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Robert Kennedy’s Campaign Spells HUGE Problems For President Trump – A Lesson Against Third Parties

Here’s an important history lesson for some of you who didn’t pay attention in school or have been out for too long.

Back in 1912, Teddy Roosevelt was running for his third term as President and hoped to beat President Taft in the Republican primary.

However, Teddy Roosevelt lost the primary.

Instead of endorsing President Taft, Teddy Roosevelt formed a new political party named the Progressive Party, nicknamed the Bull Mose Party.

Teddy was confident he would be able to win the Presidential election.

But do you know what happened next?

In the 1912 election, this is what the results looked like:

  • Teddy Roosevelt (Bull Moose Party) – 27.4%
  • Howard Taft (Republican Party) – 23.2%
  • Woodrow Wilson (Democrat Party) – 41.8% – WINNER

That’s right.

Because Teddy Roosevelt decided to start his party, he spelled doom for Republicans in that election.

“Why is this relevant?” You may start to ask.

Well, you might’ve heard that Robert F. Kennedy Jr is running as an independent against President Trump and Joe Biden.

A new study conducted in a Quinnipiac University poll showed that Kennedy pulled many voters.

Read the study from the folks at Fox News:

A new national poll suggests that independent presidential candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornell West pull support from both President Biden and former President Donald Trump — the two likely major party nominees — in a hypothetical four-way 2024 general election showdown.

Biden stands at 47% support and Trump at 46% among registered voters in a Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday. The findings are unchanged from Quinnipiac’s August and September surveys.

“Democrats support Biden 94 – 4 percent and Republicans support Trump 94 – 4 percent. Independents are split, with 45 percent supporting Trump and 44 percent supporting Biden,” the survey’s release states.

When Kennedy is added to the mix, Biden stands at 39%, Trump 36% and Kennedy at 22% support.

Now, I want you all to remember that polls this early are not to be trusted as gospel.

However, this demonstrates that someone like Kennedy has the potential to muck up this Presidential election.

Just as Teddy Roosevelt did back in 1912.

Three parties do NOT work in America.

I’m sorry; that will hurt some feelings, but it’s true.

The way our elections are set up, it’s a winner-takes-all system.

Therefore, two parties will consistently demonstrate what the majority wants.

Kennedy is going to bomb at the election.

I would be surprised if he won a single electoral vote.

But that doesn’t mean he won’t pull votes away from President Trump, damning us all to another four years with the old guy.

I’ve seen some people suggesting that RFK could be President Trump’s Vice President:

I think this would be an excellent idea but an extremely unlikely one.

I don’t foresee a future where RFK wants to be President Trump’s Vice President, and I don’t think President Trump wants to risk a Mike Pence 2.0.

The Hill shares more on the story:

Kennedy, an environmental lawyer and prominent anti-vaccine activist, was running in the Democratic primaries against Biden until last month, when he declared himself an independent after struggling to make inroads against the incumbent.

But he has appeared to shift to the right, especially since launching his independent run. Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), a strong progressive and Kennedy’s original campaign manager, notably left his position just days after Kennedy announced he was switching affiliation.

Politico reported Wednesday that Kennedy has been receiving donations from former Trump donors at a much higher rate than from former Biden donors, possibly signaling the risk for Republicans with his candidacy.

A vote for an independent, libertarian, green party, or whatever third party you choose is a wasted vote.

You might think you’re making some grandstand, but you’re not.

All that is happening is you’re taking away a vote from a candidate that could win.


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