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Jewish Students Rescued By NYPD After Pro-Palestine Protestors Trap Them In School Library

The war between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas has reached America, with many pro-Palestinian protests sprouting up around the country.

Jewish students at Cooper Union College were forced to stay inside the library while pro-Palestinian protestors banged on doors while chanting ‘free, free Palestine.’

Videos began circulating online showing the angry protestors surrounding the Jewish students.

Eventually, the NYPD stepped in, safely evacuating the Jewish students and dispersing the protestors.

Watch a clip of the protests here:

More from Fox News on the story:

“My sources tell me several Jewish students [at Cooper Union] are currently locked in the school library as a [pro] Hamas rally outside of the Cooper Union building learnt [sic] the Jews were afraid and sitting in the library, then brought the protest inside and are barricading all exits,” he posted. “Police have been called for 40 min and are afraid to get involved. Security locked the students in as they are worried they cannot protect the Jews [right now].

He also shared video of the Jewish students standing in the library as banging could be heard coming from outside.

Just before 6 p.m., Novak shared that the “besieged” Jewish students were safe and were led out of the library through tunnels.

The video of the incident is terrifying.

I imagine those students’ fear as the mob pounded on the doors.

These pro-Palestinian movements are getting out of control.

CBS News covers more on the breaking story:

“The librarians ran over to us and they were like, ‘We tried to warn you, but we just got notice that they’re coming down,'” sophomore Taylor Lent said.

“I genuinely don’t know what would’ve happened if the doors were left open,” another student said.

The students say they were studying in the library after attending an earlier rally in Cooper Plaza.

A representative for Cooper Union says the library was closed for approximately 20 minutes in the late afternoon and that students chose to stay in the library until the protest was over.

“Security escorted us from the library to this building or outside to where people left to go home,” one student said.

It’s one thing to be upset at Israel over a perceived mistreatment of the Palestinian people.

But purposely targeting Jewish students, whom you can’t be sure they even support Israel, is ridiculous.

This was not a peaceful protest.

This was an angry mob.

One that does not care who they harm so long as it quenches their rage.


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