

He wasn’t joking.

So Florida says “we don’t want your ESG in our state” and what does BlackRock do?

Pulls some strings in the background to make sure homeowner’s insurance is so expensive or simply not available in that state?

Pretty devious.

Think about it…

Your home is the largest investment for almost everyone.

You also usually owe a lot of money against it (your mortgage) that you have to pay back whether or not the home is still there.

Which is why not having insurance could financially ruin you in the event of catastrophic damage like a flood, fire or hurricane.

So what do you do?

You live in Florida, love it there….

Your friends and family is there….

Your job is there….

And now suddenly you can’t get insurance and rates are now at 8%, so maybe you locked into a 2.75% and now you can’t get insurance — it’s a very serious question — what do you do?

Almost no good answers.

And THAT’S why this topic is so important.

And why I’m so glad PBD covered it today.

And remember, Patrick comes from the world of insurance, so he understands all of this very well.

Subject matter expert…and a very sharp guy who knows how the world works!

Please watch his video for the FULL breakdown:

And for those who always ask me for a transcript, no problem!

I’ve got you covered:

so a recent article came out with news
week talking about insurance premium in
the State of Florida is up in some
places 900% and you read this articles oh my

God this whole Florida thing maybe it’s
a gimmick maybe they’re not doing as
good of a job and if you look at the
article it says 275,000 people left the state of Florida

in some places premiums gone from $1,700
to $4,200 per year how are people making
these things happen Farmers massive
company just announced they’re leaving

the State of Florida it was so bad that
the CFO ofor Jimmy came out and said
Farmers is the Budweiser anheiser Bush
of the insurance industry because they

follow this ESG score so what is really
going on in Florida are they targeting
the SST are they targeting Florida
because they had the best reputation

during Co and California got destroyed
who knows what I do know is we got all
these slides to go through today on what
the hell is going on in Florida with

insurance okay so if you get value out
of this video give it a thumbs up
subscribe to the channel but listen to
the people from California you’re

watching this video saying oh my gosh
finally Redemption time he’s going to
attack Florida and California is going
to come back to being the winner hang

tight listen the reason why I have a
different perspective than some of you
is for the following reason imagine if a
man had dated Marilyn Monroe Elizabeth

Taylor and Sophia Lauren to me all dimes
right he can probably give you a
perspective on all three now I have not
dated those three okay but I have dated

California for 24 years I dated Texas
for 5 years and I’m still dating Florida
for 2 and 1/2 years to kind of give you
some context having said that before you

jump to conclusion whether you’re Pro
Florida Pro Texas or Pro California Hank
tight till the end of the video when you
jump to conclusion wait for the data

let’s get right into it so stats home
insurance premiums have tripled in the
State of Florida the past 5 years
Florida averages more than $4,200 per

year national average of $1,700 some
insurance premiums have risen by nine
times what they were in 2022 according
to the chief executive of NSI Insurance

Group and construction cost has risen by
40% since 2017 again they give this data
this is Florida this is what’s going out
super expensive all right next one

Newsweek I told you earlier Florida
resident flea state has insurance
premiums Skyrocket up to
900% they’re not lying this is actually

happening in some places in Florida in
the same article when people are reading
staffs people don’t go and investigate
even more they’re like oh my god did you

see how many people they said left how
275,000 people estimated left Florida
nearly 23,000 people every month and

according to the bureau they relocated a
place like Georgia 46,000 Carolina
42,000 Tennessee 36 South Carolina 31
Texas 30,000 this must be a bad thing A

lot of people are leaving the State of
Florida man we were all talking about
how many people left California where
they were kind of like since 1851 we’ve

never had this kind of numbers of people
leaving California the whole U-Haul you
know joke that they would say you know
Gavin Nome is the number one U-Haul

salesman because he’s got so many people
renting U-Haul to leave the state of
California right so this shows Florida
bad but when you go and look at US

Census Bureau of net positive versus Net
negative guess who is still number one
in that negative in 2022 you ready
California you’re not going to like this

okay here you go you ever wonder why
Jamie Diamond CEO of Chase has a $900
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Masterworks once again Masterworks /v or
click on a link below California minus
343,000 people left California according
to Census Bureau New York minus 299,000

people left Illinois minus 141,000
people left but if you go to the net
positive State guess who’s at the top
Florida number one domestic net

migration 2022 Florida number one
318,000 see Newsweek you didn’t tell the
whole story you know who number two is

230,000 then it’s Carolina then it’s
Tennessee then it’s Georgia Arizona
Idaho Alabama Oklahoma Nevada you get
the idea at the bottom is California New

York Illinois Jersey Massachusetts blue
blue blue blue blue blue get the idea
what’s going on here what people are
doing bad policies have consequences but

they’re targeting Florida so let’s
continue with the whole Florida concept
seeing what else they’re going to tell
us since 2017 11 Property and Casualty

companies that offered homeowners
insurance in Florida liquidated five of
those companies liquidated in 2022
meaning they’re they’re liquidating

they’re no longer wanting to do business
in the State of Florida five of those
companies left in 2022 United Property
and Casualty Insurance Company left in

2023 okay this is obviously not a good
look when you look at the Florida
company’s liquidation this is what
you’ll find American Capital Insurance

Group uh Avatar Property and Casualty
fednat Florida specialty guarantee
insurance company golf stream Physicians
United plan Southern Fidelity Insurance

St John’s United Property Healthcare
universal healthcare Inc Western
Property and Casualty wind Haven
insurance company the list this year you

can find this it’s all over the place
not hard to find however several factors
number one they left for high threat of
widespread weather related damage okay

fair Florida’s got hurricanes all this
stuff they talk about number two
insurance fraud driven by fraudulent
Roofing claims number three Florida

accounts for 9% of country’s home
insurance claims it is home to 79% of
the country’s home insurance lawsuits by
the way some of the these can be

addressed by the governor so let’s see
what governor Des santis did
underwriting Florida property insurance
are projected to post a cumulative

underwriting loss of $1.7 billion for
2021 due to these Runway litigation
costs according to Mark Freelander
director of corporate Communications at

the insurance information Institute this
is from 2022 and 2023 let’s continue
Senate Bill 2D signed by Governor Dan
santis in May of 2022 enacts proc

consumer measures to help alleviate
Rising Insurance costs increases
Insurance claim transparency and cracks
down on frivolous laws that drive up

cost for all Floridians so what does
this mean for a longest time these guys
don’t have to report how much it cost
now they’re like no no why are you

charging me this much because it is okay
disclose it we need to know there’s got
to be transparency he’s holding them
accountable so so for some of you that

one more Intel let’s go a little bit
deeper and kind of see what governor
DeSantis did so this is what you’ll find
here on on property insurance

legislation the bills proposed provides
both short and long-term relief for
Floridians that’s good provides grant
funding for homeowners to make their

homes more resilient to to storms
resulting in insurance premium discounts
number three reforms the legal
environment to reduce frivolous lawsuits

and last palies cracks down on fraudu
and roofing scams and predatory actors
that’s very good by the way this has
happened I’ve been in life insurance

there was a lot of fraudulent going on
in life insurance and Medicare many
different things this is actually very
normal for states to do so he’s taking
the right actions now let’s go a little

bit deeper proc consumer measures
provides $2 billion in reinsurance
relief to benefit policy holders over
the next two years dedicates $150

million to the myay Florida home program
which provides grants to Floridian home
homeowners for Hurricane retrofitting
making home safer and other resilient

and more resistant to hurricane damage
results and premium discounts for
homeowners who participate in the
program and requires the Department of

Financial Services to report the average
annual amount of Premium discount for
participating Floridians this perits
insurance companies from denying

coverage based on the age of a roof that
is less than 15 years and strengthens
office of insurance regulation oversight
of insurance companies to better detect

and prevent insolvencies again this is
all good things that he’s doing but when
you do this you kind of put putting
insurance companies in corner and
they’re kind of saying well it’s not as

lenient man I want to kind of leave
because I can make profit other places
that could also happen that’s the risk
when you come up with certain

regulations like this so increases
Insurance claim transparencies number
one prohibits insurance companies from
denying claims without communicating

sufficient reason they need that you
know how many times you get rejected can
you tell me why no we don’t need to tell
you you need to now tell the client why

you’re doing that number two provides
consumer greater access to information
during the claim adjustment process
number three requires Insurance to

provide adjusted reports to policy
holders in a timely manner and last but
not least anti fraud and legal reforms
cracks down on predatory actors who file

fraudulent roof claims reducing
litigation costs which are passed onto
Floridians and limits the assignment of
attorneys fees to contractors and

property insurance cases the
incentivizes frivolous claims and
further stabilizing premiums what does
this do those who are doing these things

those actors are going to say I’m no
longer going to do business in Florida
and I’m going to leave and it’s going to
actually increase the quality of

business that people are doing and the
actors that are trying to take advantage
they leave so so now somebody may say
but Pat you know this is great you know

you could lose a customer here and there
on some of those insurance companies you
read we’ve never heard of those
companies but everybody knows Farmers

isn’t Farmers like massive you’re right
Farmers is massive so what does farmers
do Farmers Insurance has become the
latest insurance company to pull out of

Florida they said the move will affect
only company branded policies which
account for about 30% of policy sold in
the state fourth major insur to leave

the Florida Market in the past year with
most citing the risk from hurricanes so
what are some of the big insurance
companies that I’ve left Florida here

you go you got Farmers Lexington
Centurion Bankers have left Florida so
now if you’re thinking like me you’re
asking a question is it just Florida

that farmers left or are there other
states they don’t do business with and
is there a pattern with these states
like what did they do here’s a list of

states that farmers doesn’t do business
with Alaska where is it at Coast
Delaware Coast Hawaii Coast Maine Coast
New Hampshire Rhode Island Vermont West

Virginia all of these places are in a
place where they have a higher chance of
getting some risk and by the way even in
the state of California they kind of

have a Crea a way where they don’t
necessarily do with everybody but
they’re a little bit tighter and
stricter on who they underwrite so now

the questions I want to know is is this
happening across the board and America
or is it just a Florida thing what
states are premiums increasing more than

others and what states is lower here’s a
list for you okay so if you look at the
largest increase Florida is at the top
35% that number is a real number then

it’s Idaho Colorado South Dakota
Oklahoma Texas Louisiana Arizona
Nebraska you see the list of names some
people may say it’s only the red states

that are increasing how about the blue
States go to Blue states smallest
increase Vermont we know who’s from
there the legendary Bernie Sanders New

York we know where New York leans
California Nevada Maine New Hampshire
Wisconsin they had a smaller increase so
why is that some states like I’ve been

in the life insurance industry for 20
plus years you ever heard of New York
Life youve heard of New York Life you
know what’s one of the worst businesses

to do insurance in New York and New York
Life is from New York how weird is that
that’s one of the hardest states to do
insurance with why overly regulated so

you have to balance over regulation cuz
then people don’t want to do business
there and you have to also balance under
regulation where insurance companies can

kind of just come and say nope you got
to pay for this and we don’t have to
explain it Florida has to kind of figure
out where they stand with this ranking

here so one argument some people are
making are saying well listen this is
all because Governor Des Sanz took such
hard lines when it comes on to ESG and

it’s one of the biggest anti-g states
and when you look at this map here based
on Bloomberg you’ll see this red are the
anti-g states with the most loss against

them then you have those who boycott the
law those who are both anti-g and
boycott then you got the the divestment
and a pro ESG law if you notice Florida

on the bottom right is anti-g and
Farmers is one of those companies that
is fully committed to making sure they
have a high ESG score so one would say

well those stories kind of go together
and maybe behind closed doors somebody
influenced Farmers to leave Florida
because you know Florida is not really

an ESG ESG state that could be something
to consider so I want you to see this
exchange of different thoughts from the
CFO of Florida Jimmy he continues but I

also want you to hear what the CEO of
farmers have to say watch this so Jimmy
says while they’re bad at helping people
this is Farmers is what he’s saying

they’re good at virtual signaling
instead of focusing on their policy
holders and running a functioning
business to ensure became the first

us-based insurer to become signatory of
the United Nations principles for
sustainable Insurance very interesting
okay first to do that now watch this

here’s a response from the CEO of
farmers and see if there’s anything
about ESG there this is him Farmers is
committed to operating in a way that

positively impacts our customers our
employees and communities by
incorporating environmental social in
governance ESG considerations into our

business so maybe the CFO uh Florida was
right on what Farmers is focused on
we’ll see now let’s see if uh you know
the CFO Jimmy petronis knows what he’s

talking about maybe he’s just kind of
upset at what they did let’s actually go
to the UN website and see if we can find
Farmers here’s what we found un

influence last signatory stats 151
signatories 103 supporting institutions
if we look further the UN influence
convened by Geneva Switzerland Bay

Secretariat more than 500 Banks and
insurance with assets exceeding ready
trillion that’s a lot of influence

working together to facilitate the
implementation of unep fi principles for
responsible Banking and principles for
sustainable insurance as well as the

three un convene Net Zero alliances
we’ll talk about that in a second now to
learn more about unep fi this
organization founded in 1992 was the

first organization to engage with
Finance sector on sustainability and
incubator the principles for responsible
investment now the world’s leading

proponent of responsible investment
today we cultivate leadership and
advanced sustainable Market practice
while supporting the implementation of

global programs at a regional level
across Africa Middle East Asia Pacific
Europe Latin America Caribbean and North
America principles for sustainable

Insurance PSI established in 2012 by
unep and today applied by one quarter of
the world’s insures 25% of world premium
PRI established in 2006 by United

Nations and the UN Global impact and
applied by half the world’s
institutional investors again $83
trillion by 2022 that’s a lot of assets

it’s a lot of money and and and by the
way the three Finance sectors that they
were talking about for the Net Zero
Alliance the first one is net zero asset

owner Alliance AOA launched in 2019 with
a membership of more than 70
institutional assets with over $10
trillion in assets about 7% of global

investment number two Net Zero banking
Alliance and zba launched in 2021 with
over 100 Banks and US $65 trillion in
assets about half of the global banking

industry assets and last but not least
Net Zero Insurance Alliance nzia
launched in 2021 convening 25 leading
Insurance representing about 12% of

world premium and and by the way guess
who’s on that list un influence Bingo
when you look at this Farmers Insurance
who knows maybe Farmers left because

they’re being pressured by un ESG Dei
who knows but there’s some influence
there when a state like Florida and
Governor Ronda Santa says I don’t

support you bullying your ESG policies
in my state with un and he makes all
that noise there’s a lot of quiet people
that nobody knows their names or their

faces behind closers going to work to
say I don’t like this guy we have to
make their life hard guess what let’s
EXP expose him let’s write a bunch of

things about the State of Florida and
hurt his reputation when he’s running
for president is that true is it not
happening I don’t know but it’s worth

speculating that there’s a possibility
of that happening so so if you’re
watching and saying Pat I don’t even
know about the war with him again ESG

are we just making this up I’ve not been
following the story what’s the Santa
said about ESG well let’s take a deeper
dive and kind of see what he said about

ESG August 2022 Governor Ronda santis
along with fellow Trustees of the State
Board of administration SBA passed a
resolution directing the state of

Florida’s manager to invest State funds
in a manner that prioritizes the highest
return on investment for Florida’s
taxpayers and retirees without

considering the ideological agenda of
the environmental social and corporate
governance movement ESG Florida pulled
$2 billion from Black Rock Venture funds

back in December 2022 you think Larry
fin likes that he doesn’t like that you

pulled how dare you do you know
everybody says yes to me who do you
think you are to say you’re going to
pull $2 billion you Governor DeSantis

you I’m not not saying Larry said that
but maybe something like that went
through his mind Florida’s Chief
Financial Officer said his Department

would pull $2 billion worth of its asset
managed by Black Rock the biggest such
divestment by a state again biggest such
divestment by a state opposed the asset

managers environmental social and
governance policies the move will hardly
Dent anything with black rock this
company’s a to10 trillion doll of assets

under management they don’t really care
about that what they do care about is an
article that says a state had the brass
to stand up against black

what because if you do that maybe you’re
going to teach other states to follow
Governor DeSantis that’s not good for
them by the way if you want to read

further you can we’ll put the link below
but I want to read one of them here some
things that he’s prohibiting prohibiting
the financial sector from considering

so-called social credit scores there’s a
lot of people that are worried about the
social credit scores because they’re
doing that in a lot of different places

in banking and lending practices that
aim to prevent Floridians from up
obtaining lines of credit and bank
accounts can you imagine if somebody

says I don’t like what you posted the
other day nope we’re not going to give
him this loan Florida’s trying to
protect that from becoming the norm

that’s become in many different places
they had it in Europe you had the you
know vaccine passport you were traveling
at the airports can you imagine like

they don’t want to bring that to the
State of Florida so if you’re against
this guess what you support what Ronda
santis is fighting against but if you

say I want a social credit score then
Florida’s not the state for you I I want
to go a little bit deeper with this
whole concept some of you guys may be

asking a very valid question why why
would farmers be afraid of Black Rock
who the hell is black Black Rock
wouldn’t you want to have a better

relationship with Florida than a black
rock well you have to understand that
when it comes on to Black Rock they
don’t just give institutional money they

also lend to big companies so imagine if
you’re worth 8 to 10 trillion dollar of
assets some of that money you’re lending
to people and you’re getting interest

back so when you’re borrowing money from
a company like black rock you don’t want
them to charge you 8% you want them to
charge you the least possible because

you are in good standing with them but
Black Rock if your score isn’t good they
can say Farmers you didn’t do right with
us in the State of Florida instead of

giving this thing to you at 4% we’re
going to give it to you at 8% 7% 9% that
may not seem like a lot of money that’s
a lot of money and by the way when you

look at this chart here here’s what
you’ll notice okay Market size for
broadly syndicated loans in America is
$1.2 trillion Europe is $200 billion and

private Direct Loans Market US market is
910 billion and in Europe is
$120 billion this is why companies like
Farmers want to be on the good graces of

a place like Black Rock they worry if we
don’t do right by them they’re not going
to lend us more money does that kind of
make sense if you want to of unpacking

and you’re like Pat I want to know what
part of that $1.2 trillion goes to
different industry how much of it is
insurance for Farmers to be afraid of it

let’s take a look at this chart this is
the US broadly syndicated loan Market
breakdown and if you look at this the
dark blue is the Clos okay these are

collateralized loan obligations but if
you go to Insurance that’s PNC and life
PNC stands for Property and Casualty and
life light blue baby blue all the way at

the top there to the right you’ll notice
2% the 100% is 1.2 trillion but 2% still
equates to $24 billion it’s a lot a lot
of money that companies like Farmers one

of the biggest companies they need
access to that $24 billion so it’s real
money we’re talking about here so let me
give you my final thoughts on this year

number one we learned during coid one
very simple thing maybe more than ever
before that Governors matter Governor
Des santis had better policies than

Governor Nome okay one got people to
show up here the other one lost people
what is the problem of losing people you
got to replace them but what is the

problem of gaining a lot of people holy
prices are going to go up you know
cost of living is going to go up
everything’s going to go up how are we

going to handle all this stuff they both
have a problem it’s a different problem
when a company is growing very very fast
you don’t have money to catch up with

the growth that’s still a problem when a
company is not growing you’re also
losing money both is a different problem
to solve nome’s got to make sure he

makes an argument for people say come to
California no one’s coming he’s got to
make a better place to say listen those
of you guys that came to Florida you got

to stay here so regulation you know some
may say well we need to deregulate and
some say we need to over regulate
California is over regulated New York is

over-regulated Illinois is over
regulated Florida is here so as a parent
have two sons if I don’t have proper
regulation in my house my oldest son

could bully my youngest son employer I’m
an employer we have employees I need to
be held accountable to certain levels my
employees need to be held to certain

levels okay if one is over the other the
other one doesn’t have an incentive to
do something so Governor Des santis has
to figure out the balance of Regulation

so these insurance companies don’t just
charge premium because they can and
these other people don’t go abuse and
and take advantage of insurance

companies with fraud cuz they can’t so
he’s dealing with that part but more
than anything else the ESG story tells
you it’s real that is involved they have

a lot of influence it is becoming deeply
concerning to a lot of different people
and there’s a big part of America that
doesn’t want to live in a place that

companies like Black Rock have such a
big influence over what they get to do
small business owners don’t want to be
controlled by companies like Black Rock

they want to be able to say look I got
access to you but I don’t want you to
give me access because of a way I Vote
or because I took the vaccine or because

I did this or I didn’t do that just
Judge Me based on the kind of a business
I buil not who’s Middle Eastern not
who’s black not who’s white not who’s

women all this that’s just nonsense let
me build a good business if we have a
good profitable environment our
employees are happy we take care of the

people in our community reward us for it
nothing more nothing less if we don’t do
it we’ll go out of business so there’s a
reason why Ronda Sanz is running for

office because many of his policies
attracted a lot of people here and now
he’s probably being targeted and he’s
got to show his fight it’s not easy not
everybody wants to be a governor he
chose to be a governor not an easy job

but I trust he’s going to do his fight
and show up like he has the last few
years having said that if you’ve not
seen the video by the way if you got

value out of this video give it a thumbs
up subscribe to the channel but if
you’ve not seen the video we did on ESG
it’s a mustat by the way if you’ve not

seen the one on Larry think click here
but if you’ve not seen the one on ESG
click here both of them are great videos
take care everybody bye-bye

We’ve covered BlackRock before….

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Ok, so why do we even care about BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street in the first place?

And who are they?

They are the three largest Asset Managers in the world.

Essentially, and this is no exaggeration, they are the people pulling the strings in the background.

These are the “Masters of the Universe”.

Larry Fink runs BlackRock and he is almost certainly more powerful than the President of the United States.

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Take a look at the image below….

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Ok, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because as bad as that is, here’s the part most people don’t tell you.

It’s actually way worse than that because there’s another whole layer on the pyramid at the very top that they never tell you about.

In fact, I bet most people reading this have never heard of BlackRock, Vanguard or State Street — or if you’ve heard about them you probably don’t know exactly what they do.

Or if you DO know exactly what they do, I bet you may never have realized why it’s a giant problem.

So let me explain it to you in real simple terms, and I think it will make a lot of sense.

Most people are paid every two weeks, usually on a Friday.

And most people have been coached to put 6% of their salary into their 401k and/or some other amount up to the employer match.

Great, right?

Well, here’s what’s actually happening.

Most of those funds go into ETFs and other investment vehicles managed by, you guessed it, BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.

So they’ve built a system where millions upon millions of dollars are flowing in to them via YOUR 401k’s every two weeks.

You bust your butt at work and get a paycheck and you’ve been coached to give 6% of that check to these “Big 3”.

The Big 3 then get bigger and bigger and bigger every Friday!

What a great system, right?

For them it is.

And what are you told about it?

Almost nothing.

In fact, what do they tell you?

When you start your job, they tell you to set up your 401k auto-donation and then “forget about it”.

Isn’t that what they say?

Don’t even think about it!

The money will be there for you when you turn 65, but don’t think about it until then.

And DEFINITELY don’t ask who’s managing it or what they’re doing with it.

My friend Patrick Bet-David has been all over this, breaking the story wide open.

He was on Joe Rogan last week and he dropped this bombshell….

You think those charts above are bad?

That’s not even the worst of it.

Of the TEN food corporations and SIX media corporations, the control and ownership is actually way more centralized than that.

Remember all that money coming in every Friday from YOUR paychecks?

That goes to the Big 3, and they use it to own all of those companies.

So it’s not even the Big 10 Food Companies or the Big 6 Media companies….it’s just the Big 3.

And of the Big 3 it’s really mostly the Big 2.

Many believe the Big 2 may eventually take over State Street.

For those who like stats, here’s the stat for you:  88% of the companies in the S&P 500 has one of the Big 3 as that company’s biggest shareholder.

PBD breaks it all down here:

So…why do I tell you all of that?

Because when you centralize ownership and control, bad things start to happen.

What starts to happen is the Big 3 and their “affiliates” create things like ESG and DEI scores.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and it’s a score they give to companies to “keep them in line.”

So is DEI, which stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Elon Musk once famously said the “S” in ESG stands for “Satanic”:

Don’t follow enough Far-Left “social” trends — not promoting enough Trans agenda or LGBTQ agenda or Climate Change agenda (i.e. Bud Light, Target, etc.)?

Then your score takes a huge hit!

That really explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Because I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve been in with people who say: this stuff doesn’t make any sense!  Why are these companies doing this?  Why would Bud Light TANK their company?  They know it’s not going to play well to the people who buy their beer?


And you’d be right to say that, but only if you assume Bud Light is trying to please the people who buy its products.

What if Bud Light had a higher master?

What if Bud Light was more concerned with its ESG score?

What if all the Executives at Bud Light knew that if their ESG score dropped too low, then their #1 Shareholder (the Big 3) would fire them and replace them with someone who would be “ESG Friendly”?

What if you’re pulling in a total comp package as a top exec in the $20 million range and your choice is to push the Far Left agenda and push LGBTQ or know that you’ll be fired and replaced in a year by the Big 3?

What do you do?

NOW what decision would you make?

Now is it suddenly making a lot more sense?

And there you have it.

Now I think you get it.

Now suddenly every single corporation turning their logo to the Rainbow Flag in June suddenly makes a lot of sense.

Once again, here is my friend PBD explaining ESG in much more detail:

Now let’s recap…

Do you see how insidious this is?

A big chunk of YOUR paycheck goes to prop up the Big 3 every single Friday, they get bigger and stronger, they use that money to buy all the major corporations in the world, and then they force them to do things you would NEVER support.

Sick, right?

Now let me bring this in for a landing…

And here’s why I’m telling you about this.

Because we don’t just report the news here and then say “good luck”!

No, we give you solutions!

And I DO have a solution here.

It’s a big one.

There IS a way we can fight back.

It’s one of the last battlegrounds we have left and I happen to think it’s very important we hold this one.

It’s Invite-Only, for a very simple reason: we have to keep out anyone who would try to take this down.

But the good news is I can get you in!

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