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Gavin Newsom Could Secure Presidential Nomination Without Winning Democrat Primary?

According to Techno Fog, rules adopted by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) could allow California Gov. Gavin Newsom to win the Democrat Party’s nomination without winning the primary.

“The attacks on Biden from the Democrat Establishment coincide with the ascent of Gavin Newsom. How could the DNC avoid a messy primary and nominate their preferred candidate (Newsom)? It’s in the fine print,” Techno Fog wrote.

“Biden is increasingly frail and confused, his dementia is worsening and his economic plan is faltering. His popularity continues to crumble even among Democrats. Consider the possibility that he resigns after receiving the Presidential nomination at the DNC 2024 convention,” he continued.

“Why that specific timing? Because – Rules adopted by the Democratic National Committee in 2022 leave the DNC as the sole authority to appoint a Presidential nominee where that nominee resigns after the August 2024 convention. No vote or primary needed,” he added.


*Image from Techno Fog X post*

“Newsom is already running a presidential campaign – his tour of China, Xi’s visit to SF (why not DC??), his civil rights stops in the US. The question is whether he is targeting 2024 or 2028. Maybe it’s both,” he added.

“This is Newsom’s final term as governor; he’s barred from running in 2026. Strategically, it is better for him to run now rather than wait until 2028. Think momentum. What does Newsom have to say about a presidential run? Curious non-denials. Something to think about,” he noted.

Techno Fog writes in The Reactionary:

Newsom’s international campaign follows his national tour, where he has met with college students in Florida, paid his respects to civil rights activists in Arkansas and Alabama, has warred with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (their debate is still on for November 30 – for the moment), and attended a Palm Sunday service at a Mississippi Baptist church.

He’s making all the right stops, as if he were conducting a presidential campaign. A campaign that further solidifies Newsom as a national figure, attempts to endear him to the public, bolsters his international profile, and makes him arguably the next leader within the Democratic party.

The press has taken notice. In a 60 Minutes in September, Newsom was put on the spot about his presidential plans. His answer was evasive – a clear indication of his ultimate goals.

All the while, Newsom has publicly supported President Biden’s reelection. But one can’t help but conclude there is a purpose to Newsom’s recent actions, especially if he is the DNC’s preferred 2024 candidate.

In line with that thinking, this is how the DNC could – theoretically – replace Biden with Newsom as their Presidential candidate for 2024. It would be done without a messy primary, put an end to the disastrous Biden Presidency, and help the DNC avoid potential down-ballot losses in 2024.

But it would require the post-nomination resignation of President Biden.

From “60 Minutes”:

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