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Why Does King Charles Have A Secret Pyramid On His Estate?

Pyramids in Europe? Sounds strange, right?

King Charles of the British royals has several pyramids on his estate, including one known as Prince Albert’s Cairn. A cairn is any structure of stacked stones that serves as a tomb, monument, or burial place.

Originally built in 1862 by Queen Victoria, Prince Albert’s Cairn is a monument to her late husband Prince Albert, who passed away a fairly young man of 42 years. The U.S. Sun explained:

Those who undertake the steep climb to the Prince Albert Cairn, can see the loving inscription on the side from Queen Victoria to her husband.

It reads: “To the beloved memory of ALBERT, the great and good Prince Consort. “Erected by his broken-hearted widow VICTORIA. R. – 21st August,1862.”

The late Prince was never actually buried in the pyramid, instead, his body was laid to rest at the Frogmore House in Windsor.

Take a look at these images of the pyramid from the official Balmoral Castle & Estate account, as well as what others have posted regarding the pyramid.

The Scotland Herald provided more information on the cairns:

The first Cairns were built from 1858 onwards to commemorate the marriages of Queen Victoria’s children, including the Princess Royal to Frederick, Crown Prince of Prussia.

Later, Cairns were built including one dedicated to Victoria’s mother, the Duchess of Kent with one being built as recently as 2012 for the late Queen Elizabeth.


Antichrist Now Identified?

I know this is going to cause some controversy, and that’s ok with me.

I’m posting it anyway.

I’m not saying I believe this is 100% correct.

Truth be told, I don’t know.

I also don’t know the man who made this video beyond what I’ve seen in this video, but I will tell you this.

One of you (I’m sorry, I lost track who) sent me this and said I should listen.

I was skeptical at first.

If I wanted to, I could just post “Antichrist Revealed” articles all day long and move from person to person who seems to fit some of the details.

There have been many.

So with some skepticism, I started listening and I have to admit it only took about 1/4 of the way in before it truly had my attention.

And then it just keeps building.

Fact after fact after fact….all confirming that the details in the Bible given to identify this man all seem to point squarely at Charles.

Oh my.

Again, I’m not saying this is 100% confirmed and not up for any more debate, I’m just saying it’s hard to watch this entire video and not be very impressed by everything that connects together.

Also…this man is MUCH more evil than I ever thought.

I had no idea about most of this.

So in light of the “Coronation” yesterday, I thought it was very timely to show you this.

I only ask one thing: please do not comment until you’ve watched the entire video from start to finish.

Watch here:

If you want to get his books, you can find them here:


And here:

But that’s actually where we START, not where we end.

Funny thing is, long before I saw this video I had actually covered this topic myself.

I didn’t know all the Biblical references, I just knew a lot of red flags were popping up about this guy.

Serious, scary red flags.

Keep reading….

Why Is “King” Charles Talking About The Antichrist?

Well, this is certainly disturbing!

I need to show you a new clip from when “King” Charles was Prince Charles.

This is from last year.

It’s Charles at a Climate Change event (of course) but he suddenly starts talking about something VERY strange.

He suddenly starts talking about a person who has trillions of dollars at “his” disposal…

He says this person will be above and beyond all governments…

And that “he” is the only person who can solve our problems.

Charles never names who “he” is, but when you connect all those dots it appears fairly obvious that whoever “he” is (when his identity is revealed) will also be who the Bible describes as the Antichrist.

Listen for yourself right here:

Backup video here:

And here’s the full clip:

Oh, and here he is telling us all how we’re in the “last hour”…

As in, the last chapters of Revelation?

These people are pure evil:

Many are asking if Charles himself is the Antichrist:

Others are pointing out all the connections:

More on that here:

Whoever the Antichrist ends up being, there is no doubt the death of the Queen has end-times significance:

Here is one more backup of Charles talking about the Antichrist:

We’re not the only ones talking about it.

Check this out from NowTheEndBegins:

Back in an article published in June of 2022, we asked a simple question regarding the identity of the ‘prince of the covenant’ found in Daniel 11:22 in your King James Bible. In our day, we have an astonishing 3 princes all grabbing space in the end times headlines. Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed who is the key driver behind the Abraham Accords is in first place, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who is busy building NEOM in second place, and the man bringing up the rear, Prince Charles who wants to give trillions to Antichrist is in third place…and he just became king. Wow, awake yet?

“Of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged.” John 16:11 (KJB)

I have a feeling that things are going to starting moving quickly now. Prince Charles is king of England, Pope Francis possibly preparing to be replaced by a much younger man, Emmanuel Macron recently re-elected for 5 more years. Charles is not going to do much for England, but I have a feeling he will be quite useful to the end times. See video below for more on that.


Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II Dead, Charles is King
FROM BREITBART NEWS: The Queen died at Balmoral, her private Scottish home this afternoon. She was Britain’s longest-ever reigning Monarch, at 70 years and 214 days.

According to the customs and laws shared by the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth Realms of which Her Majesty was head of state, the Prince of Wales — known as the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland — as heir became King at the moment of his mother’s passing.

The new King may select a regnal name, or choose to continue as King Charles the Third. The associations of the English Civil War with the name Charles may prompt such a decision, or it might be thought enough time has passed.

While the nation will now observe a period of mourning for the popular and long-lived Queen Elizabeth II, the coronation of King Charles could come as early as twelve months time. READ MORE

Prince Charles, the Great Reset and the Coming Antichrist
Prince Charles at the COP26 said this: “Here we need a vast military style campaign to marsh the strength of the global private sector, with trillions at his disposal far beyond global GDP, and with the greatest respect, beyond even the governments of the world’s leaders. It offers the only real prospect of achieving fundamental economic transition. So how do we do it?” Awake yet?

Here’s more on the prophetic significance…

WATCH: Royal Guard COLLAPSES At Queen’s Casket (Prophetic)

Folks, do I need to draw you a picture?

If you can’t see how prophetic this is, then I’m afraid I may not be able to help you.

It’s not even me talking about the implications of the Queen’s death…

Did anyone catch Trump’s post the other day on TruthSocial?

Very interesting words, don’t you think?

Perhaps he is referring to this?


Or this:

But now let’s move on to what just happened because it is absolutely prophetic!

That’s not just me saying it, our good friend Mark Taylor just posted about it too!

By the way, you can find Mark on Telegram here 👉

Here’s what he just said:

Now let’s watch the video:


Just got too emotional I guess….

For sure wasn’t jab-related….

Or prophetic.


Simon Rowntree claims the guard was John Aldridge and he claims he is a rather well known chronic alcoholic.

We cannot confirm:

What do YOU think?


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