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New Endorsement Is A DISASTER For DeSantis And A MASSIVE Win To President Trump!

Senator Rick Scott of Florida has officially announced his endorsement of President Trump.

In an op-ed by Sen. Scott, himself wrote on Newsweek discussing his endorsement of President Trump, why he supports him, and more.

Read some of his piece on Newsweek here:

I am often asked whether this is the beginning of the end of America. It will be, if we stop fighting and cede our country to the incompetent, radical Democrats who are destroying the fundamental values that make America great. We of course do not even know if Joe Biden is lucid enough to be aware that his administration is destroying America. Biden’s presidency has become an embarrassment to his political party and to our entire nation.

I am optimistic that we can return America to its rightful position of economic and military strength and the undisputed moral leader of the free world, but only with strong leadership in the White House. That is why I support my friend President Donald J. Trump to be the 47th president of the United States and encourage every Republican to unite behind his efforts to win back the White House.

It’s time for the Republican Party to come together, behind one candidate, and declare with one voice that we are united in our efforts to defeat Joe Biden and rescue America.

Senator Rick Scott is making a very well-educated decision here.

Even RINOs are starting to see the light!

It’s not a question of whether President Trump will win the primary.

He will.

Polls are showing him up almost 50 points from second-place candidate, Gov. DeSantis:

There are only three reasons I can realistically foresee why these GOP candidates are still trying to run against President  Trump.

1.) They don’t have faith in President Trump and believe that Democrats are going to succeed in their plan to have him removed from the election altogether.

2.) They are just in it for the publicity and are hoping to score some book deal or garner some audience for a future job or position.

3.) They are just plain and simply stupid.

We would be much better off as a party if the other candidates just fell in line and came out supporting President Trump.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.

More and more politicians are coming out in support of President Trump.

President Trump is the only GOP candidate that could realistically pull off a victory against Democrats.

All other candidates are too weak.

They would crumble under the first threat that the Democrats threw at them.

President Trump is facing lawsuit after lawsuit because Democrats are terrified that he is going to win the 2024 election!



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