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American Teenagers Are Praising Osama bin Laden in Viral TikTok Trend

American teenagers regularly get their news from TikTok.

Now, we are finally seeing how devastating the consequences are.

A new trend is going viral on TikTok: American teens are reading Osama Bin Laden’s letter to America.

You know, his manifesto.

And they’re being sympathetic to it.

They support him.

Some even praise him.

This is what you get when one of our major parties always focuses on the “sins” of America and promotes the ideology that American is an “irredeemably racist country.”

Apparently, according to these young American teenagers, bin Laden was justified in killing over 3,000 Americans.

By this logic, they deserved to die – at least, according to these brainwashed teens.

Don’t believe me?

See some of the videos that have been reposted from TikTok to X:

The left has corrupted our youth so much that terrorists are no longer bad guys in their minds.

Rather, these are people they empathize with.


Time Magazine confirms the viral trend:

Two decades ago, Osama bin Laden, the Al-Qaeda leader behind 9/11, laid out his attempted justification for the terror attack against the U.S. that killed nearly 3,000 people in his “Letter to America.”

This week, that same letter went viral on TikTok among a new generation, many of whom are debating the Israel-Hamas war and the role played by the U.S. For some, a big part of bin Laden’s justification—American support for Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories in what the U.N. deems a violation of international law—resonates with what’s going on now in the Middle East, leading them to renew calls for a Gaza ceasefire.

In one video (which was still live on the app as of Thursday afternoon) with more than 900,000 views, a TikToker made the claim that “everything we learned about the Middle East, 9/11, and ‘terrorism’ was a lie.” Others on social media have criticized the videos as sympathizing with terrorists and legitimizing violence.

What are kids being taught in public schools?

What damage is being done by the Democrat party’s constant bashing of America?

Just watch some of these teens to see the consequences:

This proves that President Trump was right yet again.

Trump warned us that TikTok was dangerous.

China owns and controls the app, which means they control the algorithm.

Turns out that “mind control” might not be a conspiracy after all, if you catch my drift.

The Wall Street Journal even ties the support for bin Laden to the support for Palestine:

TikTok’s hot new social-media influencer is . . . Osama bin Laden. Yes, the terrorist who plotted 9/11 went viral this week, and not in a good way. Users have been posting videos to the Chinese-owned app, urging their followers to read bin Laden’s 2002 “letter to America,” while suggesting he was on to something. “I will never look at this country the same,” one user said.

The videos racked up hundreds of thousands of views. TikTok said Thursday it is “aggressively removing” such content. “The number of videos on TikTok is small and reports of it trending on our platform are inaccurate,” the company said. Then it blamed critics and journalists for noticing, saying that all the attention was driving more traffic to the posts. The British newspaper the Guardian unpublished its copy of the bin Laden letter, posted in 2002, because it was being “widely shared on social media without the full context.”

An archived version of the text shows bin Laden espousing Islamism; denouncing licentiousness, including “your President Clinton’s immoral acts”; calling AIDS “a Satanic American Invention”; and, of course, ranting about “the Jews.” He says Muslims are “the inheritors of the real Torah that has not been changed,” which he claims makes them the rightful heirs to the land he calls Palestine: “The creation of Israel is a crime which must be erased.”

Folks, this is alarming.

These teens are the literal FUTURE of America.

We must correct course now before it’s too late.

Spread this article with your family and friends.

It’s time to make sure these lies and this disgusting idea don’t become more widespread than they already are.


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